Game Boy Advance

Tweety and the Magic Gems

Tweety and the Magical Jewel is a virtual board game very much styled after Mario Party and its various clones on the other consoles. The story is that our favorite little yellow bird, along with his legendary lisp, is slowly being turned to stone. To save him, the Looney Tunes gang has to set out on a quest for the magical jewels, and apparently the most logical way to aquire magical jewels is to romp around on a game board and play lots of four-player mini-games. Why not?

As with any party game, Tweety and the Magical Jewel can be played by just one person, but that won't really do it justice. All the mini-games are designed to accomodate four players, and if you don't have human buddies around the game will insert CPU opponents, which are probably better at playing but won't offer any comments about your mother. Unfortunately, Kemco couldn't (or wouldn't) get the downloadable link mode working, so each player has to have a copy of the game to get this party started. Probably not a great choice with a game so multiplayer-heavy...

Impressions of the Japanese version (which was available at launch) have been pretty unfavorable. The graphics, as you can see from our screenshots, are pretty grainy for a GBA title, and supposedly the mini-games are even simpler than those in Mario Party, to the point where they're not very much fun. However, Kemco has had about one and a half months to localize the game, and perhaps they've tweaked it a bit too in response to initial feedback.

Tweety and the Magical Jewel is a GBA launch title for North America.


Genre Party/Parlor
Developer Kemco
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Tweety and the Magic Gems
Release Jul 09, 2001
jpn: Tweety to Hearty Party
Release Mar 21, 2001
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