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I was never opposed to the idea of a hybrid. I thought that was where Nintendo was headed eventually, just not for another generation or two. I remained skeptical because I didn't think the technology was where it needed to be to do so correctly, and the verdict is out of that one. What do you sacrifice in order to launch this in the near future? The expectation is a single device acting as the best of both worlds; the reality is a single device that's mediocre at two things.

As someone who merely tolerates handheld gaming just to play those games, a hybrids more or less works for my habits. I get to play all those games on a TV. At the same time, a shared library did the same thing. If NX ultimately ends up being only a portable that can plug into a dock with no dedicated console, I don't see that as "a brand new concept." The Razer Edge Pro was basically that. It's easy to point out that the Razer Edge Pro failed, but that's not the mark against it. I believe Nintendo could take that concept much further. However, I don't believe the concept is different enough.

I'm in the camp that thinks Nintendo has to offer something different, and if it ever hopes of taking back significant market share it eventually has to knock out either Sony or Microsoft (probably Microsoft). Nintendo can't do that by offering the same thing because there's no real reason why anyone would just drop an entire ecosystem all their friends are part of. Being the platform that ends up in more homes by virtue of second-console status is the path of least resistance. Nintendo takes back market share without taking on Sony and Microsoft. I think that was always the plan, but Nintendo just couldn't figure out how to crack it in a sustainable manner (Wii was lightning in a bottle). Nintendo doesn't care about being first. I mean, it'll take being first, but it mainly cares about profits.

What's that have to do with this latest NX rumor? Well, if the SemiAccurate rumor from May also proves true, Nvidia gave up the farm to get Nintendo's business. That means Nintendo gets better performance for a lower price which could mean higher profit margins... just not on hardware. If Nintendo is smart, it will pass those savings onto consumers in order put NX in homes with the intent to sell more software with a larger install base.

The problem is that the best portable hardware is still low-end hardware which ultimately means alienating an entire segment of the market as well as most Western third parties. This is where I think a shared library would benefit Nintendo. It wouldn't launch high-end hardware because that would price the console out of its primary audience. However, if Nintendo has a product for that audience (e.g. an NX portable-hybrid), it can finally launch an enthusiast console without fear that the software won't also sell. Yeah, the dedicated console would undoubtedly sell worse than the portable-hybrid, but that's not the point of launching it.

One or the other is not different enough. Together, Nintendo might have something.

AMD has been working on ARM to enter that race, but it's no where near where Nvidia is currently. This current rumor lines up with the SemiAccurate rumor in May. The important bits were:

1. Nvidia downplayed profit margins from consoles, but it was butthurt by losing console contracts from Sony and Microsoft to AMD.
2. Considering Nvidia was looking to sell rather than Nintendo looking to buy, it's believed Nintendo made off very well in that deal. SemiAccurate was told that Nvidia promised software, support, and the kitchen sink at a very low cost just to get Nintendo's business.
3. Neither generation nor process node were discussed.
4. Home console was not discussed.

That looks like a great deal for Nintendo because that's exactly what Nintendo goes for. Was this rumor tailored to fit Nintendo? Is the current rumor parroting parts of the SeniAcurrate rumor in an attempt to seem more legitimate?

At this point, I'm generally not willing to trust any outlet until Nintendo officially announces something, not even merely comments. Even then, that gets hazy (e.g. Zelda Wii U in 2015). I'm too lazy to dig up old posts, but there was tons of evidence to support Nintendo not going this route (which still may come to pass). Iwata said NX wasn't a hybrid, but Nintendo as a whole is notorious for playing with semantics to just not understanding it at all. For example, Yoshio Sakamoto once said Metroid: Other M is "more than just a collaborative effort — it's one group working toward a common goal." So, you know, a collaborative effort..............

The part I'm skeptical of most is Nvidia's involvement. The first time Nvidia was even rumored was a couple months ago while AMD has been heavily linked to NX since late 2014. That doesn't mean I'm dismissing Nvidia outright. However, I remain skeptical. I'm siding with AMD until given more than just Eurogamer to base this on. I generally trust Eurogamer; it's just that every outlet seems to be using Eurogamer as the source for this.

I still expect a full-blown dedicated console even if the handheld launches first and is Nintendo's main focus. One may ask why even bother releasing the dedicated console if the handheld can connect to a TV, and the answer is simple: native 1080p. There's a market for that. This strategy allows Nintendo to pitch products to high and low end users.

And sure, the handheld can be ARM while the console can be x86, but not if they're meant to play the same games.

I doubt this is the entirety of what NX is.

Not ready to believe this as is. I'm still of the belief that NX isn't a simple hybrid, and that there's a console component to it that isn't the docking station. On at least two occasions, AMD practically outed Nintendo as a partner on one of three semi-conductor wins (Project Scorpio was recently revealed as one).

I think there's a place for a handheld that connects to a TV even alongside a full-blown console particularly if they play the same games. I'm skeptical of the detachable controller though. It sounds great on paper, but the reality of it is that the pieces can be left behind, lost, or more easily broken. Detachable controllers complicate the least complicated gaming hardware by adding parts to a self-contained unit.

1. Tom Holland doesn't look 15 years old.

2. I like the new logos.

3. I still don't like Spider-Man Homecoming's logo.

4. I'm glad Marvel finally announced who is playing Captain Marvel. It's my most anticipated Phase Three movie.

5. I was not excited for Luke Cage at all. I felt the same way about Jessica Jones which was only okay though it didn't change my mind about the Luke Cage character or show. The Luke Cage trailer did. That Ol' Dirty Bastard song was perfect.

6. Shame about Most Wanted not getting picked up. Lance Hunter and Mockingbird were two of the best parts of Agents of SHIELD so I thought the premise had potential.

7. Goodness, Agents of SHIELD is painful to watch. What the hell happened? Season Two ended with so much promise.

8. I wonder if Agents of SHIELD's questionable quality had anything to do with Inhumans getting postponed.

9. I'm going to need Marvel Studios to get started on a Daredevil movie.

10. I wonder if Marvel Studios is still holding out hope of bringing Fantastic Four and X-Men home before the end of Phase Three.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Official NX Game Announcements
« on: July 23, 2016, 08:38:39 AM »
Sure, I expect Sonic Mania on NX for reasons already stated. It just seems odd for Sega to announce one for NX without the other. Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and Pagoda West may not get development kits in advance, but Sega is the publisher. It knows which platforms it wants to release Sonic Mania. I'd suggest maybe Nintendo asked Sega not to mention NX except Sega announced Project Sonic 2017 for NX so the whole thing is just confusing to me.

One thing I think would be cool is if NX is the only platform that gets a physical release... on a cartridge and the special edition is packaged in a Genesis-inspired box.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Official NX Game Announcements
« on: July 22, 2016, 11:48:48 PM »
That Project Sonic 2017 trailer is like the opposite of the also just announced (but not for NX) Sonic Mania which incidentally is like the game Sonic the Hedgehog 4 should have been.
I'm not a huge Sonic fan (like the character more than the games), but the tone of Project Sonic 2017 rubs me the wrong way. It seems too serious.

In any case, I'm going to buy an entirely new console to play a game available on a console I already own because my life doesn't make sense.

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Releasing Classic NES This November
« on: July 19, 2016, 06:23:49 PM »
As expected, it''s missing a few games namely Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II, and Tetris for me. Now that the initial excitement has settled, I'd probably buy this as a collector's item rather than something I'd actually use.

Nintendo would never do this, but it'd be neat-o if Nintendo let you choose 30 games out of a selection of like 50 or so. The personalized nature of it would undoubtedly drive the price up. $60 is a good price for what you get comparatively to Virtual Console downloads though it's still pretty high for what it is. I'd gladly pay $60 had I been given the choice of titles. It isn't a realistic expectation though.

The thinking behind ideas like a heart rate monitor is just so damn crazy.  How many people in the world are going to be swayed into buying a console for something like that?  Is it even 10?  It's just such a minor feature.
Is there any reason to believe that would be the major selling point of NX and not, you know, just an extra thing it has?
If you can put in heart rate nonsense essentially for free without impacting anything else, go for it.
I like how we don't even know what it is, if it's even implemented into the hardware, or how it relates to games and you're already calling it nonsense. Fine.
The Gamepad vs. weaker specs and all the flaws that come with it.
This literally did not happen. It was Gamepad vs. nothing. Nintendo raised the price to accommodate the Gamepad. We wouldn't have gotten $80 worth of better hardware. Nintendo would have sold a $250 box which may or may not have helped it sell better. Considering Wii U's greatest sin was its lack of software, a lower price tag would have helped it sell better but still not well.

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Releasing Classic NES This November
« on: July 14, 2016, 12:38:00 PM »

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Advice before playing Skyward Sword
« on: July 14, 2016, 12:29:07 PM »
I want to say, "Don't," but in the interest of discussion, get past the really boring intro where Nintendo insists on telling you how to do every little thing. You probably only need to get through the first dungeon to see if you can stomach the motion controls. I finished the game mainly out of principle. I bought the version bundled with the gold Wii Remote so I wanted to get the most out of the game. I kept hoping Skyward Sword would get better, and it didn't. You may like it though so give it a chance.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« on: July 10, 2016, 06:25:58 PM »
Season three of Agents of Shield is not very good which is a shame because season two was pretty good. It feels so weirdly disconnected from the films, more so than the Netflix shows because the team goes global and they never to run into any Avengers ever. I'm having trouble getting through the season. I think I have like seven episodes left. Like The Walking Dead, it's like I'm just hate watching it now.

I finally beat Paper Mario after putting it down for the past three months after moving. It still holds up after 15 years. I'm eager to start The Thousand Year Door, but I'm going to hold off for a bit. I'll probably finish Twilight Princess HD before tackling more of my backlog.

I admittedly abused the "create restore point" feature. It really helped when slogging through Dry Dry Desert and repeatedly fighting Amazee Dayzees to grind for experience which is pretty much the only way to do so since the game greatly discourages it through the leveling up system (e.g. regular enemies stop giving you experience once you hit a certain level).

The item system is, unfortunately, total bullshit. When I played the game on N64, I remember not having many of my best items by the end of the game because Mario can only carry 10 at a time and there's no store close to the end to claim items. I still remembered that after all these years so I was better prepared this time. Of course, I also was fully leveled up this time and had better badges which let me skip most of the enemy encounters in the final chapter so I was able to preserve many of my good items for Bowser. Sorry, [soplier]Bowser is the final boss[/soplier].

Overall, Paper Mario is just a very charming game that probably didn't get the praise or attention it deserved as an end of generation release. It's so good that it makes me detest Sticker Star even more and leaves me feeling a little empty about Color Splash.


This is the best thing I've seen today. Thank you.

Despite not finishing Paper Mario, I started Twilight Princess last night. It took me a little over two and a half hours to get to the first dungeon. That was painful. If I remember correctly, the best part of the game is right after the first dungeon to right before Snowpeak Ruins. I forgot how dour the game is. Despite Midna's general levity, everything is so excessively gloomy. Nintendo did a complete about face from The Wind Waker. "Oh, you thought the last game was too colorful. Check out how dark and gritty we can be."

I don't remember Epona and Wolf Link being so unwieldy. The controls just feel so weird. Based on these early impressions, I think I'll always like but not love Twilight Princess. It reminds me of why I wanted the series to go in a different direction and why I welcome Breath of the Wild. Twilight Princess stalls a lot in the beginning; there's so much waiting. It doesn't trust players with even basic game mechanics. If anything, I think that's its greatest sin. Yes, even more than its insistence to latch onto series tropes such as keeping Ganondorf (or a Ganondorf-like character the main villain) even when the game would be fine or even work better without ramming him in players' faces. A Twilight possessed Zelda could have easily been the final boss. The last true Zelda game was A Link Between Worlds, and it did the same exact thing in addition to shitting all over series lore (why you don't just use the Lorule equivalent of the Master Sword is beyond me). Hilda could and should have been the final boss thematically and narratively. A Link Between Worlds is a fantastic game otherwise.

What's encouraging about Breath of the Wild so far is that it seems to be taking the best part of A Link Between Worlds and trying the fulfill the promise of the original Legend of Zelda. You're given complete freedom to explore even at your own peril. Stray too far into an area you're not ready to be in, and the game gets harder rather than artificially preventing you from going there. Sure, the main villain is this "Calamity Ganon." However, I'm hoping that he's defeated mid-way through the game. What better way to throw long-time series fans for a loop than to say "Ganon is the villain. Just kidding, now you really don't know what's going to happen. Good luck."

But I digress. To me, Twilight Princess tried too hard to be Ocarina of Time when what I wanted was for it to be more like The Wind Waker which at least had the illusion of freedom. It also was lighthearted yet serious when it had to be. Twilight Princess has been a Debbie Downer from the beginning. I just want to give it a hug. From what little I saw of Breath of the Wild, there's a sadness to the world but that sadness doesn't permeate the tone of the world if that makes sense. The world seems like it's in ruins. The game doesn't dwell on the fact; it encourages you to find out why. Twilight Princess didn't get that. It feels like the moody, emo teenager of the series.

General Gaming / Re: What are you playing?
« on: June 23, 2016, 07:24:42 PM »
I have a Bloodstained demo code that I'll probably give to my brother since I have a six year old Macbook and it wouldn't be powerful enough to run the demo.

I'm also okay with broodwars' description. We haven't had an IGA Castlevania in almost a decade. If Bloodstained sticks close to the formula, that's pretty much all I wanted and the entire reason I pledged to the campaign. I wish there was an NX version with a way to transfer my Kickstarter bonuses.

I doubt they'll bother with the "reboot with explanation", when like you and others have noted, they don't really care about making things work perfectly, because the timeline is a mess and the loose coupling is good enough.  So they might come up with a new story, that "reboots" things, but I wouldn't expect them to tie it back into the existing timeline(s).
The fact that Nintendo even bothered to retroactively install a timeline is the entire reason I think it'll try to explain a reboot (if that comes to pass). Nintendo didn't do a good job of creating the timeline, and it may not do a good job of explaining a reboot, but I think it'll try.
At least that's what I would do if I was in their shoes.  I think the fans would be fine with it too if you just told them "hey, this has no connections to past stories" (or maybe I'm wrong and imagination is dead ;) )
Depends on the fan. Demand of a timeline was so great that Nintendo finally relented. No timeline or "same legend retold" theory were easier explanations, but fans insisted on an actual timeline so here we are.

The Zelda timeline doesn't matter to me because it's obvious that Nintendo didn't plan one, and by the time it bothered to put the games in a continuity, Zelda's canon was just a jumbled mess. The plots of Zelda games have never been that engaging either (or don't make sense like Skyward Sword) so I'm fine with ignoring them.

My hope for Breath of the Wild (based on the bits of Treehouse Live I've seen) is that it's a soft-reboot of the series. So everything that happened happened, but through some plot device, it's essentially starting over (similar to Star Trek or X-Men: Days of Future Past). Maybe the plot involves converging the timelines into one then moving forward, Nintendo just follows this continuity and it actually maps out a coherent storyline from here on out.

NX. I won't act like I'm not buying one at launch.

General Gaming / Re: E3 2016
« on: June 13, 2016, 08:25:36 PM »
The Resident Evil VII trailer did nothing for me. I still want to see more of it.

God of War doesn't do anything for me either. Kratos got his revenge. How is there more story? I would've preferred a full reboot if Sony was going to bother at all.

I'm not understanding what's so new about the new Xbox One controllers. I read about new control sticks and the customization stuff. I guess that's cool. I still don't know why Microsoft wants to make its consoles annoying to clean. What's with all the indentations in the S model?

Gritty reboot. Link dies in the first hour. Zelda goes on path of vengeance, doesn't use weapons or items just her bare hands. Amiibo required for true ending. March 2017.

TalkBack / Re: Yooka-Laylee Now Releasing In Early 2017: New Trailer
« on: June 07, 2016, 07:47:16 PM »
Looks good. I'm still not fond of Laylee's design. I think it's the nose.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: E3 2016 thread. Predictions. News
« on: June 06, 2016, 09:17:12 PM »
I've resigned myself to buying Nintendo hardware. I know I'm going to so no need to pretend I won't.

I'm looking forward to more Zelda news. I expect Nintendo to sneak some NX news into the show. Not a lot, just enough to get people talking.

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