Cake Ninja 2

by James Jones - December 31, 2012, 11:02 am PST
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The sequel to the unofficial sequel to Fruit Ninja.

Cake Ninja 2 is a masterpiece; never in my life have I seen such an egregious and obvious effort to duplicate a successful game while still managing to get it all wrong. I imagine the pitch meeting included someone nonchalantly suggesting "replace dicing fruit with dicing cake and I think they can't sue us." All this, despite the fact that this is their second go at it and the game it is duplicating is freely available on pretty much any device with a touch screen, assuming that device isn't a Nintendo system. And that, of course, is the rub. Cake Ninja 2 is Fruit Ninja for the DSiWare service. 

Already a thin gameplay conceit, Cake Ninja 2 has been sterilized of any of the charm that has made Fruit Ninja successful. The visuals are ugly and grainy, and oddly enough the titular cakes don't look the part. The simplistic gameplay is even more tiring than its inspiration by relegating any and all strategy into simply thrashing the stylus around the touch screen without significant regard for watermelons, which oddly (in what I like to think is a sarcastic nod to their “inspiration”) injure you. In fact, there is little point in being tactical as some of the power-ups will, unavoidably, manage to hit these hazards for you. The sequel adds additional gameplay modes that, while scored somewhat differently from one another, feel largely indistinguishable. All you do is flail at cakes, mode be damned. Sometimes you can only flail at specific cakes, but you're still flailing at cakes.

The cheap, copycat, mentality of Cake Ninja 2 leaves it the most cynically designed game I've ever played. It is utterly bereft of fun, challenge, or creativity. The only reason one should play this game is if they're working on a cease and desist order on behalf of Halfbrick Studios. Even then, you certainly wouldn't enjoy the experience.


  • Gameplay devoid of entertainment value
  • Poorly rendered cakes
  • Transparent duplication of an already free game


SchadenfreudeDecember 31, 2012

They couldn't even get the cakes right? Wow.

ShyGuyDecember 31, 2012

Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. Cake Ninja 2 has neither cake nor ninjas. Discuss.

There is an Angry Bird clone for 3DS. It's a retail game at 5040 yen ($58)!

And you see lots of cakes in the Angry Bird clone again.

ShyGuyDecember 31, 2012

Geez that is a total Angry Birds ripoff.

C-OlimarDecember 31, 2012

Angry Birds is a rip off of a cheap flash game released several years prior to it.

Yeah, Angry Birds is a a rip-off, but it's charmingly presented, which is the source of its popularity...That is a bad rip-off and it looks dreadful. Also WHY IS IT FULL PRICE!?

The_Darkest_RedJanuary 04, 2013

Haha, I got a good laugh out of the emptiness of the "pros" column. Sounds like a winner!

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Developer Cypronia

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na: Cake Ninja 2
Release Nov 01, 2012

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