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TalkBack / Re: Sonic Mania Expansion Announced, New Title Teased
« on: March 16, 2018, 09:25:20 PM »
Well, I guess I’m going to pre-order this.

Nintendo just announced “Nindies Showcase Spring 2018” for 03/20 at 12:00 PM.

On one hand if someone wants to deprive themselves of something fun by being irrationally stubborn that's their loss.

I mean, he isn’t wrong. It’s just weird hearing this for him in particular.

That’s literally the exact reason I’ve been questioning my preference for physical releases. I like having something tangible though I can’t explain why anymore. Very rarely is a game released without patches or DLC (paid or free). I suppose it’s nice to have the option of trading a game if I make a mistake. Then again, most of my purchases are Nintendo first party games. Not to sound like a fanboy, but I’ve had like a 95% success rate with Nintendo’s own games. And I rarely regret buying games I ultimately didn’t like such as Skyward Sword.

I’ve moved on from music CDs well over a decade ago, and while I occasionally buy Blu Rays, most of my TV/movie content is viewed via streaming. I realize with video games, it’s ultimately a losing battle. I haven’t been able to wean myself off yet.

To get back on topic, it’s great that there a publishers giving certain digital games a physical release. However, I’m not devoted enough to fight tooth and nail to get an extremely limited release.

I like the variety of stages with hazards, and I’ll select them occasionally to break things up. Some hazards, however, are perhaps too intrusive. For example, I like Wiley Castle with the moving platforms, but I don’t always feel like dealing with the Yellow Devil. I’m not saying I don’t want them in the game. That would be silly as random elements are major hallmarks of the series. Rather, I just want the option to play on a stage without the boss/hazard that isn’t just Final Destination. That’s an important distinction.

As for third party characters, I like them particularly if they bring something new to the table that wouldn’t make sense with a Nintendo character (e.g. Ryu’s controls, Bayonetta’s combos, Cloud’s Limit Break). I definitely want Sakurai to keep building on that.

TalkBack / Re: Original Luigi's Mansion Being Ported to 3DS
« on: March 13, 2018, 05:57:36 PM »
Do you use an XL?
Yes. I upgraded twice, first to get the XL then again when the L button on the OG 3DS I gave my brother stopped working. I gave him the XL while I picked up the New XL.

Games look better but still not good on the smaller screen. And I like the extra screen real estate. More importantly, I prefer the feel of the larger models. I always got pins and needles after playing on the smaller model for an extended period of time. I’m not sure anyone else had this problem. For me, it was an easy choice. Video games aren’t fun if I’m not comfortable while playing.

Linkle Link brought up a good point. For some, 3D is still a selling point even if Nintendo has downplayed it in the past couple years. It’s something no other platform offers which will always be an advantage even seven years after launch.

TalkBack / Re: Original Luigi's Mansion Being Ported to 3DS
« on: March 12, 2018, 10:06:22 PM »
I loved my 3DS. There are two main reasons I want Nintendo to move on from it:

1. The Circle Pad, while passable, is not as good as an analog stick.
2. I don’t really like looking at games in 240p in 2018.

I have a Switch. Going back to 3DS is first-world difficult.

That's funny you mention that because a couple of people want to be able to toggle the stage hazards on and off, which would make me think there was enough variety there.
Guilty as charged.

The static two or three platforms can get kind of bland. Maybe have the platforms move? Or in addition to every stage having a Final Destination version, it could have a Battlefield version as well. That way, the developers can really have fun with the level designs AND still have the basics that people like. That would add tons of variety. With a stage hazard toggle, a lot of stage could have four versions.

I could see there being a push inside Nintendo for him and Sakurai using it to give tribute to Hudson by filling his stage with cameo's of other Hudson characters and music from several of their series.
I mean, that's similar to how we got Pac-Man (though Sakurai originally said no for Brawl) except without the baggage of an anti-developer company like Konami. It certainly helped Pac-Man's case that Namco Bandai developed the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.

I'd liken this situation to whether you should date your best friend's ex. You probably shouldn't period as a basic courtesy (i.e. date literally anybody else), but if you did, your friend may give their blessing then realize how shitty it feels when you and their ex get together. I liked Snake in Brawl, but he wasn't so important to the series that it's worth crossing any lines. Nintendo, as a corporation, can make deals with Konami because that's business. Sakurai, as an individual who values his independence, would be enabling Konami's terrible practices by including even a Hudson character. There are quite a few Konami IPs I'd love to see in Super Smash Bros. However, I'd personally like to see the show of solidarity even more (again, #fuckKonami). Maybe Nintendo suggests a Konami character, but I wouldn't put much weight behind that unless Konami is developing the game. After Melee, Sakurai has been getting his way more often than not.
As much as I’d like to have a healthy showing for runes, there are too many that are very situational in execution. I picked the options I found easiest to implement into gameplay- Cryonis and Magnesis just feel like the more awkward fits, and I mean, Revali’s Gale is just begging to be an Up-B.
That's fair though there's a lot of cheating in the series to get certain moves to work. I gave Toon Link a Korok Leaf that would have an updraft coming from nowhere. I wanted Hylian Champion Link to have something different. Magnesis Flying is one of the coolest things you can do in the game. The metal crates could have certain properties. They could cause damage with no flinch while in Magnesis, do more damage when falling from a greater height, and break when hitting the ground from a greater height while remaining intact from lesser height (then be carried/thrown like Wario's bike). Just so the stage isn't full of metal crates, Link can only use Magnesis Flying when no other crates are on the field, creating another risk/reward scenario.

-Old Light/Twilight Link should remain, retain his moveset.
But, but Toon Link... even with the changes I suggested, he's largely the same. I was trying to avoid a Dragon Ball Z situation where there are a bunch of Gokus. This would be a good way for reducing the number of "clones" even though I suggested cutting the original. Toon Link retains the moveset, and Adult Link can be a costume for Hylian Champion Link.
-Wild Link should have specials centered around BotW/Runes:
Neutral B- Arrows, make this much more mobile. Link can draw while moving, albeit with limited movement speed. Pulling in midair slows ascent, has diagonal downward trajectory (aim-able?)
Side B-  Either Stasis, has limited range and must be aimed, think ranged Witch Time/Disable or Cryonis, creates a pillar that can be used as a shield
Down B- Bomb, drawing on the ground creates box bomb, air creates rolling bomb (or alternate draws)
Up B- Revali's Gale/Glider, decent upward range, player can glide afterwards, has a stamina meter that tells the player how long they can glide, can use Neutral B out of this.
This is interesting. I considered mapping similar moves. However, I wanted the Special Moves to be mostly Runes rather than mixing in the key items from the Champions especially since those have longer cooldown in the game. I nixed Cryonis because I couldn't figure out a good way to implement it, and I'm justifying my choice because Cryonis requires water even though I cheated to fit Magnesis. A lot of my choices were meant to make Link less spammy with items so Arrows are situational after Evade and Remote Bombs have cooldown. I like the idea that Evade would have a risk reward factor: Arrows are faster but deal less damage while you're defenseless in Flurry Rush, and if you decide to do neither, Link can still use Standard Attacks though it's the slowest option.

Anyway, Travis Touchdown seems to be safe choice as the character has been Nintendo exclusive except for that port of the original Suda51 had nothing to do with. We know what happened the last time one of Sakurai's friends asked to have their character added. That said, I can't see Snake coming back or any Konami character being added (which includes Bomberman) if only out of Sakurai's respect for Hideo Kojima. As much as I'd like to see a Belmont, #fuckKonami.

I only suggested retiring regular Link because we still have Toon Link who has most of the same moves.

If we're doing wishlists, I want to do something different than the usual characters and stages lists except:

Retire regular Link, keep Toon Link. Replace Up+special with the Korok Leaf, map the Spin Attack to holding the Standard Attack (no longer lifts as high upward in the air, maybe moves forward instead). Replace Triforce Slash Final Smash with the Hurricane Slash or something with the King of the Red Lions. The point is to give Toon Link more Wind Waker stuff.

New Challenger: Hylian Champion Link. Base all moves on Breath of the Wild:
-Neutral Special: Remote Bomb, press again to detonate (timer prevents spamming)
-Up+Special: Magnesis, two metal objects appear below Link = Magnesis Flying (not infinite), similar to Sonic's Spring -Jump, but there's some control over it (also, metal objects causes damage when they fall)
-Forward+Special: Stasis, freeze opponent briefly
-Down+Special: Evade, similar to Witch Time then press neutral Special for Arrow or Standard Attack for Flurry Attack
-Final Smash: something with the Champions or Devine Beasts
-Taunt: Cooking because I want the cooking song in the game

My description makes him sound hella-cheap so his attacks have to be on the weaker side for this to be remotely balanced. Just rolling with it.

Anyway, here's a wishlist of not characters and stages:

1. Fix the menus. Make them cleaner and easier to navigate. Training should be on the main screen.
2. Ability to toggle off stage hazards because sometimes it would be nice to play the regular stage setup without the randomized BS that can kill you.
3. Updated Smash Run Online and Local:
   a. At least 8 players.
   b. All players are in the same map and can interact with each other because...
   c. The map/"safe area" gets smaller until everyone is in the same area for the last minute or so then it's a regular match with all the bonuses everyone found. Yeah, it's just a Super Smash Bros. version of Fortnite.
4. Story mode:
   a. The characters are not toys or trophies anymore. They're non-canon versions of their actual selves. That means the writers actually have to care about characterization. Come up with some BS McGuffin for why the characters are brought to the same world. Why they're all together is not the interesting part; what they do once they are is.
   b. Fully voiced cutscenes.
   c. This is not Adventure Mode. As evidenced in Subspace Emissary, the gameplay doesn't lend itself to that. Think along the lines of Mortal Kombat (2011)/Mortal Kombat X. It's regular matches with exposition cutscenes. The story gave players a reason to keep pushing forward while also naturally allowing them to try all the characters except without silly platforming segments that really aren't the point of the game.
5. Tag Team mode. I don't know why this isn't already a thing.
6. Every character gets a taunt that causes minimal damage (like Luigi's bashful kick) for ultimate disrespkt. For example, Palutena's stripper pole taunt should count as a kick if you run into it.

That was a lot more in depth than I was expecting. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I was just curious what would move the needle for you based on your comments about the latest Nintendo Direct.

While I'm eternally excited about every Super Smash Bros. reveal, nothing in the Nintendo Direct was awe-inspiring for me. If anything, I appreciated the variety. The more games that are announced, the less I feel I'm missing out for not having a PS4.

You mentioned Vanillaware. Now, you're talking my language.

Yeah, I can see that happening. Sakurai is the same guy who whydontwehaveboth.gif when Iwata asked him to make a Super Smash Bros. on either Wii U or 3DS.

To go back to your previous post, it's reasonable to ask: how much content must be added for it to be unfair to call this release a port? Seems pretty arbitrary to me which is primarily why I don't care what this game is. Mop it up brought up a great point in Console Discussion: this will likely spark "an endless debate over what constitutes a sequel." Do we really need to do that?

Before Thursday, we knew nothing about the game. We didn't even truly know if there would be a Super Smash Bros. release on Switch; we all just assumed there would be. There was no reason to believe with any conviction that we would get another game at all. However, the lack of evidence isn't evidence in itself. Of course, Super Smash Bros. on Switch can be a new game. For better or worse, there have been so many instances in which Nintendo did something no one expected, and we were all left saying, "Well, I guess this is happening now." It's fun to speculate. Threads get derailed all the time. I'd just hate for this to keep coming up.

Ha, yeah. He tried really hard not to say it too by emphasizing "whole."

This is why I have no problem with Nintendo just reusing the Smash Bros Wii U engine from here on out.
From here on out? Slow your roll, bruh. Eventually, Nintendo will release 4K capable hardware, and the series shouldn’t get left behind. I get what you’re saying about diminishing returns, but working on a 2014 engine until the end of time doesn’t make sense.

I wouldn’t want the series to get to a point where the total roster count decreases even if they cut certain characters. The number should keep getting higher even if some characters aren’t brought back. Super Smash Bros. is a celebration of all these series. While esports should be a consideration, the series should never stray from its roots: a fighting game for everyone that’s easy to play but difficult to master. Rolling back the number of characters to 30 is the antithesis of that. Comparisons to other fighting games is unfair since Super Smash Bros. is a massive crossover. People want more representation because everyone has a favorite.

Instead of paring down the roster, work on making more characters viable. MagicScrumpy on the YouTube has a great series where he mods low tier characters Melee characters to give them a fighting chance. He also has a video about how to nerf Fox. Maybe Super Smash Bros. on Switch only gets five additional characters. Reworking some of the older characters so they’re viable adds considerable value and a sense of freshness to the roster.

Lucina is my bread and butter, but I can see how we’ve reached a point where “clone” characters aren’t needed to make the roster larger. The roster is already large. That said, I think Sakurai can either fold/merge the “clones” and original characters together into something inbetween, make the “clones” into costumes, or start differentiating them. Make some of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS custom moves the regular moves for “clones” by default.

For the physical release, the third game will probably be a download code.

I hope you’re both wrong because gambling is financially irresponsible. Shame on you.

Meanwhile, Sakurai stated via Twitter he can’t announce the official title and he has been working on the game in silence “day after day.”

I hope he means literal silence because the visual of him pantomiming instructions to the team is hilarious.

And there was little else for them to announce for that franchise.
A Splatoon 3DS announcement would have be great if only for the lulz. I would have enjoyed the sheer amount of internet salt. Is that too evil?

It ends up a series of endless loops with each timeline's Bowser being more competent due to the knowledge of the prior loop.
Does that mean Bowser eventually defeats Mario? That could be an interesting game. Or its the timeline Splatoon exists in.

What games are you hoping get announced, Evan?

That’s a serious question. I’m in no position to judge. I’m just preordering things I have no time for but like to pretend I do.

I'm a firm believer it'll be 2018.
You are in luck because 2018 was confirmed in the trailer. I guess it could always get delayed. Then again, it would be odd to announce a game on the same year it releases only to kick the can down the road.

And no to Crash Bandicoot. That loser mascot doesn't deserve a spot in Smash. He couldn't even qualify or make it into Playstation All-Stars where he most belonged...
Activision apparently said no to Crash Bandicoot in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (which is weird considering making a quick buck licensing the character and doing none of the work sounds right up the company’s alley), just like Square Enix apparently said no to Cloud who ended up in Super Smash Bros. just a few short years later. This is just conjecture on my part: Sony licensed who it could, but many companies didn’t want to lend out its IP to a new, unproven developer (SuperBot Entertainment) making a brand new fighting game. Alternatively, who says no to Sakurai? He earned every bit of respect he commands in the industry.

As for Crash, I have no nostalgia for the character. However, I can get behind him in Super Smash Bros. just for the disrespekt to Sony. I don’t have anything against Sony, but for all the arrogant bullshit it pulled over the years (notably the old Crash Bandicoot ads in front of Nintendo of America), I’m all for a bit of schadenfreude.

Considering Melee is still getting played at tournaments, the online port of the game might actually be really popular in that parallel universe and taken over the world. Iwata may be looking like an even bigger genius along with the sales success of the Wii and DS in that universe. Ain't gonna feel too bad for them.
Tournament players are a relatively small subset of the overall fanbase though Nintendo has been paying them more attention probably for the marketing potential. Melee Online may have been popular, but I wouldn’t want to live in a universe without a true follow up. We finally got third party characters with Snake and Sonic. Earth 2 gets what, laggy bullshit Nintendo WiFi added to an unbalanced, rushed game. No one wants that. How can you be so heartless, Linkle Link?
Sakurai announced very early after Bayonetta released that the next project was decided. Here it is.
If you want to believe that, you also have to believe that Sakurai, who resigned from a company he spent nearly a decade and a half with then stated, “It was tough for me to see that every time I made a new game, people automatically assumed that a sequel was coming,” and “Even if it's a sequel, lots of people have to give their all to make a game, but some people think the sequel process happens naturally,” on record, decided to make a sequel immediately after completing a sequel. Not saying it’s impossible, just less likely.

No offense, but the rest of what you (and Luigi Dude) are saying is straight up confirmation bias. Maybe it happens? I don’t know or care, really. I’m still not sure why any of this matters. A lot of digital ink is being split over something so inconsequential. Would you not buy the game if it’s an enhanced port? I have a hard time believing anyone would because Lord Sakurai didn’t bless us with a new game.

Enough of that though. Maybe this doesn’t matter to other people, but one thing I really want from this game is a simpler interface. The menus in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS are a colossal mess. Training is buried under 37 submenus.

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