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Seven Knights - Time Wanderer (Switch) Preview

by Neal Ronaghan - October 30, 2020, 4:11 pm EDT
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A potentially neat RPG coming to Switch soon.

Ever since Nintendo stated their intentions to enter the mobile games space, I’ve kept more of an eye on the different mobile games out there. South Korean publisher Netmarble is one of the bigger players in the mobile games space. On November 5, they’re branching out to Nintendo Switch by bringing out an RPG based on the Seven Knights mobile game called Seven Knights - Time Wanderer.

Seven Knights has been around since 2014, with a full global launch in 2015. The Switch game focuses on Vanessa, a relatively new addition to the series. She’s the newest member of the titular knights and winds up falling into a time portal at the start of the game, taking her through different areas that reference the world of Seven Knights. The exploration through the eight different acts isn’t wide open, but secrets are hidden through the maps.

The most interesting aspect of Time Wanderer is the battle system. The way it works (and granted I only saw it from a distance through a Zoom call; I didn’t have any direct hands-on) is that you have limited time to pick out your attack from a variety of skills for each of your heroes. You queue your skill and when time runs out, the attack plays out. You alternate turns with enemies, always needing to keep an eye on your next move. I’m intrigued to see how the battle system builds in strategy as you can have five-member parties, meaning you can pick through a variety of different skills, trying to figure out synergies and abusing elemental advantages over specific foes.

When you’re done exploring and battling, your party returns to a home base, the Room of Sand. You can buy items, change your equipment, and level up your party here. Costumes appear to be available for real-life money on the eShop, but don’t worry: this isn’t a gacha console game. You can build up a roster of 15 other heroes, all memorable characters from the mobile game, but they’re all found in the game at no extra cost.

Later in the story, you unlock access to two additional modes: the Lunanyx and the Egonyx. The Lunanyx lets you take on challenging battles that feature different modifiers, such as magic attacks doing more or less damage to enemies. The Egonyx is perfect for anyone wanting to know more about the world of Seven Knights as you can use Arcana Cards (hidden through the main game) to make Ego Stones that show off some background stories for characters. Depending on the choices you make in these dialogue segments, you can earn rare power-up materials that can make your party stronger.

It won’t be long before Seven Knights - Time Wanderer comes out. It’s mere days away from launch (currently digital only with no plans (for now) for a physical release). It’ll be interesting to see how this mobile game translates to a console RPG, but the fact this isn’t just a port or repurposing of the mobile game is encouraging. This might be an earnest RPG with some novel ideas and mechanics.

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