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Ittle Dew Review

by Bryan Rose - June 9, 2014, 11:15 am EDT
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Time to get your adventuring on.

As we continue into the lifespan of the Wii U, we see more and more indie developers flocking to the system to put out interesting new titles. Through those developers we’re seeing a blend of new and old ideas forming into one cohesive package. Developer Ludosity has managed to capture that with the release of Ittle Dew for the Wii U. It doesn’t bring any new ideas to the forefront, but it’s not designed to be that. What it is designed for is to provide a fun, familiar experience with intriguing dialog and likable characters, and Ittle Dew accomplishes that easily.

It is easy to appreciate the charm of Ittle Dew from the moment the game starts up, as you wash ashore on a raft. Players are tasked with going on an adventure in order to find their way out of the island. The game handles this scenario, as well as the various enemies found within the game in a quirky, intriguing manner. The game borrows heavily from classic 2D Zelda games. It’s a simplified formula, with puzzles usually involving moving blocks or using the items you obtain throughout the game, such as the portal wand, ice wand or fire sword, to destroy enemies and solve puzzles in order to get the next room. It’s instantly familiar jn a satisfying way. The puzzles themselves can be difficult at times, but I usually figured them out within a couple of minutes. While the gameplay is hardly what I would call original, the dialogue is good.

The music isn’t amazing, but it suits the game well. The Ice Wand stage is particularly catchy. The graphics, like the gameplay, seem inspired by The Legend of Zelda, particularly Link to the Past. But while it looks like LTTP technically, art wise it’s spruced up and looks very nice in high definition. Loading screens pop up occasionally, but not to the extent that there’s anything to complain about.

It’s a rather short game, but there’s lots of things to collect that add hours of gameplay. Collectible cards can be found in chests, which don’t do much but gives some details about enemies you’ll find in the game. Pieces of paper can also be found that, when you collect four of them, they become one heart to add to the health bar.

But while it lasts, Ittle Dew is a fun experience. It’s not as deep as a Zelda game, but it has charm that some more recent Zelda games seem to lack at times. It’s a clever little romp to play around for a few hours, and it’s a fine way to spend a couple of days trekking through dungeons and finding new cards and pieces of paper.


  • Clever dialouge
  • Fun puzzle solving
  • Lots of collectables
  • Puzzles can be difficult at times


Manthony ChopkinsJune 09, 2014

Pretty much agree with what's been said. Aside form its shortness and a few hiccups as you change screens this was a very enjoyable title. Puzzles were very clever and the items were fun.

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Game Profile

Developer Ludosity

Worldwide Releases

na: Ittle Dew
Release May 29, 2014
RatingEveryone 10+
eu: Ittle Dew
Release Year 2014

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