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The Marvel Cinematic Universe: so utterly incapable of creating a good villain that Disney went out & bought Fox's instead of hiring competent writers.
There’s no guarantee that the villains Marvel get back in the deal will be any better written.

TalkBack / Re: Rocket League Heading to Stores Jan. 16
« on: December 14, 2017, 06:36:56 AM »
That said, this is good for collectors who want to have a physical copy for any game on a system, or those who are trying to limit digital purchases given how little storage space there is on the Switch.
/raises hand

My friend is in your camp. He specifically wanted Rocket League digital. Until storage becomes so insanely large and affordable, I want physical copies. I already have a lot of Switch games. I don’t want to run into a situation in which I ever have to swap SD cards. That isn’t the same as swapping cartridges. If the idea is to have all my games with me all the time, there’s no compromise. For this very reason, I’m thoroughly disappointed Bayonetta 1 is, so far, digital only in the West and that Resident Evil Revelations 2 was the digital copy.

Anyway, physical copy of Rocket League was exactly what I was waiting for and I’m excited to pre-order it on Amazon.

TalkBack / Re: Switch Sales Top 10 Million Worldwide
« on: December 12, 2017, 04:02:16 PM »
Impressive, but it'll be interesting to see if Nintendo can keep this pace up considering they pretty much just used up most of their internal studios for probably the next 1-1.5 years. The next year or so really comes down to the 3rd party support, probably with the occasional remaster and MAYBE Prime 4.
If anything, Switch will probably perform better in 2018. Those early months can really make or break a console. Nintendo hit hard and fast, ensuring Switch had a steady stream of first party games until major third party games came out toward the end of 2017. Nice that it finally figured that out. Next year, consumers have the entire library to select from in addition to new releases. There’s nothing like getting brand new mainline Zelda and Mario games within nearly six months of each other. Then again, Nintendo doesn’t need that. Keep building on the foundation that’s already there including but not limited to, you know, launching Virtual Console for Switch.

I’d buy most if not all Nintendo published remasters so I can finally put my Wii U away. I’m hoping for Super Smash Bros. in March or April.

I like but am awful at fighting games. I may buy this out of principle. It’s a damn fine collection.

Ah yes...the "it gets good after X Hours" defense. Sorry, but I dumped over 50 hours into this game already & finished what this game claims to be its main story.
I think it’s a fair defense to a point. For example, I typically need 10 to 15 hours to get invested in JRPGs which is usually why I end up putting them aside. That’s a lot of time for someone who has inconsistent gaming habits. If a game pulls me in right away, I’m constantly thinking about returning to it.

That said, I’d say you definitely put enough time into Breath of the Wild to make a fair assessment on it. There’s nothing wrong with disliking something other people like. This kind of debate is kind of a trap anyway. If you don’t play it enough, you get called out for not playing enough. If you finish it, you get called out for continuing to play something you didn’t like. I know because this literally happened when I said I didn’t like Skyward Sword. Do you, broodwars.

Do you have a Wii U Pro Controller? Bayonetta 1 and 2 played pretty great on it. Can’t blame you if you passed on it.

Japan is getting a physical release of Bayonetta 1 in a kickass bundle. 😒

I generally agree with your opinion that profanity liberally tossed around is not humor, and can sometimes soil humor.  But given that Wade was pretty crass prior to becoming Deadpool and then basically becomes an unhinged lunatic, I don't see how it isn't a natural fit in this instance.
I don’t know if I’m just not explaining myself well enough. I don’t have any inherent issues with something, particularly Deadpool, being crass and vulgar. He shoots a guy and says, “Cumshot!” which I think works for the character. There comes a point where there’s so much of it that it feels forced as if the writers or Ryan Reynolds heaped on more profanity because they could, and it became distracting to me. I didn’t think it played well on screen, and I really don’t mean to argue or try to convince anyone otherwise. I mean, I laughed at first, but then it kept going and I didn’t think it was funny anymore. It took away from the moments when profanity and crassness does work. Weasel describing how ugly Wade Wilson looks was a great and legitimately funny exchange albeit mostly improv. Other times, I rolled my eyes and thought, “Cool, you got an R rating. I get it.”

No, I got it. Deadpool is a movie full of clever quips that liberally intermingles a bunch of “fucks” in the dialog because Fox approved an R rating. I just don’t think forced, edgelord profanity is unique or clever. It’s bad writing (in a movie with otherwise decent writing) and a poor attempt at humor (in a movie with great humor when it doesn’t try so hard).

Sorry for further derailing your detailed thread, BlackNMild.

Did we watch the same movie? Deadpool is full of clever quips. It’s just also filled with needless profanity. Deadpool can still be crass and unrefined with better writing.

I’d imagine Deadpool breaking the fourth wall in a PG-13 movie would involve him about to (and struggling not to) do rated R things and acknowledging that he can’t for all the kids watching, maybe a one-off scene wearing a Ned Flanders sweater or something. It’d work for a gag in an Avengers movie. Comedy is difficult. They’d just have to tread a fine line to prevent ruining the joke.


Just a teaser, no release date. Probably 2019.

Bayonetta 1 and 2 bundle are also coming to Switch in February, only Bayonetta 2 is physical. I'm getting really tired of that. Yay Bayonetta. Boo/hiss split physical/digital release. I'd buy them separately if I could get both physical.

Your description of Deadpool is who Deadpool is. There is no level of cleverness that would work around PG-13 as it has to be bloody, vulgar and offensive.
1. As far as the writing, yes, there is. It’d revolve around breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool would know he’s in a PG-13 movie. My description was only referring to dialog. A PG-13 rating would force the writers to be more careful with their writing because it doesn’t seem like they’re disciplined enough to do so themselves. More importantly...
2. I also said “full R is probably the better choice though” so I actually agree with you. Deadpool’s appearance on Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man worked for like an episode so toning him down isn’t impossible however I don’t think it can work for a whole Deadpool led movie. The more important part of the source material is Deadpool being a mercenary (e.g. brutally murdering fools) and surviving all manner of impalements due to his healing factor. To me, that’s the main reason they’d need the hard R to do Deadpool’s character justice, not lazy edgelord writing like “****! ****! **** ****!” which is an actual line from the movie that just didn’t do it for me. I’m not saying cut out all cursing, just be better about it. When Deadpool said, “Who fucking cares?” before killing Ajax, that works. They can write coarse language into the script without it coming off as “Hooray, we have an R rating! ****, ****, ****, ****, fuckity-****, your mother is a whore, ****.” I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

The conundrum with PG-13 Deadpool is that the humor would probably benefit by being more clever to get around the ratings board, but the action would suffer. Deadpool isn’t slicing a dude’s head off and kicking said head into another dude’s face. I’m not opposed to coarse language though I found it distracting in Deadpool. It felt like the writers were trying sooooo hard to be vulgar, similar to a 11 year old edgelord on Xbox Live who discovered the word “****,” various racial slurs, and has apparently had sex with everyone’s mom. If they cut the blood, they may be able to get away with the sheer amount of dismembering appropriate for a character like Deadpool. I think going full R is probably the better choice though.

Anyway, I read an article about a month ago that the entire reason Fox is even entertaining this sale is so they have the money to go after Time Warner should the AT&T deal fall through. This would give Fox a hold of CNN. I’ll hold back from going into more detail about why that potentially bad news bears for the sake of avoiding politics. I will say, if that’s true, I don’t think getting Dr. Doom into the MCU is worth it.

As far as Hulk’s rights, I believe Universal merely has right-to-first-refusal in terms of distribution. Marvel can include Hulk in team ups like The Avengers or Thor: Ragnarok (since they aren’t “Hulk” movies) without stepping on any toes. It can even produce a new “solo” Hulk film; Universal just gets dibs on distributing. With how much money Marvel movies rake in, no way Universal turns that down. I doubt that has anything to do with why we haven’t seen a solo Hulk film in almost a decade. It seems more like Marvel just didn’t want to make it.

I can see Marvel “trading” IPs it’d receive from Fox for full rights to Spider-Man. Then, it can shut down Sony’s awful plans for a non-MCU Spider-verse.

No way Marvel wouldn’t reboot X-Men. It can probably get away with including Deadpool in the MCU and passing off the really minor connections to the X-Men movies as breaking the fourth wall. Semi-related: I really hope whomever is in charge keeps the title “Untitled Deadpool Sequel.” And if this deal goes through, there definitely needs to be a joke about how Cable sounds just like Thanos assuming there isn’t one already.

I can at least see the decision behind the Koopa Races. I’m not a fan of timed trials, but I get that other people are.

There are two types of goals I can’t get behind: trace walking and sheep herding. Why are these things the game? They’re forgivable sins in a game that gets almost everything else right.

I actually retried a Koopa Race several times to perfect a shortcut. The elated feeling I had from succeeding didn’t make up for how infuriating the numerous prior failures were so I’m probably going to skip the Master Cups from now on.

Also, the stores sell you unlimited Power Moons. There are like ~880 Power Moons to collect (only one Power Moon has to be bought per kingdom to check it off the collectible list though I’ve unlocked but haven’t been to Dark Side of the Moon or Darker Side so I’m not sure if they have stores) and the counter caps at 999. So after that ~880, you can pad your Power Moon count to 999. I spent 2500 coins worth of Power Moons before I looked this up. That’s some bullshit Nintendo should have done a better job of communicating. It’s just going to take a little longer to get like one or two outfits. Had I known, I wouldn’t have wasted all those coins. Boo/hiss
Seriously, **** that last Bear Bounding race.
Yes. This is true.

I just cancelled my pre-order. I can’t justify spending $60 on this game when I haven’t finished most games I purchased on Switch. I’ve had Axiom Verge for over a week and I haven’t put the card in my console. I did manage to snag a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pro Controller so my brother and I can finally play Fire Emblem Warriors together as it was meant to be played.

I’ve yet to unwrap Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U which I found in a Target bargain bin for $30 either last year or the year before (they all blend together because I’m old). I still want Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and I’m hoping to catch it on sale down the road.

I wish there was a little more to Mushroom Kingdom too though it was still fun.

Unrelated: i didn’t die enough to drastically reduce my coins. I usually could pick some up after dying. I had over 7000 coins at the end of the game, bought many of the hats and outfits available post final boss yet I still have like 10 more to buy. Yikes. That’s going to take a while.
That even goes for the races, where I normally hate time trials in games.
I’m not a fan of time trials either. I’ve been mostly avoiding the races though I tried the ones in Mushroom Kingdom which were actually pretty easy due to the abundance of Rocket Flowers. I feel like most of these would simply make me incredibly angry.

I completed the main story last night. The final boss was pretty great with a nice bit of fan service being able to capture Bowser and bulldoze through the escape. He’s so unbelievably overpowered that it seems strange that Mario ever defeats him. I don’t want to think too hard about this.

A lot of the end game was spoiled for me from just being on the internet so I was aware that like half the total Power Moons “unlock” upon defeating Bowser. The game itself “spoils” Mushroom Kingdom through a portrait warp in a main story kingdom which was not spoiled for me otherwise. Not a huge deal though it would have been better as a complete surprise to players.

I have over 600 Power Moons. I’m trying to decide whether to go back and collect more or start a new game. I haven’t touched Axiom Verge since it arrived last Tuesday.

Does Game of the Year really matter?

It’s a nice marketing buzzword, every company would take it. For Nintendo, I’m sure, more than anything, they’re glad Zelda and Mario worked out so well for Switch, and it has a template for launching consoles in the future. Overwhelming people with great content is critical in the first year. The bar has been set pretty high though.

Personally, I think Breath of the Wild is the better game even though Super Mario Odyssey has kept me far more engaged and ready to return to its world. Since progression is much more quantifiable in Odyssey, it’s easier for me and my gaming habits to stick with it. I can play for an hour and feel like I accomplished a lot whereas I need hours to feel that way in Breath of the Wild. I don’t always have several consecutive hours to devote to gaming, often because I’m busy begrudgingly dealing with real responsibilities and sometimes because I don’t have it in me at the moment.

It should be noted that I felt Zelda is far greater need of a change and that is playing a major role in my opinion of it. No other game has filled me the same sense of wonder which can’t be understated. I don’t want to take anything away from Odyssey as there’s still plenty of wonder. Even though I would have been happy with a mere sequel, I’ll gladly take the most refined 3D Mario I’ve ever played.

and when is the last time a Zelda game only had four dungeons anyway?
Majora’s Mask? I suppose the lead up to each actual dungeon were like mini-dungeons. Still, Majora’s Mask only had one really good dungeon and even then, it was saddled with the weird requirement of having to go outside to flip it.

Most Shrines were isolated puzzle rooms. I didn’t mind the idea behind them besides the motion control ones. They mostly made sense as far as warp points even if some were very close together. I would have gladly traded 1/4 to 1/3 of them for four genuine, traditional style dungeons. Maybe with the requirement of having to clear several Shrines to gain access to the dungeon.

Ultimately, the Shrines weren’t a failed experiment. For the world Nintendo created for Breath of the Wild, they made sense. The open-world is a good foundation to build from so I expect the next Zelda to address and improve it.

Yeah, that’s a silly complaint. For most of the Power Moons you can physically see, you still have to figure out how to get there.

Additionally, there are Power Moons that are so difficult I start questioning my existence. I think there’s a good balance.

I’m just about finished the Luncheon Kingdom (currently my least favorite, Cloud Kingdom notwithstanding since it really isn’t one). My approach to Super Mario Odyssey is basically to run though each stage without a set strategy to see what I can do on my own. I can usually find most if not all purple coins (maybe like 3 or 4 stragglers) through aimless wandering and way more Power Moons than are needed to proceed. Once I feel like I’ve explored and run around enough, I’ll look up hints to get the rest. Some of the Talkatoo hints are useless, but that’s what the internet is for.

I used the Talkatoo glitch to get the Jump Rope Genius Power Moon (notably before Nintendo patches it) because **** that noise. I was able to complete Jump Rope Hero without the glitch, but 100 jumps is asinine. The glitch is a bit tough to pull off though I still probably spent less time getting it right than I would have practicing the jumps. I only skipped two Power Moons: the second Beach Volleyball one and the second Bounding Race one. I got to like 56 volleys in the former, and I just didn’t try the second race. I’ll circle back later and get those. I’ve read the second volleyball Power Moon is easier in two player mode, leaving Mario off the court and using Cappie.

I’ve read criticisms that Super Mario Odyssey is full of padding. I don’t really see it that way. A lot of the “padding” Power Moons are on the way to more interesting ones. I think the purpose of those moons is to encourage players to look everywhere beyond just how graphically gorgeous the game is. Still, some are weirdly obtuse in which you have to ground pound an area without any real indication that you should. The vast majority of Power Moons are given explicitly laid out goals.

I appreciate the attention to detail in the game. Mario shivers in the cold. He stops shivering once you equip the Snow Suit and Snow Hood. It doesn’t add anything to the gameplay. If anything, it shows how much the developers cared when making the game. Those little touches that may go completely unnoticed or under-appreciated collectively add to Super Mario Odyssey’s overall personality.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:28:38 PM »
WB is officially not happy

Also, I saw Thor: Ragnarok on Sunday. It was good though I still have not seen Dark World. I didn’t feel like I was missing much except I thought Heimdall may have died in that movie because I forgot he was in Avengers: Age of Ultron which my phone just autocorrected to “Austrian.”

Ragnarok’s plot is a little strange in that it relies on massive coincidences to work though I suppose the same can be said of other comic book movies. Hela would have won easily if Thor and Loki didn’t happen to both end up on the same exact distant planet both Hulk and the last Valkyrie were.

Anyway, Hela was a good villain though I’m not convinced she’s as disposable as other Marvel villains so I expect to see her again. I’m not sure why she kept switching between regular hair to impractical battle helmet.

I was disappointed Sif was absent, but if she was just going to get murder-death-killed, I’m glad she was written out so she can make future appearances.

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