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Day 37 (really, only like two weeks) of will-Kyrie-Irving-get-traded-to-the-Lakers. Reddit and YouTube are a cesspool of bad takes and worse trade proposals. Why would the Lakers trade TWO first round picks for Irving? The Nets have no leverage. Homeboy spent half a season not playing basketball and like the last five years generally being a weirdo. The Nets can either take a protected FRP or watch Irving walk next summer for nothing along with whatever BS he pulls before then.

From the Lakers' perspective, Kyrie Irving is not your savior, y'all. Trading Westbrook for Irving is essentially trading one set of problems for different set of problems. Irving is clearly the better fit and player in 2022... when he plays. Are you getting that guy? He hasn't been that guy since he asked out of Cleveland. Say what you will about Westbrook. At least he plays and leaves it all on the court (along with the houses he builds out there).

In other news...

Sources: Utah Jazz now willing to listen to Donovan Mitchell trade scenarios

How are you coping, broodwars?

TalkBack / Re: Bayonetta 3 Finally Arrives October 28
« on: July 13, 2022, 11:29:19 PM »
How much of a flustercuck is pre-ordering the physical version of Bayonetta 1 going to be?

I've also earned more fake internet points with another successful prediction. Suck it, everyone.

Loving this every-day-a-single-game-mini-Direct strategy that Nintendo is doing here...  :P
I, too, enjoy regular trailers.

I don't know how even Nintendo could think that associating a new game with frustration and arbitrary tedium was a good marketing move.
You're overthinking this if you believe this is part of some elaborate scheme. It's far simpler than that. Nintendo doesn't like excess. Full stop. It makes a set amount of a thing for an exact amount of profit then it moves on. Occasionally, it'll throw us a bone like that extra batch of NES Classic Editions. At the end of the day, Nintendo doesn't want to be left holding the bag.

Sooner or later, Nintendo's love of using scalpers to artificially increase demand for their games is going to backfire on them.
Nintendo isn't doing this either. The audience for special editions is small. There's nothing to backfire. This special edition is what, $30 USD more than the standard version. With economies of scale, like $25 of that is profit. Cool, profit achievement unlocked. Nintendo will keep doing this because it isn't as if people will stop buying its special editions. Not defending this, just trying to be pragmatic. When there are no consequences, there's no reason to change.

Sources: Utah Jazz trading star center Rudy Gobert to Minnesota Timberwolves for four first-round picks

Bye Rudy.

This feels like more of Danny Ainge hoarding draft picks only to not make any major moves then say afterward, "Oh yeah, we could have had [Player X] or [Player Y] if we really wanted."

Was it merely a coincidence that the Celtics were back in the Finals the literally season after Ainge "retired"?

From the Jazz’seses side, it was high time for a major roster shakeup. The roster was simply not working as (previously) constructed. As expected, they kept Mitchell who still has upside while Gobert is who he is at 30. And Beasley is solid. I don't know anything about Vanderbilt, Bolmaro, or Kessler. They're all young so that's a plus if the Jazz are committing to a rebuild around Mitchell. Pat Bev, of course, trick y'all, man.

From the Timberwolves’ side, four first round picks (all unprotected except 2029) feels like an overpay. President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly gave up a draft pick by even answering Ainge’s call. Why does anyone still trade with this guy?

preferred "Next Chapter" destination..... #1 regular season record in the West (The Suns) or the #1 regular season record in the East (The Heat).

that sounds so familiar.... reminds me of when he signed with the Best Regular Season Record in NBA History Warriors.
Ehh, I get the sentiment, but the situations aren't even remotely the same. The Warriors signed Kevin Durant at the beginning of his prime as a free agent and only gave up the privilege of re-signing Harrison Barnes. Oh no.

The Suns or Heat would have to give up at least rotation players (though the Nets apparently want all-star level players which, LOL, good luck) and draft picks for post-Achilles-tear-but-still-pretty-excellent-Kevin-Durant.

Anyway, teams are just poaching Warriors' talent this free agency. Bye Payton, Porter, and true Finals MVP, Toscano-Anderson. It's OVER for you bitches!

It's as good a time as any to see what Moody, Kuminga, and Wiseman can become.


Thanks, Warriors. It got a little dicey with some of those second half Celtics runs. Ultimately, the Celtics couldn't overcome giving up a 21-0 run in the first half though.

Curry finally getting his Finals MVP.

No Game 6 Klay was disappointing. He does not deserve to go by "K Daddy".

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on tickets and watching the home team fall behind 22 points. Yikes.

Curry always seems to have one bad shooting night per series. Good timing with that game being at home and when Wiggins went off.

Speaking of, the Warriors better pay that man, but I don't think they will because they have to pay Poole soon too. What sucks is that Wiggins is clearly best when he's the third or fourth option. I doubt he'll be this effective on another team. We already saw that guy in Minnesota.

Anyway, Tatum weirdly shot a bunch of airballs. And Mark Jackson continues to be intolerable on commentary. "Imma call him Klay. Imma call him Klay." Yeah, because that's his name. What are you talking about?


That man Steph Curry. Tiddy Garden got really quiet at the end. Mmm, mmm. Let's fucking go!


RE Warriors tonight: I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you. How dare you?

System seems good with the 4-1 out but if Russ is staying then it is going to be hard to use that unless they get back a floor spacing 5 or get the defensive wings in a low 3 and D wing free agency.
The Lakers don't have the assets to make any splashy moves. They can probably get 3 OR D, not a wing who is both. That's fine given the circumstances.

The Lakers held a workout yesterday. People on Reddit and Youtube were dunking all over this. However, it's exactly what they should be doing. Most role players they sign should be under 30. They're likely all coming to come from the scrapheap, undrafted pool, and purchased second round picks. Cross your fingers they find a Spencer Dinwiddie-type diamond in the rough who every other team gave up on.

Best option seems to be trade Russ for Brogdan and Hield and grab OP Jr with the taxpayer MLE or trade for Rozier, Oubre Jr and Plumlee and go from there with wings and front court depth.
I've seen the Pacers trade thrown around a lot. I'd agree if the Lakers didn't have to give up any picks. The Pacers would be saving like $60 million in salary. That's the trade. If anything, the team absorbing the extra years/salary should be getting at least a conditional first round pick.

Ultimately, the Lakers' best move is to just ride out the year with Westbrook. Pelinka has been planning for years to have cap space in 2023. Stay the course unless a good trade pops up closer to the deadline next February. The Lakers absolutely should not be trading their 2027 or 2029 first round picks.

This is embarrassing.
Same, just in the other direction. An entire quarter of garbage time. If nothing else, no Steph in the fourth quarter should be good for Game 3. Too bad the Warriors gave away Game 1.

Game 3 is on Wednesday. Is this scheduling normal? I originally thought Game 2 was supposed to be last night. There's only two days between Game 3 and Game 4.

That Poole Party 3 would have gotten a Mike Breen "Bang!" if he didn't have COVID. I hate this timeline.

Well, there it is, as expected. Quin Snyder has stepped down as Head Coach of the Dumstper Fire that is the Utah Jazz.
The Jazz can do us all a solid and hire Mark Jackson.

But what's your "Go-To" burger joint that offers Wagyu beef (American or otherwise)?
Burger Barr

I used to live about 15 minutes away until I moved out of state. Fortunately, a friend lives nearby. I've only stopped in a few times since the pandemic.

This is embarrassing.

Movies & TV / Re: Better Call Saul
« on: May 28, 2022, 12:34:09 AM »
Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences to my own actions.

***Unmarked Spoilers***

That was one hell of a mid-season finale. I did manage to rewatch Breaking Bad, El Camino, and the first five seasons Better Call Saul before diving into Season 6.

Unfortunately, the two majors deaths were spoiled for me due to video titles I wasn’t able to avoid. I kind of figured Nacho wasn’t going to make it. Thematically, it works. Nacho escaping ABQ would be retreading ground. Instead, his death provides an extra dimension to Mike taking Jesse under his wing. Even though Mike didn’t live to see it, Jesse got away (eventually).

Nacho’s final monologue was so good. Did it remind anyone else of the scene in Ozymandias when Walt tells Jesse that he let Jane die? Seemed intentional to me. Also, every single character in that scene ends up dead. My only criticism is the gunshot felt off. Nacho’s head doesn’t whip back so it lacked force which is odd considering…

The headshot to Howard was especially brutal with his head slamming into the coffee table as he fell, a clear throwback to Chuck hitting his head on the print store counter. Howard’s murder was weirdly surprising. I kept waiting for it yet I still didn’t see it coming because it happened so fast.

Anyway, Lalo is a much better final villain, brilliantly played by Tony Dalton as he shifts between charming and sociopathic with such ease. After rewatching Breaking Bad, Season 5 is definitely the weakest season (largely carried by the final three episodes) mostly due to how cartoonish and one-dimensional Uncle Jack and the generic Neo Nazi gang are, introduced and killed off in the same season. Alternatively, Lalo was given far more time to develop. He’s arguably as good a villain as Fring (dare I say, better).

We’ll see how the final six episodes shake out. I’m particularly interested in how the Gene thread wraps up. Unless they whiff the ending, Better Call Saul is a better show than Breaking Bad (which stalled a lot more than I remembered) though they’re both essential viewing.

Finally, a close game in the Eastern Conference Finals. Big Heat win in Tiddy Garden.

I’m pulling for a Warriors vs. Heat matchup. I’d probably still lean Warriors, but I do want Jimmy Butler to get at least one ring.

Yay, the Lakers signed Davin Ham to a 4 year deal!!
Very happy with this hire. Long overdue head coaching opportunity for Ham. I’m hoping he can reign Westbrook in, get him to slow the hell down. I don’t want the Lakers using any more assets shedding Westbrook’s expiring contact so let’s see if Ham can get the most out of him.

LOL, Draymond with that free throw.

Collectively, this is one of the worst post seasons in recent memory. These games are bad.

I tried the Arby’s bacon ranch Wagyu steakhouse burger.

I wasn’t sure how close to the pictures the patties were so I got the double to make sure I could adequately critique the quality of the meat. Ultimately, it was way too beefy (pun intended). If you want to give this a go, I recommend sticking with the single patty.

Arby’s Wagyu burger tasted like American Wagyu which I’ve had before. Without double checking, I believe American Wagyu is a crossbreed of Wagyu and Angus. To further drive prices down, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arby’s then diluted it with more non-Wagyu. I’ve never had authentic Japanese Wagyu because it’s hella expensive albeit apparently much higher quality.

Anyway, the burger itself is fine. This may have been the first time I’ve been to Arby’s since 2020. I probably won’t go out of my way to order this again though if someone offered, I wouldn’t turn it down. It’s a perfectly reasonable choice if you’re at an Arby’s. When I was there, I almost ordered something cheaper before reminding myself this was the only reason I was there. My go-to burger joint offers a much better Wagyu burger so if I was ever jonesing for one, I’d go there, not Arby’s.

Let me know if y’all have any questions.

Who's gonna take one for the team and report back?
I’m morbidly curious. I have to go into the office tomorrow so I’ll see if this is available at the nearby Arby’s.

There’s no way that’s actual Wagyu. It could still be good though.

Is anyone still watching the playoffs?

The games aren't great. Way too many blowouts this post-season. Tonight's game was okay. The Warriors were pretty firmly in control in the second half. Losing Porter Jr. sucks.

The Eastern Conference Finals are a mess.

Yikes. That was a bloodbath tonight. There are rare occasions when I want a blowout. I prefer competitive basketball. That wasn't even fun after a while though I'm sure BNM will disagree.

I think Gobert's time with the Jazz is done. He's toxic on the court, he's toxic in the locker room, and playoff teams have figured out how to get around his basic-ass defensive strategy for years. Because of his contract, he'd be difficult to get rid of, but it needs to happen.
Gobert's main problem is he's the Jazz's only great defender while still having an exploitable weakness. Of course, the team is getting exposed in the playoffs under those circumstances. They're leaning way too much on one guy, and teams know exactly how to make him less effective.

If you need to choose between the two, the Jazz practically have to pick Mitchell because he's younger and still has upside. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a taker for Gobert. Some team will talk themselves into thinking he's the last piece of the puzzle. Still, I'd explore trading Mitchell unless y'all can get a superstar by some other means. Rip the bandaid off. This is how many early playoff exits in a row. The Jazz are absolutely a treadmill team.

I also think Quin Snyder's time with the Jazz is done.
Rob Pelinka is licking his lips in anticipation.

I'd gladly take Snyder over names like Terry Stotts or worse, Mark Jackson and Doc Rivers. *shudder* I'd also prefer a long-time assistant getting their first head coaching gig. Get some new voices in there.

Yeah Adrock I watched the game last night and the Heat didn't have Lowry starting but his backup Strus had a nice game.  I think the return of Robert Williams helped a lot.  That inside defensive game.   Smart not playing mattered more I think as he couldn't defend the perimeter.   Herro and Strus had good games and Butler looked like he did in the 2020 playoffs
Losing Horford/Smart is definitely hitting the Celtics harder than the Lowry's absence is hitting the Heat. Horford can pull Outta-the-Bayou away from the basket. Smart can at least make Butler work a little harder. Jebus, Butler was getting whatever he wanted.

It also felt like Strus had way more than 11 points.

As for Cuban at this point I amambivalent with him.  I don't care.
Ehh, Mark Cuban is less-dangerous-Elon-Musk. Everything he does vacillates between hey-that-was-pretty-cool-of-you to what-the-****-man. There's no in between. And homeboy really thought people would believe someone so entrenched in team business had no idea there was rampant sexual harassment and an overall toxic work environment happening right under his nose, or that people would forget. GTFOH, Cuban. That **** was not that long ago. As much as I love watching Luka play, I just can't root for a Mavericks' title. Get my dude out of Dallas.

Meanwhile, us Jazz fans are off in a corner, waiting for the time to finally come to blow up the team after season after season of pure mediocrity.
May I interest you in a gently used Russell Westbrook for Donovan Mitchell?

But seriously, what do you think the Jazz do? The end of Jazz vs. Mavericks Game 6 was wild. You can’t ask for a better final shot than Bogdanović wide open for three at home. After another early playoff exit, the Jazz have to consider trading Gobert AND Mitchell. If the site I looked at is accurate, the Jazz owe its 2022 first round pick to the Grizzlies and its next first round pick starting in 2024 is conditionally protected through 2026 (owed to the Thunder because of course it is). It behooves the Jazz to tank to keep that pick.

Personally, the Jazz keep Mitchell and try to build around him though he’d probably be better as a second option. Trading Gobert choke-slams the Jazz’s entire defense.
Coming out of the East I have the Heat winning because of Butler but also the Celtics can not get the 18th now that the Lakers have tied them again at 17.    Heat in 6.

West I have the Warriors for their team play.  I do like Luka and the Mavs and because Kidd is a former Lakers coach and Bullock is a former Lakers player but I think it will be a 7 game series.
Yeah, I can’t have the Celtics winning anything so I hope the Heat advance. Did you see the game last night? The Heat struggled more than expected considering the Celtics were missing both Horford and Smart.

In the West, I like Luka but don’t want anything good to happen to Mark Cuban. I want the Mavericks to perpetually lose through Luka’s next contract so he gets fed up and leaves. Since both the Sixers and Bucks failed, I want the Warriors to win as it may be Steph and Klay’s last best chance to win another title.

Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

Normally, I’m all 🤷‍♀️ about Rule 63 superheroes especially Hulk/She-Hulk because the contrast between male and female versions is peak Comic Are Extra® (i.e. the female counterpart of the giant rage monster is still comics-sexy). However, the trailer was fun.

I appreciate the Emil Blonsky cameo and the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it look at Jameela Jamil’s Titania. I’m glad Marvel chose not to show Matt Murdock and hope it doesn’t in any trailer. I don’t think Charlie Cox has been officially announced. After Spider-Man: No Way Home, come on…

I’ve seen people dunk on the CGI. Personally, it looks good for a TV show.

HAVE you SEEN our Earth lately? 🤣
That’s fair. They’re not mutually exclusive though. Here’s how I choose to view our Earth lately:

This is basically an extension of Tony going apeshit on Cap and Bucky. Once you find out someone close to you maybe secretly killed your parents, nothing else matters.
Ehh, I didn't buy it in Captain America: Civil War either. The stakes are significantly higher in Moon Knight.

I think the explanation is that there were two hearts on the scale that needed to be balanced. And because the two personalities were at odds with each other, they couldn't balance. I imagine if either of them tried to balance their own heart by itself, it would've worked better; but if there was a third heart on the scale, it wouldn't have worked at all.
Alright, that makes sense.

Sheesh, here’s a summary of Suns vs. Mavericks:

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: May 15, 2022, 08:02:40 PM »
Apple is reportedly testing iPhones with USB-C

This would be great because I'm on a personal three-year upgrade cycle and 2023 is my next upgrade year.

2022 if Apple embraced USB-C for iPhones seven years ago:

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