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Episode 31: Square-Enix Hearts Nintendo

by Karl Castaneda - December 20, 2006, 6:54 pm PST
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The gang discusses what they're playing, Dragon Quest, and what we want from Nintendo's online structure within the next year.

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Hey, did you hear? Dragon Quest IX is on DS!

You can also listen to the podcast on the good 'ole !

I'm back in action this week after my modem exploded a couple of weeks ago.

From the embers of my connection birthed a special kind of passion that I employ for

the next 40-something minutes. Some might call such a performance fiery. I would

say that those people are correct in their supposition.

By now we've all heard the news: Square-Enix is putting DQ IX on the DS. The staff

and I go to town on this news bit for a good 15 minutes, and we've come to the

conclusion that it's big news. Book-ending this conversation are our Brand New

Cliche' "Whatcha Playin'" segment and our hopes for WiiConnect24 in 2007.

You'll notice at the end of the show, I ask that everyone send us more mail at our

(not-so-)new (anymore) address. And I'd like to echo that request again in the

news post. A wise man once said that if you save a chearleader, you'll save the

world. Well, guess what? If I don't get your questions and concerns ASAP, I'm going

Sylar on some chick's ass.


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CericDecember 20, 2006

I'm sort of don't like Whatcha Playin... Its so long and slow...

Boo Videogame Advantage commercial again...

You don't love us...

Country implodes.

I want a total new revision.

Guns are illegal.

Probably not. It's probably a variant of Flash. I've fairly sure it is. So gig cheap...

Forget that. DS Phat for life.

Yes it would.

Yes. Where are they? Darn you GameVideos.com that site is so buggy for me.

I like the Golem from the video.

So does Vegetables...

Really? There talking about the Wii successor?

I think 10 shouldn't be out until roughly 3 years from now. It's getting to quick.

True... FF really pushes consoles because it's expected to.

Yay for Dairy Queens. I hear that game is actually good. Also DQ has the manly chili-cheeseburger.

I'm only getting 2 for my 2 Wiimotes.

Great feature Ideas.

The Wii hasn't been as reliable as it should.

Strap on Strap. face-icon-small-wink.gif


What. In Zelda, Link goes from no face to having a face.

You can still find that game.

Wii is backward compatible.

Like Feisty Brunettes?


I want a Forecast service that updates in regular intervals and on demand.

Sony's is up?

It was suppose to happen with the Cube but Nintendo didn't set the bar.

But Nintendo has some not as good games that they could release with a little more.

lol. NoA competence... Yeah... Ok...

But there are a lot they have made that are not super awesome.

Though I do want to play Neo-Geo games.

Yep. Thats because Videogames where born here.

They'll want to play Dr. Mario. Older Non-gamers like Dr. Mario.

Reggie says there is a present...

Nintendo won't take my Credit Card.

Bookworm and Bookworm Adventures for the VC.

They haven't announced much of anything as of late.

The NoE flash game on VC.

Yep. Get PopCap.

Pokemon, BWii, and I think that some other games will be online.

Gotta consider that upload bandwidth is normally itty-bitty.

You talk about Turtles.


Just watched the DQ: Swords video. I like the gollum more win it was lighter colored.

TrueNerdDecember 20, 2006

The dude's name is spelled Sylar, not Scylar. Way to be a poser Heroes fan Karl.

Anyways, I'll be saving this podcast for the Christmas weekend when I make the 8 hour trek to Boringstate, USA or as it is more commonly known as, Minnesota. Expect my feedback in a week!

Karl Castaneda #2December 20, 2006

Dude, they show the name like *twice* in the whole ****ing show.


Obi is so wrong about the DS card + GBA cart idea. GBA cartridges are very expensive to manufacture; you would only want to do it if there's something that can be put on a cartridge that could not be put on a DS card...like the additional RAM for the DS Opera Browser.

DS cards are currently available in sizes up to 1GB (that's GigaBYTE), and even at that size they are cheaper to make than GBA cartridges. That's part of why the DS market is so lucrative! The media is much cheaper and easier to make. So DQ9 should go on a single DS card, and Square-Enix can use whatever size they need -- the cards can go much bigger than 1GB, it just hasn't been necessary so far.

ShyGuyDecember 22, 2006

Interesting. Do you have a link to that info Jonny?

vuduDecember 28, 2006


Originally posted by: Ceric
I'm sort of don't like Whatcha Playin... Its so long and slow...
Seconded. There's a reason I don't listen to other gaming podcasts. By copying everyone else you're just lumping yourself together with them. You need to stand out.

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