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WaveBird Controller

To help Denis Dyack show off Eternal Darkness to the press at Nintendo's Gamers' Summit, the WaveBird was connected wirelessly to a GameCube console an estimated 40 feet away. The controller worked flawlessly at that distance (and through a wall, no less) allowing Denis to show Eternal Darkness on a movie screen.

The WaveBird is a Wireless (RF) controller, allowing for cordless play. Using radio waves, you can play from a distance of 15 feet (though Nintendo says 30ft. may be possible, and has demonstrated the controller working at greater distances).

Though not clear from the pictures, the wireless receivers don't cover the DigiCard ports. Each receiver can be set to a different frequency matching the controller, so four WaveBirds can be used without interferance.

The WaveBird Controller will be available on June 24th, 2002 for $34.95.

Developer Nintendo

Worldwide Releases

na: WaveBird Controller
Release Jun 10, 2002
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