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Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

by Jonathan Metts - August 13, 2007, 6:12 pm PDT
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After ditching an X-rated biking game years ago, Dave Mirra returns to gaming.

BMX biker Dave Mirra has won more X-Games medals than any other athlete. A long time ago, he also had a couple of BMX video games from Acclaim that were some of the best extreme sports games around. Mirra's second game for PS2/GC/Xbox was compared favorably with the Tony Hawk skateboarding series. When the third game took a raunchy turn, Mirra bailed, and history would prove him wise as the resulting BMX XXX was a disaster in every way. Acclaim is now gone, but Crave Entertainment hopes to bring back the magic with a completely new game, Dave Mirra BMX Challenge.

As the first BMX game for Wii, this one packs both racing and trick modes through a dozen levels. Each level has two different race routes available. Along with Mirra himself, you can create your own character through a customization process. The Wii version is being outfitted with multiple control schemes involving both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. This arcade-style take on extreme bicycling is a budget title (like all of Crave's games) and has been ported up from a PSP version, already released.


ArbokAugust 13, 2007

"...and has been ported up from a PSP version, already released."

Sounds like a winner...

Infernal MonkeyAugust 13, 2007

IGN loved the PSP version.


Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Review
The worst PSP game yet

2.0 Gameplay

1.5 Lasting Appeal
You can beat the game in two, maybe three hours.



Tempting... but no

ArbokAugust 14, 2007


Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Review
The worst PSP game yet

Question: is this proof that Nintendo was wise to drop Left Field from 2nd party status?

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Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Box Art

Genre Racing
Developer Left Field Productions, Inc.

Worldwide Releases

na: Dave Mirra BMX Challenge
Release Sep 25, 2007
eu: Dave Mirra Racing Wii
Release Jun 2007
Publisher505 Games
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