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Toki Tori 3D (3DS) Review Mini

by Neal Ronaghan - November 5, 2015, 7:39 am EST
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Years after the original Game Boy Color game hit Virtual Console, here comes a remake.

Since its late release on Game Boy Color in 2001, Toki Tori has been on quite an adventure. The wily hero was dormant for a while before coming back in a WiiWare remake in 2008, a 3DS Virtual Console re-release in 2012, and a full-blown Wii U sequel in 2013. Now, the original is coming back in remade form to 3DS in Toki Tori 3D and it might very well be the best version of the well-crafted puzzle game.

Toki Tori tasks you with slowly moving around a side-scrolling world trying to collect eggs in more than 40 stages. To do so, you have to deftly maneuver around hazards while using a variety of items and tools to reach each egg. The tools vary from teleportation to a slug-sucking gun, and each stage allows a specific amount of uses for each. The amount of tools you can use can get overwhelming, but Toki Tori is very well designed so you can experiment with all of the tools to your heart’s content. That’s helped primarily by the 3DS remake’s new time-rewind feature. It’s a little finicky to rewind to specific points, but it sure beats having to restart stages over and over again. Toki Tori requires a lot of trial and error, and the time-rewind feature makes that more enticing and fun.

Switching between the tools is also simplified in this version, as instead of tapping a button to switch between them, you can just tap the touch screen. That helps makes this 14-year-old game feel like a modern experience. The biggest triumph, though, of this remake is that it highlights how well designed the original Toki Tori was. Aside from some wonky stereoscopic 3D, the warts are definitely smoothed over here, but the base is entirely intact from the little-known Game Boy Color game that launched after the Game Boy Advance was out in stores. If you’ve never experienced Toki Tori before, this 3DS remake is worth checking out.


  • Time-rewind feature
  • Touch screen controls
  • Little new content
  • Rough stereoscopic 3D

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Genre Puzzle
Developer Engine Software B.V.,
Two Tribes

Worldwide Releases

na: Toki Tori 3D
Release Nov 05, 2015
PublisherTwo Tribes
jpn: Toki Tori 3D
Release Mar 23, 2016
PublisherRainy Frog
RatingAll Ages
eu: Toki Tori 3D
Release Nov 05, 2015
aus: Toki Tori 3D
Release Nov 05, 2015

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