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General Chat / Android phones & apps thread
« on: March 30, 2011, 01:01:09 PM »
Do we really not have a topic for Android phones?  Rather than post this in the Verizon thread, I might as well start a new topic for Android phones & apps.

Has anyone else downloaded the newly released]Amazon Appstore?

Normally, I'm not sure why I'd want to buy something from here instead of the regular Android Market.  However, Amazon has a free app of the day that's definitely worth checking out.  They just launched the service last week and so far I've downloaded the following (all for free):
  • Angry Birds Rio ($0.99 regularly)
  • Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99 regular)
  • Doodle Jump ($0.99 regularly)
  • Shazam Encore ($4.99 regularly)
  • Sound Hound Infinity ($4.99 regularly)
There have been a couple other apps available for free that I haven't downloaded because I wasn't interested in them, but so far the lineup has been pretty stellar.  Sound Hound Infinity is free for the rest of the day (and Angry Birds Rio has been free for the past week but I'm not sure how much longer that deal will be available) so you should check it out if you're interested.

Nintendo Gaming / Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
« on: December 20, 2010, 06:22:08 AM »
Nintendo just announced that Dragon Quest VI will be released in North America on February 14.

Fantastic news.  We haven't heard a peep out of this game in quite some time, so I'm excited to finally receive confirmation that it will be getting a State-side release.

This reminds me that I really need to finish Dragon Quest V.

Thanks to Retronauts, I recently learned that Nintendo doesn't own the rights to the code for the Donkey Kong arcade game.  Linky.

[The company] Ikegami Tsushinki was involved with developing arcade games.  Among those games was Radar Scope, which Ikegami designed and developed for Nintendo. The game was popular briefly in Japan, ... but by the time units reached the States, any buzz surrounding the game had dissipated ....

Yamauchi assigned a young Shigeru Miyamoto with designing a new game using the Radar Scope hardware. What Miyamoto came up with was Donkey Kong. Nintendo decided to work with Ikegami, which had the technology to program it. Ikegami wrote all the code and sold Nintendo 8,000-20,000 PCBs (Nintendo copied 80,000 without permission). Since there was no contract between Ikegami and Nintendo, Nintendo did not have the source code. But Nintendo wanted a sequel, so DK was disassembled and reverse engineered (through subcontractor Iwasaki Giken) and soon came Donkey Kong Junior (noted as being the first Nintendo game developed entirely in-house). In 1983, an angered Ikegami sued Nintendo for ¥580,000,000 for copyright infringement, claiming it owned the original DK code. In 1990, the two companies settled out of court. The details of that were not released to the public. In another trial that year, it was determined that Nintendo did not hold the copyright to the DK code.
There you have it--the reason why we're not getting the arcade version of Donkey Kong on the Virtual Console.  Maybe someone will finally quit complaining about it every chance he gets.

Stale Jokes / Ponch
« on: July 21, 2010, 06:35:42 PM »
Does this forum really need a Zap dupe?  I'm starting to doubt it.

Stale Jokes / JURY DUTY
« on: June 13, 2010, 04:25:16 PM »
Dear Diary,

Just found out I have to report for jury duty tomorrow morning.  I swear to god if I have to be back on Tuesday and miss Nintendo's press conference I will burn down the courthouse.

Also, don't tell anyone, but I think Insanolord is a fox--especially in his hat.

Diary, you're my best friend.


Stale Jokes / Who the hell is Brad Mosbacher?
« on: May 07, 2010, 03:13:02 PM »
And why's he sound so condescending?

Stale Jokes / Which season of Arrested Development is best?
« on: April 28, 2010, 01:27:02 PM »
Which season of Arrested Development is best?

If you kids don't get off my lawn I'll turn the hose on you!

Stale Jokes / Maxi post
« on: April 15, 2010, 06:13:56 PM »
Well this is nice news. I figure that Gen V will be coming  out sometime in Nov-Dec. This would give everybody time to complete Heart Gold  and Soul Silver and transfer of all their pokemon over. If Gen V is on the DSi  than I am going to have to pick up a DSi. I need another DS that I can trade  with myself. I'm kinda wondering what they can do with the Legendarys. After  Arceus it is going to be hard to top that. Anybody got any ideas on possible  pre volutions/evolutions or maybe new pokemon? IVs are something that every  pokemon is hatched or caught with.Go check the summary of a pokemon.There is a  sentence down at the bottom on the page that has the nature all that other  info. This sentence determines how many IVs the pokemon in each stat. I think  that 40 IVs in each stat is the max on can get. I don't really worry about IVs  because it takes to long to get good IVs. I tend to just worry about the nature  and EVs I put into it. To much work otherwise. In the 4th Gen there was a new  move called Stealth Rock. It is a entry hazard much like Spikes and Toxic  Spikes. The move Stealth Rocks is a Rock type move. Being that stealth rock is  a rock type move. Bug,fire,flying and ice types has been used less because the  move is crippling. Say you have a Butterfree that enters the battle after that  teams first pokemon is lost. Since it is a bug/flying type it takes half of its  HP just switching in. Moltres has the same problem.Articuno same. Any flying  type that isn't one of the above types takes 25% of its health swiching in. Everybody  that isn't those types take normal damage.About as much as what leftovers can  recover. Typical Stealth rock users are Skarmary,Aerodactly  and Bronzong.  Skarmory is probably the best at its job since it can use Whirlwind which  forces the pokemon out and the pokemon coming in gets Stealth rock damage. So I  got my Spiky Ear Pichu. Naughty nature.Level 30. Volt tackle,Swagger,Helping  Hand and Pain Split. Still have the other Pichu as well.I am currently in Ilex  Forest. Beat the Normal Gym. My eevee hasn't evolved into Espeon yet. I will  give it some more haircuts in the next few days and check its happiness. It is  level 14 now. Espeon gets Confusion at level 15 so I have to get its Happiness  Max before it grows one more level. Well the first picture of a 5th Gen Pokemon  is up at It is a silhouette so all the details isn't there.   Full reveal should be next week. You know that Pichu that you can get at  Gamestop and off of Wi-Fi Connection? Well if you take that Pichu to the Ilex  Forest and check the shrine in the forest the Spiky Ear Pichu will come out of  hiding. and it will join your party.  The Spiky Ear Pichu on one ear is a  little spiky at the end. Well on the Silhouette Pokemon has been  revealed. Its name is Zoroark. It is a Dark type Pokemon. It has a  preevolution. That pokemons name is Zorua. Both are Dark types. Does someone  want to post the picture that is on That would be nice of someone.  Well today I raised most of my team up to level 20. I got my eevee to evolve  into Espeon so my team is good to go now. I tried the Pokeathlon and it was  fun. I tried out the speed and power sections. I put Eevee in the speed portion  and I think it helped out with its happiness.  Anyway I think I have a tree blocking my way  that I need to catch. I will continue my playthrough in the morning. Red,Blue,Yellow,Silver,Crystal,Ruby,Saphire,FireRed,Platinum,SoulSilver.  Red and Yellow I can't find. Crystal I can't find. Ruby and Saphire I don't  have anymore. Have the rest mentioned. Yeah for my team against Clair I am  probably going to use Feralagator and Wishcash.  So I just beat Morty, Ghost Gym Leader. Most  of the Gym went down to Espeon and its confusion. I had Absol and Croconaw as  back ups. Croconaw had Bite and Absol had Pursut. With Absols sky high attack  and Pursuit being a Dark type physical atack well Gengar and the last Haunter  were no trouble. Hmm both are good. If you want to go in order of release than  I would go with either Heart Gold or soul silver. Since your last Pokemon was  Yellow the next games in the series was Silver and gold and Crystal. Than Ruby  and Sapphire and Emerald. Fire red and Leaf Green. Finally the 4th gen games.  Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. I got back into the series with Platinum. It is  pretty easy in my opinion. The only real trouble you would likely have is with  the Elite 4 in Platinum. Pearl and Diamond's Elite 4 I have heard is easier  than Platinum. So far I really am not having much trouble with Soul Silver.  Both the 4th gen games have access to the GTS which is a way to get pokemon  from around the world from people. The online is pretty identical between  Platinum and Heart Gold and Sould silver. I think there is like one or two  things that HG and SS have that Platinum doesn't have. Oh before I forget the  Special Pichu is going to stop at the end of tomorrow. It is being given via  Mystery Gift for Pearl,Diamond Platinum. Select Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. This  is for everybody that hasn't gotten the Pichu. Well I just beat Jasmine. Her Steelix  was a problem. 2 of my pokemons attacks weren't effective. My Espeon had Psycic  and normal attacks.So I used Espeon so I could revive my Sleeper Roselia. Absol  had Dark and normal attacks so I used Leer on Steelix to make my psysical  attacks more effective. My Monferno's Flame Wheel worked once it was range of  attack. I had Barbabroch to take on his Magnimite. Most of my team was in the  mid 20's I had a few that were level 23. Tough battle.Steelix was level 35 and  the Magnimites were level 30. Now all my pokemon I can raise to level 70 so I  will raise my team a bit more. Get everybody to evolve to their last evolution  except Roselia. Need to get the proper move set for it. Well I am currently in  Blackthorne City. I see that there is a Move tutor in town but I can't get the  move tutor to teach my pokemon moves. So what is the curency that I need to  give to get my pokemon the moves they need? Hmm I looked around and the person  that you are talking about makes the pokemon learn any moves that that it might  of not learned when leveling up. This can be helpful for some of my pokemon but  there is another move tutor that you have to give BP's to and you can purchase  different moves. Just beat Clair. I had problems with Gyarados and Kingdra. Gyarados  I had to use Stun spore to slow him down. Roselia was my lead.  I swtiched to Absol and set up Swords Dance on  him and I used Pursuit and Quick attack to beat Gyarados. The 2 Dragonairs were  not really a problem. I used Feralagator and its Ice Fang to beat them. I also  used Taunt on them so they couldn't use Thunder wave. Kingdra was a pain. The  majority of my team was beat except Feralagator. My team was Roselia at level  35,Espeon at level 36, Absol at level 35. Infernape at level 37,Wishcash at  level 39, and Feralagator at level 34. So I am going to try to get everybody up  to level 50 for the Elite 4. Also does anybody know when the Battle Frontier  opens up? Here is the thing I have used all of the electric types that are in  the game before. I wanted to try to use pokemon that I haven't used before.The  only electric type that I don't think that I used was Manectric. I typically  use Jolteon or Electrode for my electric type. Besides I am a veteran to the  pokemon games so it isn't like I don't know what I am doing. Guys I am probably  going to raise my pokemon. Most likely 55 for everybody. I tend to use water  types with Ice type moves to deal with Dragons. Gonna use this team that I have  for the whole game. As Pale said it is a mystery gift. Select Mystery Gift then  Nintendo Wi-Fi connection from the title screen. Oh before I forget to get the  Surf and Fly Pikachu to show up in your pokewalker you need a certain amount of  steps on the pokewalker to make them appear. Hmm I just checked my pokewalker  and all of my steps are gone.Watts are still there though.  You need 10,000 steps on the pokewalker to get  the Flying Pikachu. Surf Pikachu you need 9,500 steps. Well I beat Lance.Here  was my team. Espeon,Wishcash,Roselia,Feralagatr,Absol,Infernape. Infernape was  my highest at level 50 and my lowest was Roselia at level 41. Feralagatr had my  only Ice type move and was at level 44. Fealagatr beat the level 50 Dragonite. My  complete time was 32 hours and 18 mins. My Platinum complete time was 57 hours  and 34 mins. My platinum team was in its 60's when I beat the elite 4. I  attribute the Platinum time to me not really being familar with the Sinnoh  region and EV training my pokemon. I also bred lots of pokemon in Platinum. Well  I am up against The Psychic gym. The level 55 Alakazam is a pain. It has  Psychic,EnergyBall,Skill Swap and Reflect. Whenever I send in my Absol it uses  Skill swap before I can taunt it and Alakazam takes my Super Luck ability from  Absol which makes Critical hits more likely. I need to raise my team more. I  have Galade as well on Platinum. I used my Feralagatr versus the Espeon. It  knows Crunch. Espeon used Psychic but Feralagatr survived. Espeon had about a  quarter of its health. Feralagtr was at level 45 while I think Espeon was level  52. I switched in Absol on the Psychic and I used Pursuit to take it down. I  kept in Absol for Alakazam and thankfully it didn't use Skill Swap. So I used  Slash and Pursuit to finish it off. Mr.Mime wasn't really any problem It tried  to use Mimic on my Absol but it got Pursuit. Mr.My attack and defence is its  lowest. So I just kept on Pursuiting. Absol should get Night Slash the next  level. Well I have been playing alot lately. I have the Safari Zone so that it  can be custimized. I have beaten All the gyms in Kanto except Brock,Blane and  Gary. There is a Snorlax in my way at the moment and it isn't waking up when I  play the music. Any help would be appreciated. So I beat Gary a few days ago.  He has a Trick Room team but thankfully he didn't get to use it. His Gyarados was  a pain.  Anyway I am at Mt. Silver and I  need to know what HMs I need to use to get to Red. Let me know if you know. In  the meantime I am going to level up my team. Beat Gary at level 55. Red's  pokemon are in their 80's. Well I beat the Elite 4 the second time around. I  had some problems the first few times. I got to Lance my first 2 times. But  Gyarados beat me. So this time around I taught a few of my Pokemon a few moves.  On Infernape I put a choice scarf on it and got rid of Taunt for stealth rock.  I lead with Infernape and threw up the rocks.All of Lances Pokemon are weak to  Rock except Garchomp. Salamence used Dragon Claw and it took two turns to beat  Infernape. After Infernape died I sent out My Feralagtr which I taught Rock  slide to to help with Gyarados. I used Ice Fang on Salamence and it was  finished. In comes Gyarados and it used its ability on me Intimidate on me  making my psychical attacks weaker. I used Rock Slide and is didn't really do  much. It used Dragon Dance and it kept on doing waterfall after that. I managed  to beat Gyarados. Next comes Garchomp and it used Outrage. I taught my Wishcash  Ice beam before facing Lance and gave it Nevermeltice. I managed to get it down  to the 25 percent mark. I revived my Infernape and it had 1 close combat left.  I outran Garchomp and beat it. Next comes in Altera and I sent in my espeon  since Wishcash and Feralagtr were hurt. Alteria used Double team while I was  healing and it beat my Espeon with Dragonpulse.Espeon had half of its life  left. I bring in Wishcash and use Ice Beam and I get a critical hit. Level 75  Dragonite comes in I send out Feralagtr and use a X defend. It uses Draco  Meteor which is a special attack and it also lowers the users special attack  allot. I use a Dire hit item which increase the likelyhood of Critical hits. I  keep healing while Dragonite uses Draco Meteor. When I only take a small amount  of damage from Draco Meteor I use Ice Fang and I get a critical hit. This time  around most of my Pokemon were low 60's. My completion time this time around  was 53:51. Nope it is different in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Also there is  tougher trainers in the game than Lance. First of all you can fight the Gym  Leaders again and then there is Red which has Pokemon in its 80's. If anyone  wants some help with the Elite 4 the second time around I will be glad to help.  Ha ha ha I beat Red! Most of my team was in its low 60's.Ursaring was level  33.:/ I led with Wishcash which had Earthquake. Since I led with a ground type  versus Pikachu it couldn't use it's electric attacks volt tackle and  Thunderbolt. It had to use Iron Tail and Quick attack. I got lucky and Iron  Tail missed. Finished it with Earthquake. Next came out Venasaur. Venasaur had  Sleep Powder,Sludge Bomb,Giga Drain, and Frenzy Plant. I used Infernape and  used Flare Blitz. It almost beat Venasaur and Red healed him. The Hail hit him  and went down a little. I used Flare Blitz and managed to beat Venasaur. Next  came out Blastoise. It has Blizzard, Flash Cannon,Focus Blast and probably a  water attack. Blizzard hits 100% when it is hailing. Focus Blast is a Special  fighting attack that is powerful but it has 70% acceracy. I sent out my  Roserade that had a choice scarf.The only way that I could be faster than  Blastoise.I used Sleep Powder and it fell asleep.I started healing my team.  Once I healed my team I tried to put Blastoise asleep again but he woke up and  used Blizzard. I sent out Feralagatr. Only Focus Blast would be effective and  as long as I healed properly I would out stall him. I used Crunch and Rock  Slide. I had a Hard Stone attached to Feralagatr. Crunch had a secondary effect  of lowering the foes defence. I got a critical hit from Rock slide and I  managed to beat it with a crunch. Next was Charizard. He had Flamethrower,Air  Slash, Dragon pulse and something else. I kept out Feralagatr and used Rock  Slide. Since Charizard is a fire/flying type Rock type attacks are 4 times  effective. I managed to outlast him. Next came Snorlax. My Infernape had  fainted so I sent out my HM user,Ursaring you only need Rock Climb and Rock  Smash to get to Red. Anyway I used a Max Revive on Infernape and let Ursaring  get hit with Blizzard.I brought in Infernape and used Close Combat.Snorlax was  down.I kept in Infernape for Lapras and used Close Combat again. Lapras is a  water/ice type.Fifhting is effective versus ice.I got it down to 30 percent.  Lapras used Brine,a water type attack, which does more damage if the user   has less than half life. So Infernape was gone again. I sent out Wishcash which  was in the red.I used another max Revive on Infernape.Lapras use Dragon Pulse.  I bring in Infernape and finish it off with Close Combat. Absol didn't really  do anything to help. Anyway now I can get to choose one of the Kanto and Hoeen  starters. I don't have a Blastoise on any of my games. I have a Swampert on  Platinum. Don't have Blaziken or Septile. I think I am going to go with the  Grass Hoeen starter.   

Stale Jokes / I want to win ShyGuy²'s contest
« on: April 15, 2010, 12:19:26 PM »
I want to win ShyGuy²'s contest.

If this thread wins a prize will give half of the winnings to a random person who posts in this thread.

General Gaming / Microsoft Game Room
« on: March 24, 2010, 11:18:44 AM »
Microsoft's highly-anticipated (at least by me) Game Room launched today for PC and Xbox 360.

Here's a list of the 30 launch titles available.  There 15 arcade titles (roughly half Konami titles and half Atari titles), 7 Atari 2600 games and 8 Intellivision games.  Microsoft has announced they're going to release an additional 7 titles each week and expect to have over 1,000 games available within the next 3 years.

If you like classic games the service sounds extremely promising.

You can "rent" any game for $0.50 for a single play or buy one for the low price of $3.00 ($5.00 if you want the ability to play on either your PC or Xbox 360).

Anyone check this out yet?

My DVD player died today.   :(   I now have an excuse to buy a new toy!   :D

Since a lot of devices do more than just play discs, I'm looking for the cheapest option that will allow me to stream Netflix movies and Hulu to my TV.  A Blu-Ray player (instead of just a DVD player) would be nice, but to be honest I don't care that much about video quality so if I can get a DVD player that does all these things and save $100 I'm all for it.  And while price is a consideration, I am willing to spend a little more for a substantially better product.

Any help?

Stale Jokes / To whom it may concern
« on: March 16, 2010, 02:00:22 PM »
Buttered Camels is not funny.  It never was funny.  It's not an Internet meme and it will never catch on.  Neither will *Continues Waiting*.

Quit beating a dead horse.  From this point forward I will delete any post that contains one of these phrases.

Nintendo Gaming / RONDO OF BLOOD
« on: March 16, 2010, 11:35:42 AM »
Who else picked up Castlevania X:  Rondo of Blood?  It's Rad, with a capital R.  Don't believe me?  Just ask Jeremy Parish!

First impressions are the game's harder than Castlevania III and IV.  I made it to the second boss before losing all my lives and quitting for the night.  But since there's a save system I don't think it's going to be frustrating like some of the other early Castlevania games.

Even though I knew going into the game that lots of the enemy sprites from later games were taken directly from this game (and not Symphony of the Night as widely believed) it still amazes me when I see some of these enemies.  I smiled when Old Ax Armor showed up outside of the castle gates and I nearly peed when the first golem appeared.

The sub-weapons feel good.  This might be the first instance where the knife doesn't feel completely worthless.  The sub-weapon system is also very forgiving in that when you get a new one your current weapon drops to the ground for a few seconds, so you can switch back if you want to.  No more living in fear of jumping and whipping random candles will result in losing your boomerang for holy water!

I've read that the game features alternate routes and bosses in each level but I haven't found any yet.  The keys from Castlevania ReBirth are back (well, not "back") so my guess is they're used to open locked doors to secret paths.  I found one in the second level, but it instead of an alternate route it lead to a secret room where I found a priest and Maria.  I whipped the priest and he/she disappeared and then saw a short cut scene with Maria but as far as I could tell nothing in the game was affected.  I was hoping this would be the way to switch playable characters but alas, I must keep looking.

« on: November 30, 2009, 06:43:46 PM »
Effective immediately, there is a new forum policy related to warnings.

Any forum member who is warned as a result of another member utilizing the 'report to moderator' button gets one chance to guess the person responsible for the alert.  If correct, the reporting member will receive a warning of half the amount that the offending member received.  In the case where multiple parties report the same post, any correct answer will result in the warnings of all reporting members.

That is all.

General Chat / Guess how many active members there are on the NWR forums!
« on: November 13, 2009, 09:51:37 AM »
For the sake of simplicity, I defined "active" as having at least 100 posts and logging into the forums at least once within the past 30 days.

You have 7 days to guess before I give you the answer!

Poll's over!  The correct answer was 117.

« on: November 11, 2009, 02:40:13 PM »
Send Us Your SAMPLE see what can't be seen

We gotta do this.  Let's make it a Funhouse contest--best results gets a prize or something.

« on: November 09, 2009, 01:23:12 PM »
Seems our own Lukasz Balicki has left NWR for PixlBit

I blame the NWR Newscast.  That podcast's lineup is a complete mess.

Any bets on who's next--Zach or Andy?

Stale Jokes / MY STATUS
« on: October 29, 2009, 02:49:56 PM »

Nintendo Gaming / Dance Dance Revolution
« on: October 23, 2009, 02:01:05 PM »
Who here gives a **** about DDR?  I have a question for all your dancin' fools!

Which one's the best?  I've been told I need to get this game but since I know practically nothing about this series and there are about umpteen million versions available I don't know where to start.

What's the difference between this version of Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 and this version?  (Besides the dance mat, obviously.  According to Amazon one was released last September and the other just came out a couple days ago--is that right?)

It looks like Hottest Party 3 comes out next week.  Is it safe to assume it's an improvement over past iterations? 

Keep in mind I only have  a Wii.  Don't the Wii versions of these games include remote-dancing support?  Is it any good or just a throw-away feature?

I imagine the soundtrack is a big part of these games, but I can't find any place online that actually talks much about each soundtrack.  :(  I can't even find any reviews for Hottest Party 2 on any of the major gaming sites.  Did this game even come out?  Why is this series such a cluster ****?

Stale Jokes / Tub girl the thread
« on: October 15, 2009, 10:47:41 AM »
This thread is for the purpose of seeing how many pictures of girls in tubs there are.

Please do not take this thread the wrong way. I just aim to compile however many we can find. I'm assuming there will be more for some races than for others, which should be interesting to see.

Just post all the pictures you can find and I'll compile them here in the main post.

Nintendo Gaming / What are your most-played Wii games?
« on: October 08, 2009, 05:28:49 PM »
Thanks to the new Nintendo Channel we can now learn our most-played Wii games!

Here's my top 10.

Rank   Game TitleLength of Time Played     Number of Times Played
#1Super Smash Bros. Brawl     110 Hrs. 50 Min.63 Times
#2Mario Kart Wii74 Hrs. 7 Min.72 Times
#3Okami70 Hrs. 33 Min.41 Times
#4Twilight Princess59 Hrs. 20 Min.34 Times
#5Little King's Story54 Hrs. 6 Min.42 Times
#6Super Paper Mario51 Hrs. 32 Min.42 Times
#7Metroid Prime 338 Hrs. 29 Min.23 Times
#8Zack and Wiki33 Hrs. 15 Min.31 Times
#9Super Mario Galaxy29 Hrs. 20 Min.21 Times
#10No More Heroes21 Hrs. 2 Min.15 Times

Nothing too surprising in my list, but how the HELL did I spend so much time on Zack and Wiki and No More Heroes?  I must have paused those games and walked away for several hours (thereby artificially increasing the play time).

This exercise has reminded me that I need to go back and play Mario Galaxy again, because it's a crime that Super Paper Mario has more play time than Mario Galaxy.

What's your top 10 look like?  In order to find out, click the 'Records' button in the lower right corner of the main page on the Nintendo Channel and then click on 'Game-Play Records'.

Just for fun, let's take a look at my top 5 VC games.

Rank   Game TitleLength of Time Played     Number of Times Played
#1Super Mario RPG20 Hrs. 32 Min.15 Times
#2Super Castlevania IV9 Hrs. 16 Min.13 Times
#3Star Fox 648 Hrs. 49 Min.6 Times
#4Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts     8 Hrs. 44 Min.34 Times
#5The Legend of Zelda7 Hrs. 49 Min.3 Times

In order to get a nice, neat table like me, you might want to quote my post and then edit in your info.

Note:  This thread is inspired by Steven Totilo's article at Kotaku.

Capcom unveiled a new game called Ghost Trick at TGS.  It's an adventure game by the minds that brought you Phoenix Wright.  It looks rad.

You play the part of a recently murdered man who comes back as a ghost.  You possess inanimate objects and affect them in order to influence the living, solve mysteries and save the day.  Not only do you have to solve your own murder, you have to prevent others from meeting your same fate!


Check out the trailer!

Capcom’s game of the show is Ghost Trick. - Chris Kohler,

Ghost Trick has some eye-catching visuals, to say the least. The animations are silky smooth, giving the 2D game a step up on the competition. - IGN

I wished I could check out some of the more complex brainteasers. And I think that's partly because Ghost Trick personalizes the puzzles: Not only are you're fighting for your life, but you're fighting for other people's lives, too. - 1UP

Stale Jokes / The FlipNote Thread (Sometimes Depraved) ~ MOD APPROVED
« on: August 28, 2009, 03:36:46 PM »
Since the original thread was locked due to inappropriate material, I've created a new one.

So get cracking!  This thread won't populate itself!  I encourage all animations (not just the depraved ones).  In addition to your own creations, feel free to share links to the best animations you find on the Hatena site.

Pale has given me permission to link to the depraved ones as long as they're not directly posted in this thread.  You can find them here.  I've already posted the images from the original thread.  Please send me any non-NWR-safe images you create in the future and I'll upload them to the site.

Instructions for saving the images are as follows (thanks Halbred):

  • Create a cringe-inducing FlipNote animation.
  • Save it to your SD card as a gif file.
  • Put the SD card in an SD card reader in your computer.
  • Explore "Private > DS > something" until you find your gif files.
  • Post them here.  Or, if they're not NWR-safe, send them to me and I will post them here.

« on: August 18, 2009, 11:24:37 AM »
The PS3 went from being easily the least appealing console to me to the most in the last few years.  Originally it seemed all the good games were also available on the Xbox 360 but now I would say that it has the exclusives that interest me more.  What was holding me back was the price.  It was just too much money.  Now it's affordable, so I'll get it.

The Wii is not cutting it for me, plain and simple.  There are games on the horizon I'm looking forward to but they're too infrequent.  The third party support is crap and is not going to change.  Nintendo's first party releases are now split between the new market and the old so from my perspective their output is decreased.  And realistically I just don't seem to be a priority to them.  They don't care if I'm satisfied or not.  They're making money hand over fist so they're not going to change anything.  I feel like they're taking my support for granted.  But I'll still have my Wii and will buy the titles that do interest me.  Next gen is up in the air though.  Right now I'd say they've lost me for next gen if they maintain the status quo.

The question for me now is what PS3 game will I get first?

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