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Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace

by Jonathan Metts - October 18, 2001, 2:29 pm EDT


From the makers of Tony Hawk 2 on GBA...hell, that’s all I need to say.

Vicarious Visions is quickly becoming my favorite GBA developer. First they grace us with the handheld port of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, a tiny little cartridge held in esteem by practically everyone who’s ever played it. Now they’ve teamed up with Activision once more, this time for Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace, and while a few nit-picks shy of perfection, it is probably the best original action game yet released on the system.

Neversoft’s Spider-Man title for PSX (and later, N64) was noted primarily for its great control, one of the most vital aspects of any game based around such a versatile and lithe character as our ol’ webhead. VV’s new game for GBA is equally successful for the exact same reason: the play control is fantastic. You can shoot net or impact webbing in eight directions, stick to any wall or ceiling, swing whenever you damn well please, and beat down thugs with any number of combat moves. Everything is intuitive and responsive, and within a few minutes of playing, you’ll be pulling off some sweet acrobatics with no trouble at all.

The game’s other best attribute is the level design. Although there are only seven stages in all, each one is duly unique and incredibly large. Most are of the “get to the end” variety, and a couple mix things up by putting you on a scavenger hunt for hostages or valuable museum artifacts. Without exception, the levels are well-designed and a blast to explore. It’s usually pretty easy to blow straight through and get to the boss, but that would require knowing which way to go; without any sort of auto-map function, exploring becomes one of the main gameplay elements out of sheer necessity. Being thorough will earn you web and armor upgrades as well as plenty of power-ups; the upgrades also offer a great incentive to play through the stages again after you’re already beaten them, and they tend to be hidden very well.

Presentation is important for any licensed game, and Mysterio’s Menace does a pretty good job of showing off the Spidey mythos. The story is told through hi-color comic-style snapshots and Mr. Parker’s beautifully snappy dialogue; my only gripe here is that the villain roster will have fans scratching their heads and saying “Who?” Electro and Mysterio aren’t exactly the most exciting Spider-Man villains, and when they’re backed up by the likes of Hammerhead and The Big Wheel...come on. I like fresh faces, but it wouldn’t have killed them to toss in Venom or Doc Ock. Oh yeah, and there’s no battery save, but the passwords are only five characters long, and you only need a new one when you beat a stage or earn a new upgrade.

Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace is wickedly fun and manages to be a graphic and aural beauty on the side. It’s over a tad too quickly on the Easy setting...but quit being a pansy and play it on Normal or Hard. This is easily one of the best Spider-Man games ever made, and it’s the perfect purchase for fans of the radioactive arachnid or just action-heavy platformers in general.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
9 9 9.5 9 7 9

Pre-rendered character sprites, multiple layers of parallax scrolling, beautiful animation...this game is purty.


Kickin’ music and varied, appropriate sound effects. The 70s cartoon theme song would have rocked, but hey, you can’t have everything.


The one aspect that pushes the game right into greatness. I’d give it a ten if there were a zip-line move like in the console game, because that would have been really useful in a lot of places.


Mysterio’s Menace has that magic whereby it is fun of its own accord; the mission objectives and story simply provide structure to the great entertainment imbued in jumping, crawling, and kicking your way through this game. The prospect of finding and using the web and armor upgrades adds a lot of exploration to the gameplay, which is welcome and fits perfectly with the awesome level designs.


Perhaps the game’s biggest flaw is its slight brevity, but if you start out on Normal difficulty, it should take you quite a while to complete every level and find all the cool power-ups. Then of course there’s the Hard mode for you masochists. I think two more levels of the same quality as the rest would have been just the perfect amount.


Highly recommended. Mysterio’s Menace is easily the best 2D Spidey game out there, and fans of his stint in Arcade’s Revenge for SNES will be in hog heaven. The mild shortness may bother some people, but I had an absolute blast with the game during my time with it. Very high quality stuff once more from Vicarious Visions...wow, I can’t wait to see their Tony Hawk 3 on GBA.


  • Big, very explorable levels
  • Challenging without being overly frustrating
  • Fantastic art and animation
  • Precise, logical controls make web-slinging feel natural
  • Could have used two or three more levels
  • Sub-par cast of “super” villains
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Genre Action
Developer Vicarious Visions

Worldwide Releases

na: Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace
Release Sep 19, 2001
jpn: Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace
Release Apr 26, 2002
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