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At this point I seriously question why they even bothered to go to E3.
Nintendo probably bought the space before NX was moved to 2017.

Kimishima admitted that NX is launching next year so more games will be ready. Good. I'll gladly take a delay if it means there won't be a repeat of Wii U's ass cancer of a first year. Unfortunately, that leaves an NX shaped hole in Nintendo's E3 floor. Still, will it matter? EA, Activision, and Disney are all ditching E3 this year. Granted, I care about Nintendo's output a lot more. And I have always loved E3 season, but I've been spoiled by the Nintendo Directs. With social media and all the other ways to reach fans, huge press only events like E3 are getting harder to justify.

Apologies for being blunt. I just think remaking a game just to change item switching and wall-jumping (a precision-based move that demands mastery of the mechanic) is kind of silly.
Perhaps, though saying it's just to change item switching and wall-jumping is reductive. I'd argue that those things would make an already excellent game even better (excellenter?), something Nintendo has done quite successfully in the past such as the aforementioned Ocarina of Time 3D. I mean, Wind Waker HD only changed item switching and sailing (a precision-based move that demands mastery of the wind mechanic). I'm joking, of course. Obviously, there were other changes, point being, you can downplay anything if you try hard enough.

I'm under the impression that Metroid has been dormant for the better part of a decade because Nintendo didn't know what to do with the series though it still cares about how Metroid is handled. If Nintendo is looking for a team to "inherit" Metroid or so to speak, giving that team an intimate look at and the opportunity to rebuild one of the best and most influential games of all time isn't a bad move. I'm sure there's brilliance in Super Metroid that one would only really see and appreciate on the development side. Of course, that isn't the only way. If Nintendo had the utmost confidence in a team to make a new Metroid, **** it, let's see what they can do.
If it uses some form of "cartridge" then it will likely be some kind of game card similar to the 3DS. To my knowledge, even the largest sizes on 3DS are still just a few bucks each to manufacture, which is far less than with N64 cartridges which could cost up to $20 for a lot less space than these game cards can provide.
I'll have to do some digging, but I read a really great post on NeoGaf a while back about how the smaller size of the game cases as well as further trimming the packaging would help offset the higher cost of cartridges.

There are also other ways Nintendo could further bridge the gap between cartridges and optical media such as lowering licensing fees and incentives for meeting sales goals.

I'm aware they did, but I don't think a company (or them) needs to. Just my opinion, man.
Understood. I was only pointing out that it worked before. If Nintendo is being cautious (and it usually is), testing a small, third party development team with an arguably easy remake before handing them the keys to the entire IP isn't a bad plan. I'd certainly take a remake that rectifies Super Metroid's weird choices then a remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus that actually makes it a good game. By then, we'd definitely have a developer who "gets it." I mean, if that team can skip those steps, also awesome.

I don't think someone would need to start that small, but that's just me.
Grezzo did.
I think remaking Super is a dumb idea. What needs updating? Nothing.
It was just a suggestion. You can disagree without flat-out calling it dumb, but sure. I'd update the item-switching. To each his own.

I don't think that game needs to be remade. How about a remake of Metroid II instead? That one desperately needs it.
That's exactly why I think it should be Super Metroid. Grezzo got its feet wet with Zelda by mostly redoing textures and the inventory system in Ocarina of Time. Super Metroid's visuals mostly hold up. Like I said, the game is just about perfect. The only thing I'd change is the somewhat clunky item-switching. A graphics update would be expected if Nintendo is going to go back to the game at all.

For a Metroid II: Return of Samus remake, I'd rather see a Metroid: Zero Mission-esque overhaul in which the team just started over. The game hasn't aged well; it's really not that good. Hand the keys over once they handle updating a much better game.

I think it would be best for Nintendo to find Metroid's equivalent to Grezzo. Nintendo trusts Grezzo with Zelda who in turn do an admirable job. For a 2D Metroid, there are any number of companies that would jump at the chance at working on the series. Super Metroid's influence is found in dozens of games over 20 years later. The trick is finding the right team. I think Super Metroid is just about perfect, but in the interest of following Grezzo's path, maybe a remake of Super Metroid would be a good test to see if a team has what it takes to inherit the 2D games.

The Punisher gets his own series on Netflix!!!
It’s official: The Punisher is getting his own TV series.

EW has learned that Marvel has ordered a spin-off starring the viglante character introduced in Daredevil season 2.

Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as vengeful military veteran Frank Castle, who brings his own lethal form of justice to Hell’s Kitchen.

Writer and executive producer Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal, Casualty) will serve as showrunner.
*fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*

That seems backwards to me. If you want a broader group of people to buy your console, you need a diverse lineup (or at least the promise of one) first. When you devote a lot of internal resources to putting out New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze within the first 1.5 years of your console's life, you're catering to the same audience over and over again. I'm not trying to say that Metroid should be a priority over New Super Mario Bros. U. It's blatantly clear which one of those should come first. I'm saying Metroid (or something like it) should be a priority over an expansion to NSMBU, or another 2D platformer from one of your best studios, even if these two things outsell Metroid on a software basis.
New Super Luigi U isn't a good example considering it was made by a small team in under a year using another game's engine. It wasn't taking up too many resources, and Wii U's big problem at the time was lack of any content. I thought it was pretty obvious why Nintendo fast-tracked that game. It needed something out to release. Had Nintendo forced the game onto Retro Studios or something, I could see where you're coming from.

Additionally, I'm not sure why you're bringing up Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This entire arm of the discussion was started from a rumor that Retro Studios isn't working on either Metroid or Donkey Kong. If true, I think that's a great thing as it shouldn't be working on either IP. As a Metroid fan, I'd be excited if Retro Studios was working on Metroid again, but I can, at the same time, state that Metroid is not the kind of game Nintendo needs right now, particularly from one of its best teams. Metroid wouldn't be a waste of Retro Studios' talent. Rather, it could be a potential missed opportunity to strike gold. We all know what to expect from Metroid. Despite Nintendo's best efforts, Metroid isn't a heavy hitter for the company, and it wouldn't bring anyone new to NX which is the opposite of what Nintendo should be prioritizing. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon would largely take care of the Nintendo crowd at or around launch. Unless Retro Studios is working on one of those three, it should be working on something new to diversify the lineup and hopefully draw people to NX.

There is some discussion on whether or not sales are a good indicator of whether or not a company should make a game.
Ladies and gentleman, here's an example of how to completely misconstrue someone's point.

I'm going to stop you right there, Perm. Let's go back to what I specifically said.
Software sales are a good indicator of whether a company should prioritize a specific series or type of game.
Making something and prioritizing it are entirely different things. The former is about that thing's existence, the latter is about when that thing should exist. A niche game with a small but loud fanbase has no business being a priority, especially for a company like Nintendo that is coming off its weakest home console. Metroid can't carry a holiday season, doesn't sell, and generally doesn't appeal to anyone except its own fanbase. It isn't the kind of series Nintendo should try to sell a console with. Metroid isn't an appetizer; it isn't the first thing people generally eat at a restaurant. And it sure as hell isn't the meal they went out for. If anything, it's the dessert most people can talk themselves into buying after getting their fill. For some, they go out specifically for the dessert, and that's great for them, but they're the outliers.

And again, Metroid is my favorite series. Of course, I'd want a new game. However, what I want and what I think should happen are entirely different things. Metroid isn't going to help Nintendo sell NX in any significant way. I'd rather wait for a new Metroid game if it means Nintendo gets off to a much better start in part because Retro Studios worked on the next Splatoon-esque success instead. Release a new Metroid when NX is rolling. And if it doesn't and Nintendo doubles down on its own fans again, release it then. Launch, near launch, or even the first year is really not the time for it.

There are other priorities. Metroid is a game Nintendo should release when it already has a stellar lineup.
Ehh, that still stands in regards to your response.

Software sales are a good indicator of whether a company should prioritize a specific series or type of game. Metroid is a great supplementary title. However, Nintendo needs something to supplement first. Metroid will always have its dedicated fanbase, but that audience, unfortunately, isn't big enough to be worth catering to first or even second. If Nintendo wants to diversify its lineup, it needs games a broader group of people care about to actually buy its console. Then, it can concern itself with games like Metroid, Bayonetta, Xenoblade etc.

Is there really a "need" for Metroid? The series doesn't sell. Sure, it's nice for all 37 fans, but I'd hardly call it a need. There are other priorities. Metroid is a game Nintendo should release when it already has a stellar lineup.

Yikes. I'd rather Nintendo push NX into 2017 than release a consecutive inept mess of a console, but I doubt Wii U can limp through another holiday season. The focus should be on making sure NX is the best platform it can be, and the cost may be that Nintendo has little to nothing for six to eight months. One would hope Nintendo could get its act together and launch a competent console without its current console dragging itself to the finish line, but here we are. I'm on #TeamMakeItRight. Don't rush new hardware because you think you have to. Make it right so it has a chance to be successful. And hey, a 2017 launch increases the chances of Nintendo going with Polaris which might be worth the wait if its more than just AMD PR hype.

NX skipping E3 is disconcerting though Nintendo will have to unveil the thing at some point in 2016 if it's launching in less than a year. I'm not worried about that so much as Wii U's release schedule being a barren wasteland after Paper Mario: **** RPGs LOL. I suppose there will be some unannounced Wii U and 3DS games at E3, but I'm skeptical of any of them being enough to hold people over through a holiday season and a transition to NX.

I wonder if rumblings of Sony's PS4k/Neo forced Nintendo to reevaluate a 2016 launch, not out of fear but as a golden opportunity to strike during a potential moment of weakness. If Nintendo uses those extra months to load up on decent launch window titles and create a stable operating system and online infrastructure, it could be worth it.

Yeah, so following up on Ian's points, there are already murmurs of developers being non-psyched about the Neo. The leaked reports indicate that every game starting this fall must have a base mode and a Neo mode, and even if performance improvements aren't mandatory for Neo mode, they're likely to have to maintain two testing/patching/certification lines. If the Xbone.5 follows suite, that adds another chain there as well.
This sounds overstated. Developers already do this all the time on PC. Some of them already do this on New 3DS.
if the NX is cheaper and easier to developer for, especially with the shared OS for the eventual handheld which will be huge in Japan, Nintendo's going to have a lot of power when dealing with Japanese third parties in the coming years.
This has been Nintendo's plan on the rumor mill for quite some time now. Leveraging its power in the handheld market and trying to bridge that support to its console is pretty much the only card Nintendo can play. It was never a reasonable expectation for Nintendo to get Western third party support without earning it and/or throwing money at the problem until it goes away for a while. This would be a good first step.

1. Foster the relationships with third parties it already has, most of which are in Japan.
2. Become a viable second console and alternative to PS4/One (this includes launching a competent, easy to use machine).
3. Sell as many units based on that strength.
4. Wait for someone to screw up.

Well, Microsoft already has with that DRM and Kinect fiasco before launch, and there's a chance Sony might. It's saying the right things, but there's always a chance Sony oversteps the limits of consumer acceptability. This is the same company that launched a $600 console, admitted that its goal was for people to think they should "work more hours to buy one," then spent an entire generation rebuilding its tarnished reputation in the gaming community.
Sony is never going to stick with their promise of no NEO only games. This is Sony jumping the shark.
This is where I expect Sony to falter, unfortunately. I really hope it doesn't. That doesn't benefit anyone really. Worst case scenario is this pisses off a large number of people. Best case scenario is Neo is generally ignored by most people, becoming little more than an enthusiast's model like New 3DS.

As someone who bought both a DSi and New 3DS XL, I never cared about the spec bump. At the time I bought them, it made more sense to just get the newer models. This comparison isn't entirely analogous though. First, consoles are far pricier. Second, there are fewer reasons to justify upgrading. I got Nintendo's iterative handheld models so my brother would have one. Who is going to hand-me-down a PS4? I love my brother, but that mofo can buy his own.

Exactly. Nintendo's strength has always been its software from both a creative and financial standpoint. With at least a partial shared library, Nintendo leverages that strength by solidifying its output and creating a scenario in which one piece of hardware (typically console) doesn't have to be marginalized to save another piece of hardware. Ideally, Nintendo can compete in high and low end hardware markets, console being the former, handheld being the latter. It's a great idea that unfortunately took Nintendo well over a decade to figure out.

Doctor Inception teaser was pretty good. I was going to watch it anyway.
Marisa Tomei is going to be Aunt May?! She's too hot for that role!
Or not hot enough...

Marketing will be the most important aspect moving forward with NX.
I'd put price above marketing. Nintendo is going to have a hard time selling NX for anything over $300. If the 14 nm Polaris rumor is true, some people are thinking $400. I could probably convince myself to pay $400 for a Nintendo console, but not the average consumer. I'm part of the dwindling fanbase who buys Nintendo hardware first and asks questions later. I like the first party output, and I don't have time for a lot of games as my backlog illustrates. I've always liked having at least a PlayStation, but I'm finding it harder to justify purchasing more than one console these days.

Oh, who am I kidding. Once the next Xeno title comes out I'll probably buy an NX.
You will join us, or die.

Ha, I just got to that post after slogging through 96 pages of that NeoGaf thread. I'm glad I don't have to summarize it. Thanks, Soren!

NX Gimmick: I expect a screen controller, but I don't think it should be included in the console. I'm not worried about the cost so much as the stigma of launching a new console with a similar hook as Wii U. I suppose if Nintendo pushes it to the background and let's the games speak for themselves. When Nintendo unveiled the GamePad, the presentation was essentially, "FOR ****'S SAKE, LOOK AT THIS CONTROLLER!" Focus on the games and how they interact with Nintendo Network and My Nintendo, and I think that sends a much better message.

What's described by 10k sounds like one of those things that would only work in a perfect world. What's the point of taking the controller out of your house if it's main selling point requires a personal hotspot or WiFi connection? How often will people find themselves in a scenario where that's viable?

Enhanced GamePad streaming sounds good though. It wasn't great when trying to play from a different room or just to get something from my kitchen. My current apartment isn't that large. My new apartment is actually larger (my kitchen and living room are on opposite ends now). Outside of improved streaming, Nintendo should focus on making it smaller and lighter.

Luigi's Mansion 3: I'm somewhat surprised Next Level Games isn't an official Nintendo second party developer.

Custom Polaris-like GPU: FinFet 14 nm is pretty cool if true. Generally, that means better performance per watt (AMD describes it as a "historic leap" from Radeon to Polaris, you can decide if that's just marketing/PR) which is something Nintendo likes. This would be the most aggressive Nintendo has been in adopting modern tech in... probably ever. AMD is moving to 14 nm this year. For context, Wii U's GPU was on a 40 nm node in 2012 when AMD already had 28 nm GPUs for a year. NX having a 14 nm GPU tends to be hotly debated on tech forums. There's a push in that community that Nintendo should go with 14nm process with skepticism that AMD could have it ready for a Q4 2016 NX launch in the yields that Nintendo wants according to that DigiTimes report, or even what the minimum Nintendo would need available.

The part of the rumor that starts describing power is really weird and practically pointless since it has so little context. NX's GPU is "marginally" better than PS4's GPU, theoretically twice as powerful as PS4's GPU, and theoretically close to PS4K. What? Fine. Ultimately, it's more powerful than PS4. This goes along with leaks we've been hearing from Emily Rogers, IndieGamerChick, etc.

So far, we've heard that both CPU and GPU outperform PS4. That's great and all, but put that into context. PS4's CPU was not good in 2013 and the GPU was mid-tier. Is NX three years ahead of PS4? Does it have to be? Is this impressive, or just impressive "for a Nintendo console?" We should all accept the fact that extra power isn't going to help Nintendo that much. If NX even gets multiplatform games, doesn't expect significantly better performance. Like 10k said, it'd be stuff like steadier frame rate and enhanced effects. To the average consumer, they're probably not going to notice.

The idea that AMD pushed Nintendo to adopt a 14 nm process is both encouraging and exciting. This may actually be the result of the rumor that Nintendo is going with AMD for both console and handheld, in which performance per watt is extremely important in the latter. Early adoption drops the price of 14 nm faster. The more business AMD gets, the better. AMD cutting a deal with Nintendo to supply APUs for both console and handheld is the best case scenario for both companies as well as consumers.

Using Vulkan on NX: Nintendo joining the Kronos Group was one of those announcements that flew under the radar last year. The implications of this are rather encouraging. Nintendo is taking an active role in staying modern. Unity, Epic, Valve, and Dice have all contributed to the creation of Vulkan even if none have games that use it (yet?). Simply put, every major engine maker has supported and been involved with Vulkan so Nintendo being a contributing member of the Kronos group that developed Vulkan is only a good thing.

Most Development Kits Won't be Given Out Until NX is Formally Revealed: If porting is as easy as rumors suggest, this probably sounds worse than it actually is.


I don't have much to say about the other stuff. I generally like MercutySteam though Raiders of the Broken Planet isn't particularly my kind of game. Any non-shovelware game Nintendo scores is a good thing. So same goes for Final Fantasy XV. I would personally like remakes of Final Fantasy VI and IX.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 14, 2016, 04:10:13 PM »
Darn, you should have gone to best buy and bought a copy of the dark knight, or one of the other DC movies that came with $8 off your ticket.
I still would have felt like I overpaid.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:09:32 PM »
At least you saw it on a discount tuesday.

I told everyone to just wait for the DVD release... it might not fix the movie, but if you are going to sit through it only once... it might as well be the full version of the movie, so that there are no longer any excuses as to why it turned out the way it did.
I saw a matinee on Saturday morning so I only paid $6.75 for my ticket. I've been angry about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice since, and still feel like I wasted money on it. My brother hasn't seen it and I was going to wait for the rated R extended version, but I was so curious. Mistakes were made.

I'm currently slogging through a very long thread on NeoGaf for any updates on 10k's info. I'm on page 20 of 72. I wish BlackNMild2k1 would take a break from the Marvel thread and post rumors like he used to so I can go back to being lazy while someone else does all the sleuthing for me.

Until I come across any juicy NX details, I'm honestly just waiting for Ian Sane to say the GamePad is expensive again. I should just bookmark my last post so I can copy and paste it later.

Yeah, THAT is what to read out of this.  That I don't want up-to-date specs to raise the price.  Not, you know, the fucking screen controller.  If the controller didn't affect the price then why is the Wii U the price it is?  No price cut, not at a price point that works as a secondary console and yet with outdated specs that in theory should make it easier to lower the price.  I can come to two conclusions - either the Gamepad costs a fair chunk and keeps the price of the console high or Nintendo for some idiotic reason has willingly decided to keep the price high on a console that has failed to sell at the current price point but could perhaps sell better at a lower one like its predecessor was able to.  Nintendo is either handcuffed by the Gamepad or fucking stupid.  Nintendo pretty much saved the 3DS by lowering the price so why would they NOT do it for the Wii U if they could?
Yeah, that is what I'm taking from your post because this has already been addressed many times so spare me your sarcasm. Here's the link to this three year old CNN Money story again. The Gamepad components were estimated at $79.25 in 2013, $24.75 of which was the touchscreen. The rest is basically a wash between the GamePad and DualShock 4 (the latter also has all that motion control stuff you hate). You're kicking up a fuss over less than $25 in 2013 so that cost is actually less now because that's what happens when technology matures. A 480p screen was hardly top of the line even when Wii U launched. If a Gamepad successor included a better screen, that screen would probably be around $25 in 2016.

Nintendo didn't drop the price of Wii U because it wouldn't have had nearly the same impact. It has dominated the handheld market since 1989. Crawling on bloody stumps over hot coals to save 3DS during the handheld's first year was the only logical choice. And do you not remember how badly the 3DS price drop fucked up Nintendo's financials? That fiscal year was Nintendo's first ever full-year loss since going public. To further put that in perspective, Nintendo went public in 1962. That collective clusterfuck was so bad Satoru Iwata took a 67% pay cut.
I'm totally on board with it as an optional feature and I think using the handheld would be the best approach (it would be more adopted than selling a separate Gamepad).  But I think bundling it in is a stupid idea, unless by magic it does not affect the price.
Here's the thing: I actually agree with the first part. I've been saying for quite some time that while there should absolutely be a version of the GamePad on NX, it should be optional. The GamePad can be packaged with games that largely require it like a follow-up to Super Mario Maker with the understanding that both game and controller are also sold separately. There's definitely a place for that controller (namely Virtual Console), but it isn't the point of NX.

Bundling the GamePad with NX wouldn't be a bad move because of the price (as painfully explained to you for the eleventy billionth time). It'd be a bad move because Nintendo should be distancing itself from Wii U (at least until nostalgia kicks in years from now). Nintendo can't do that by launching a similar package. Let NX be NX.

A console more powerful than the PS4 with a screen controller sounds like it would be expensive.
The screen on the controller isn't what would make it expensive which, based on dozens of your previous posts, is your concern despite being corrected on this every time (e.g. what parts/manufacturing costs ≠ what Nintendo charged for replacements). If your issue is that you don't want to pay for something more powerful than PS4, you really need to pick a side. You have spent a literal decade derailing almost every discussion to complain about Nintendo not matching competing consoles' specs, and now Nintendo may finally do the very thing you've been asking for, it's too expensive. You can't have it both ways. If you want powerful hardware, you have to pay a premium.
I don't like the idea of the console using ARM.  Quit bullshitting around, Nintendo.  If you give third parties an excuse to not support you, they won't.
Third parties don't need an excuse. If they want one, they'll find one. More importantly, I'd recommend reading up on this. ARM is supported by every modern engine, and porting from x86 is apparently easy. Due to the rise of mobile, ARM isn't going anywhere. The most important thing is that Nintendo is moving away from PowerPC.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: April 12, 2016, 07:26:49 PM »
I don't have it in me to write a long post trashing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was a train-wreck. I knew it was going to be a bad time when it started with Batman's origin (because we need to see that again) which ends up being a dream... that Batman narrates because sure, everyone narrates their own dreams.

Total character assassination of just about everyone except Wonder Woman because she wasn't in the movie long enough for Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and the other writers to **** all over her character. They literally killed poor Jimmy Olsen who they didn't have the decency to even name in the movie because Snyder thought it would be "fun" to kill off a fan favorite.

I can't talk about this movie anymore right now because it's making me really upset. I'm going to lie down and count to 10.

Get your NX rumors. NeoGaf user, 10k, was passed some info. He was holding onto it for a while, but got the okay not too long ago to post it by the mods there. My understanding is that his sources didn't want the attention, and Nintendo is apparently watching threads like that one. It seems like Nintendo is stupid serious about protecting NX secrets. Why anyone would risk their livelihood to leak sensitive info is beyond me? I'll take it though. Anyway, 10k split the info into tiers based on number of sources backed up the claims (e.g. Tier 1 = one source etc.).

Tier 4
1. NX is more powerful than PS4 "by a noticeable amount" from CPU to GPU to RAM. NX's CPU being more powerful than PS4's was previously mentioned much earlier in that NeoGaf thread by LCGeek.

2. Super Smash Bros. and Zelda Wii U remasters are 100% confirmed. Emily Rogers mentioned there were four ports/remasters. The other two are Super Mario Maker and Splatoon. Nintendo is struggling to transfer player data and doesn't want courses to be lost. It is also struggling to transfer player data for Splatoon, but also wants to make the game cross-compatible with Wii U players. 10k expects a screen in the NX controller though this seemed to be his own musings and not something his sources gave him. Read between the lines and that's the conclusion you should arrive at. If Nintendo wants NX and Wii U players to play Splatoon together, NX is going to need a version of the Gamepad.

Tier 2 (there was no Tier 3)
1. NX Non-Disclosure Agreements are extremely strict. No surprise. However, a source mentioned they know more Nintendo hardware people than software people yet they're being fed info from the software people. The hardware people aren't saying anything.

2. Nintendo is cracking down on leaks.

Tier 1
1. NX software development kits are out and developers have them.

2. NX is easy to port to. Apparently, developers are having no trouble porting current generation games over. It's a quick process and developers seem happy with it.

3. NX architecture is under NDA, but is speculated to be x86. 10k disagreed, but his source said porting from x86 to ARM (handheld to console) and x86 to x86 (PS4/One to NX) is easy while porting from x86 to ARM (console to handheld) is trickier. 10k gets a little technical from here, mentioning compiling and changing integers and recompiling. I'm not going to try to explain that. I just wanted to write out a summary since I have 10k's post on my phone (didn't want to attempt to copy and paste all of that) and I'm typing this out on my laptop.

4. A different source (a coder who works Nintendo) laughed off NeoGaf's focus on x86. 10k speculates that this source is alluding to the console also using ARM.

5. No one knows anything about the handheld. None of his sources or his sources' sources know if "NX"  also refers to the handheld or if it has a different codename. The handheld is speculated to get some exclusive games, but it won't get many downported console games. The console could theoretically play all games. It sounds like a partially shared library. If I had to guess, I'd say Mario Kart is a game that would be a perfect shared title. It's a waste of resources to recreate assets for handheld and console. The Mario Kart team could instead focus on creating DLC packs instead developing Mario Kart 9 then starting over with Mario Kart 10.


Anyway, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if NX was more powerful than PS4. It's launching mid-generation. I'm similarly not surprised by the four Wii U ports. Those are the ones I'd pick to start. A Mario Kart sequel could easily be ready in 2017 so no need to port MK8. If true, it's nice to know developers have SDKs and that NX is easy to port to. I still don't expect a ton of ports. Nintendo is going to have to work for third party support. Obviously, start with the big ones (e.g. Madden, Call of Duty) then work its way down.

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