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I've already heard some hot takes about what Dak is going to ask for in the aftermath of the Mahomes deal.  Well, Dak is hopefully going to tell his agent not to mention the Mahomes deal and make him look like a goddamn idiot.  I've heard talk about Watson's upcoming deal as well.

Patrick Mahomes is looking like he's on pace to be the greatest quarterback ever.  After only three seasons he has an MVP award and Superbowl win, with a Superbowl MVP as a cherry on top.  So this isn't in the discussion for comparing salaries to any other quarterback in the league, at least based on the current situation.  I always hate when players become the highest paid player ever when they're not even currently the best.  I think Matt Stafford was the highest paid player at one point which is ridiculous.  He is a good player and the Lions should have kept him but he's not even in the discussion for best active player of his position so he shouldn't get paid the most.  And any salary negotiation that brings this stuff up should take that into account.  "That guy's overpaid, you don't necessarily deserve the same salary for being as good as him."  In Mahomes case it's "he's the best in the world, you are maybe in the top five, but you're not at his level so you don't deserve more money than him."  But the agents for these players will probably ask for Mahomes money and some teams might cave because quarterbacks don't grow on trees so anyone that is at least good enough that their status as a starter is not questioned has the team over a barrel.  And I'm fine with this if the best quarterbacks get paid the most but it probably won't work like that.

An asterisk is kind of silly because what the hell are you even looking at?  This is the internet era.  You're not looking at some NBA records book to look this stuff up.  Wikipedia has a list of NBA champions.  So does Basketball Reference.  So does probably a hundred sites.  How they format things isn't standardized.  Maybe they make a note about peculiar situations that resulted in shorter seasons or maybe they don't.

So Vince Carter retired.  When I graduated high school there was a little poll that the yearbook club gave to everyone in grade 12.  This was "most likely to succeed" kind of stuff.  Anyway, one of the questions was "most likely to be the next Vince Carter."  This was in '99 and was his rookie season.  One of the yearbook club guys kept getting asked "who's Vince Carter" as the question was his idea and he was making too big of an assumption that people paid close attention to the NBA.  Also at the point the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver and the Sonics were still in Seattle so there wasn't as much attention paid to the Raptors in the Vancouver area as there is today.

Needless to say I feel old.  The last active player from when I was in high school has now retired.  Though ironically I would have thought this would have happened years ago.  Who knew the guy from my high school yearbook poll would set the record for most seasons played?

Oh and my classmate that was voted "most likely to be the next Vince Carter" ended up being a bench warmer for a community college team.

General Gaming / Re: Meanwhile, Over At The Other Developers...
« on: June 25, 2020, 04:18:43 PM »
You know how in other mediums there are only a handful of major publishers?  There's the big three labels, the big five movie studios, and the big five book publishers.  It isn't like that in videogames... yet.  We don't have as many publishers as we used to have but we still aren't down to only a handful.  If the budget of game development keeps increasing then it will shrink the amount of publishers that are still in the business.  But for the biggest publishers that may be worth it to narrow the competition down to an oligopoly.  Controlling the market in that manner might be worth the investment.

General Chat / Re: In the dreamtime
« on: June 25, 2020, 04:10:32 PM »
Well, there it happened again. I just had a dream I was walking around a college campus looking for my class which happens to be a t-shirt making class. I can't find it. I end up in the wrong class, and it happens to be a patch making/embroidery class ran by Rastafarians. I figure this class looks cool so I sit down and start making patches. Then I wake up.

I'm amused by how it is specifically a t-shirt making class.  "Well I guess I could use these skills to sew lots of different clothing."  "NO! ONLY T-SHIRTS!!  And you need these credits as a prerequisite for the long-sleeve shirt class next semester!"

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: June 25, 2020, 04:07:23 PM »
Uh... it doesn't have to be a pandemic for me to condemn shitting in burger boxes.  Like that's just a gross thing to do period.

General Chat / Re: In the dreamtime
« on: June 22, 2020, 09:29:45 PM »
I haven't been to school since 2003 or 04?  Can't quite remember.  But I still get that exam dream.  Mine is never really the exam, it's more of a halfway though the semester thing where I suddenly realize I should have going to class.  It's always tied to my job as well, where my employer requires me to take this class and I forgot about it.  Some alternate scenarios are that I've been forgetting specifically about a class project I should have been working on (usually more stressful for me than an exam) or the dream implies that I had started going to this class but then forgot over the last few weeks.  The key is for me to wake up in a panic before I realize there was no class I was missing.  Way back in high school I had a dream about a project and had to confirm with my friends multiple times that it didn't exist.

And the oddest school dream is that I'm going but my teacher is a huge jerk and I end just not taking that.  I call him out and tell him off and sometimes get into a physical fight with him.  This of course ensures that I fail.

NBA needs to back out.... Unless all involved are 100% locked down on Disney campus. Fully self sufficient. FL on the way towards bring the next NY now.

It's not worth the risk. And more important things are going on.

Don't even need to look at the Florida numbers.  The NHL is dipping their toes in the pool first.  The opened training camp on June 8, two weeks ago so this the typical turnaround time for diagnosing the virus, and 11 or their 200 players have tested positive.  If they already have a 5% infection rate before the first game has resumed why wouldn't the NBA assume similar results?

I think they're separate so that people who bought both Sword and Shield would have to buy the DLC twice as well.  They're not selling an "Ultra Sword" or a "Shield 2" this time around, so the best way to get double dippers to double dip again is to split the DLC.  Not saying I agree with the move, but that's my suspicion.

I agree with that suspicion.  But how many people honestly buy both Pokemon games?  The idea is that you trade with friends not buy two games that are almost identical.  And in this scenario, Nintendo has made more money from someone double dipping than they would from selling them two DLCs.  This small minority of double-dippers isn't worth the bad PR that comes from being strict about refunds.  Really Nintendo can have the exact same setup but say "if you bought the wrong version, contact our support team and they'll change the version or provide a refund if you bought both by mistake".  Done.  Double-dippers don't get to buy only one DLC and people that got confused don't get upset with Nintendo.

TalkBack / Re: New Pokemon Snap Announced For Switch
« on: June 17, 2020, 01:46:22 PM »
It's weird to think that's it's been over 20 years and we're finally getting the first sequel to it.  20 years before Pokemon Snap came out Nintendo was making their first videogames period.  But I think at the time Snap was something put together to get a Pokemon game on the N64.  It didn't have all of the Pokemon and the assumption that they were still making the 3D models for Pokemon Stadium but it was time consuming so they threw together Snap with the models they already had completed.  In that sense Nintendo may not have felt the game should have become a series because it was more of a holdover for Stadium.

TalkBack / Re: New Pokemon Snap Announced For Switch
« on: June 17, 2020, 09:47:04 AM »
Much of my interest in a free-roaming Pokemon Snap comes from Majora's Mask.  It had a camera and was a full 3D game on the same console.  So when I played that I felt like Snap's approach was outdated.  Really I feel like the camera concept would work well as a sidequest in a full 3D Pokemon game, much like the cameras that appear in a few 3D Zeldas.  A game where you can see Pokemon in real time and try to catch them might as well also let you photograph them.

I bought the expansion pass for my brother for his birthday as an online purchase worked well during the pandemic.  I hope I bought the right thing.  It was a code from Best Buy and I don't think it specified Sword or Shield specifically.  He probably got to pick when he redeemed the code in the eShop.

Not offering a refund is just being a dick.  What incentive is there for Nintendo other than to pocket the cash of someone that didn't read the fine print?  The fact that there are two things to buy is stupid.  You should have to buy one and when you install it should recognize which game you have and download the correct content or ask you at the time which game you have.  Hell, why not make it so that if you pick the wrong one and try the load the game it says "It appears you have the DLC for Sword but you have Shield.  Do you want to switch to the correct DLC for the game you have?"  This is penny pinching ****.  This is the grocery store owner refusing to refund you on expired baby food without a receipt and risk losing your business permanently over a few bucks.

TalkBack / Re: New Pokemon Snap Announced For Switch
« on: June 17, 2020, 08:50:34 AM »
It's cool to finally a new Pokemon Snap that I see Nintendo is irritating us with the "New" naming convention again.  That sort of naming make gaming seem very disposable, which is odd coming from Nintendo since they seem very aware that their games can be resold on later platforms for all eternity.

The trailer looks nice but it looks like you're still on rails.  That's fine I guess but I always imagined a Pokemon Snap where you can freely wander through an environment and try to get photos of Pokemon, like how a nature documentary filmmaker would do it.  I figured the on rails element was more due to the limitations of the N64 hardware and that a lot more could be done with the photography concept.  This looks a lot like it just makes things prettier and has more Pokemon.  Of course by now I figure fans are just happy to have another Snap game.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: June 17, 2020, 08:45:20 AM »
The situation in Canada is very different.  This has turned very much into an Ontario/Quebec problem and more specifically a Toronto/Montreal one.  That being the two biggest cities, that isn't surprising so it is probably the population density.  However Western and Atlantic Canada have small numbers. Here in BC we get little outbreaks at a family gathering or a restaurant but the health officials have been able to contract trace those and prevent them from spreading.  Doesn't mean things couldn't spiral out of control but we're doing well all things considered.

The general vibe of people has become much more relaxed.  All the stores have social distancing markers on the floor and employees with masks and gloves but the general public has largely blown this off.  You do see people in masks but I'm not sure if it's even 50%.  It's the standard thing where if you handle the pandemic effectively then people think the whole thing was overblown.  There's no tsunami that crashes into the seawall that everyone can see and think "good thing we took precautions".

We're at the point now where the NHL and NBA seasons would be wrapping up if they continued on schedule.  I was very much in favour of continuing the season if the delay was a month or two but now we're at the point where there is no way to resume things without eating into the next season.  MLB hasn't started yet and doesn't look like it will this year.  The NHL and NBA have plans but the NBA players are expressing concerns and none of these plans have been given start dates yet.  At this point I think they should just cancel the season and hope that by the fall, or maybe winter if need be, they can start the next season in a semi-normal manner.

If they resume the current season then it will affect the next season and depending on that timing it may even affect the season after that if things get shifted and the off-season is shorter.  The ripple effect is going to less if they just cut their losses and cancel the current season.

General Gaming / Re: PS5 Reveal Impressions
« on: June 11, 2020, 04:41:29 PM »
So I Googled "Playstation 5".  One of the first things that comes up is an announcement that GTA V is coming to the PS5.  It was literally the first announced game listed in the results.  GTA V was originally a PS3 game and I'm supposed to give a **** that it's on the PS5?  What the hell has happened to the videogame industry?  This is like if the Dreamcast had Sonic & Knuckles as a launch title!

This generation is almost over and I realize that I don't have ANY systems from it, unless you count the Wii U.  And I don't even feel like I'm missing out that much and the PS4 still feels like it just came out.  Now part of that is that I'm not a young man anymore so I have other things I pay attention to and a few years can slip through your fingers in the blink of an eye.  Still it really feels like new console generations exist now to resell you old games with a new hat.  The Switch is pretty great but even that is a lot of reselling Wii U games and indie titles that were other platforms already.  To me a new system is supposed to be all about new games that have amazing stuff that older games couldn't do.  Now it's like you get an incremental improvement and some new games sprinkled among the "remasters" of older titles.

The concept of console generations feels more and more now like someone trying to force a way of doing things that doesn't make sense anymore.  The tech used to make clear and obvious leaps with each generation.  That was both a tremendous selling point for the console makers but it was also something the customers wanted to see.  Now the upgrade is less obvious but they still want us to buy a new system every so many years so they stick with that, but when based on "need" generations should be getting longer and longer.  Playing GTA V yet again and use a magnifying glass to spot the difference is not a necessity for a new generation.  If anything Nintendo is kind of proving that since the Switch is technically outdated but that is not obvious to the average user and the convenience of it's hybrid design is a big selling point.  The average person probably cannot tell the difference between a screenshot of a PS3, PS4 or PS5 game.

Part of what sets the atmosphere for a live sporting event is the sound of the crowd.  They go bonkers when the home team does well and tend to get uncomfortably quiet when they don't.  You can put dolls in the stands but it still won't sound right.

I wonder if you could do something where people watching from a livestream could have their voice picked up on mic.  Obviously you have to mix each individual down really low so it isn't like an online meeting with people shouting over each other but it could simulate the noise of a crowd and would react in time with what's happening in the game.  I suppose there could be a problem with people shouting rude things or playing music or something but you could have people monitoring it and cut off problem fans.  Also the idea here is to get 15,000 people's voices recorded at once, mixing together to sound like a crowd.  Doing that an individual's voice would get drowned out, you'll just get the general roars of the crowd.

For my brothers and I, Sunset Riders is one of the key games from our childhood.  This seems like a must-buy.  But only one of us has a Switch and I don't think he has enough controllers.  I'm going to guess this doesn't support the Gamecube controller adapter.

General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: June 08, 2020, 09:11:49 AM »
Currently playing Ys on the TurboGrafx Mini.  It's a dated game but it's charming and pretty fun to play.  Right now I'm in The Darm Tower and hitting a bit of a wall.  Once you enter the tower you can't leave it.  The game tells you this in a cut scene that puts you in the tower.  It warns you but doesn't say "are you sure?"  I have a save from outside the tower if I need to go back (which would lose like two hours of progress).  There's a part in the tower where your top gear is stolen from you and you need to retrieve it as you go.  Here's the problem - I didn't obtain the mid-tier armor and shield because I found the top gear so quickly.  Why would you assume you would need the mid-tier gear if you already have the top stuff?  So I'm stuck with the lowest level armor in the game which is putting me at a big disadvantage.  I'm at a boss that takes off a lot more health from me than I do of him.

The combat is the game is frankly idiotic.  You run into enemies.  No attack button, you just walk into them and it's vague what situation will result in you inflicting damage or getting hit.  The d-pad in the TG Mini isn't that great either, suffering from the old "Nintendo patented the good d-pad" problem from the time, and you need to be precise with your movement in fighting bosses.  The game has a potion item to regenerate health but it doesn't work in boss fights.  That's the only time you really need it!  What I likely have to do is grind so that I hurt the boss more than he hurts me.  You gain a level every 200 exp points but non-boss enemies only give 1 exp point each.  Yes, that means that the weak enemies at the start of the game and the harder enemies where you're currently at are worth the same.  So naturally if you need to level up you go back to the beginning and plow through the weakest enemies which you can defeat in one hit with no risk to yourself.  This was not well thought out.  Can't do that in the tower, though.

Stopping to grind isn't fun and I've had to do it a few times but I always enjoy myself after I get past the road block so hopefully I have the patience to keep at it because it's still a good time.

So mine arrived and earlier than expected!  Got to give it a go on the weekend.  It's very cool and I realize I have more of a desire to play it because I'm so unfamiliar with the games.  I bought the SNES Classic for Star Fox 2, I have all the other games as carts.  The NES and Genesis had more I didn't already have but there is a familiarity to most of the titles.  But I had never played any of the games on the TG16 Mini at all so there is a discovery element here that makes it more fun.

I've really just scratched the surface so far but a standout title is Sapphire.  There are tons of shooters on this thing but this is a special one.  And it also happens to be one of the rarest and most expensive PC Engine games and that alone makes this a bargain but it honestly is a really solid shooter and I can see why it got the rep it has.

I'm with you on the time deduction for the wrong button.  There were some where it went down to the wire but I failed because losing two minutes when you had a weird moment where you crossed buttons in your mind made all the difference.  Also since the penalty increases, when you press the wrong button could make a big difference.  Maybe I legitimately made a true mistake early on and it cost me two minutes.  Then the wrong button press costs me four minutes.  The two minute was a deserved penalty but the much more costly four minute one wasn't.  I also noticed that the d-pad on my SNES controller (I played it on the Super Game Boy) is a little stiff because sometimes I would press the d-pad to move the cursor and then pressed the "chisel" button and then get punished for a wrong guess when I didn't mean that spot, just the cursor didn't move when I expected it to.

I wasn't sure what the Time Trial was doing though and that it had unique puzzles.  I played this game in two segments where I played about half the puzzles months ago so I couldn't remember if I had seen those Time Trial puzzles before or not.  Since there are more I will probably get back into it.

For some of the more difficult puzzles I suspect I lack the patience to solve puzzles beyond the typical approach I take.  I tend to look at one line at a time.  If I can't eliminate more possibilities in one line I go to another.  I am bad however at planning moves in any strategy game multiple moves ahead so if I have to look at two lines at once and eliminate spots that way I'm screwed and I think the game moved in that direction towards the end.  I actually feel like this needed three conditions: chiseled, identified empty space, and hypothetical.  I would make marks of hypothetical empty spaces to determine pieces that had to be chiseled no matter what but I had to remember to go back and erase them because there were indistinguishable from identified empty spaces.  If I could do that I could probably solve multiple lines since I can mark down the hypothetical situations and eliminate them.

As an old wrestling fan, the NBA playing at Disney World reminds me of the WCW Disney tapings and thus amuses me.

NASCAR, and auto-racing in general, is unique in that the participants do not have to make any physical contact with each other.  If I can maintain social distancing at the drive-thru then you can do it racing cars.  You can't possibly play basketball safely even with no travel or fans.  If someone gets infected then you have to test everyone and possibly halt play if a whole team is infected.

Scrapping the season for the NBA or NHL would suck because there was enough of a season that teams and fans for the best teams would have been thinking "This is our year!  We've got the right personnel and everything is gelling and we might never have everything come together like this again."  The 1994 Montreal Expos had the best season prior to the World Series being cancelled.  It remains the ultimate "what if" team and arguably started a domino effect that ended with them moving to Washington.  They looked like favourites and were not able to duplicate that success after that.  Do we really want more stories like that if we can avoid it?  Winning the championship in the COVID 19 season still seems better than being the best team all year and then not getting a chance at the championship.

Funny that Shaq brings up 1999.  Oh yeah I guess the damn Spurs, that would win five titles through Tim Duncan's career, were some lucky fluke team that sullies the record books, as opposed to an organization that clearly knew what they were doing winning a title.  Like if it was some one season wonder, I get it, but it ended up being a team that contended and won titles for years afterwards.  No asterisk needed.

So I just completed Mario's Picross on the Game Boy.  The ending is basically "Congratulations!"  Not even a Mario cameo.  But you don't play a Picross game for a story.  It's a great game and very addictive.  Though at the end the puzzles became hard enough that you had to make educated guesses as to what spaces to clear and couldn't systematically solve the puzzle through elimination.  Each puzzle has a 30 minute time limit and if you guess incorrect spaces you lose time, starting with two minutes and exponentially increasing with each wrong guess.  There is a flaw in that after failing a puzzle you can just try it again and I can remember a few key spaces that I successfully guessed on.  So while I failed a few puzzles towards the end as they got harder I never failed any twice because I could use what I learned from the previous attempt.  I don't know how you get around that though and today if you really wanted to cheat you could take a photo with your phone and use that as a reference for your second attempt, or literally pause the game and look at your photo to figure things out without the timer going.  You can't really fault a game for not anticipating future tech and of course there is Game FAQs for anyone that really wants to cheat anyway.

I don't think I would recommend this to everyone as I don't think it has universal appeal.  My brother for example was completely turned off.  So look up Picross as a concept and see if you like it and if you do, you'll enjoy this game.

General Chat / Re: The COVID-19 Virus is Coming For Us All Thread
« on: May 21, 2020, 08:58:18 AM »
Tracking the average daily death toll for Canada in weekly increments, the last week was the first time it went down, going from 170 to 130.  So far this week it is even lower but coming off a long weekend I expect there to be late reported stats as yesterday's number was noticeably higher than Monday and Tuesday.

British Columbia has entered Phase 2 of our restart plan.  They have a nice web site outlining it:

Oddly enough the Province slowly re-opening has not been met with much backlash.  Gee, it's almost as if this didn't occur in an election year for our country and no parties stand to benefit from steering the narrative in one direction or the other.  I've been quite happy with how the Provincial government has handled the situation.  The lockdown was never that draconian to begin with and it felt more like we were encouraged to social distance more than forced to.  Treating the citizens like adults seems to have worked.  There were rules in place but there wasn't the horror stories of people getting large fines for taking their dog outside to pee.  However today they reported 21 new cases after having single digit amounts for a while.  But phase 2 only started on Tuesday so it is way too early for that idea to have backfired and have to be scaled back.

Following the phase 2 rules (small groups, keep distance, no hugging, stay home if feeling ill) I've been able to visit my parents again which was great, though a little weird with us sitting on opposite sides of the living room.

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