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I love how when I don't know why someone's name is grayed out, I can just go to this thread and find out. I'm disappointed I missed the big rant. On one hand, there's fremdschämen. On the other, it's still kind of funny...

I don't think you understand who Nintendo development works, producer>director.  The producer is the one who calls the shots so even if Amano wanted VC (he never states if he was for or against it) it wouldn't have matter since the higher ups already canned the idea.
I can't tell if this is directed at me. If so, I already said I get what you're saying about Nogami and voice chat. I only pointed out Sakaguchi and Amano as "young blood" within the company. It's good that Nintendo has younger talent creating games that Nintendo wouldn't normally make (which is what I originally thought you were saying Nintendo needed) though it's a shame if senior staff members are holding them back in some ways (which, unless I'm mistaken, is what you were actually saying). I misinterpreted your original post. My bad. Are we good now?

? Splatoon has a  senior producer, Hisashi Nogami, and he's been with Nintendo over 20 years so that's not exactly young blood.  It was his choice to canned VC, not the directors.  Hense my point.
Splatoon is co-directed by Tsubasa Sakaguchi and Yusuke Amano. As far as I can tell, this is the first game Sakaguchi is directing, the second for Amano. I wasn't referring to Nogami, but I get your point now about voice chat.

What Nintendo's main problem is most of the "people" in charge are all old farts who maintain old ideas.  What they really need is fresh blood in the project leaders--hey I want VOICE CHAT IN MY GAMES, just because they didn't have that option in the 90's doesn't mean you should exclude that NOW--Splatoon I'm looking at you.
Funny that you should mention Splatoon in the same sentence as Nintendo needing fresh blood since that's exactly who is in charge of the game.
Here is a thought about that empty building Adrock brought up, what if they are holding onto it so they can lease it to someone else as office space or you know sell it when they get desperate? Nintendo is a very conservative company I can seem them sitting on it for a long time if its more cost productive to do so.
Nah, dude, there isn't an empty building. There are now three Nintendo offices in Kyoto now, but the main ones being discussed here are the central office/headquarters and the new one Nintendo opened last June. The new building which is about the same size as headquarters presumably houses the merged console and handheld division (and probably the Quality of Life stuff) so all the hardware and system software research and development personnel were moved to that building. That left entire empty floors in the central office. I don't think it would rent out that space. My guess is that Nintendo either has filled or will fill those with more EAD teams. According to Wikipedia, Nintendo also has an office on Osaka, Japan which I didn't even know it had until today. Subsequent googling yielded no further information either. Wikipedia doesn't specifically list who is or will be housed there, only mentioning an incredibly vague and unsourced "May soon house R&D."

My point is that Nintendo is expanding. Perhaps not as quickly as it should. I really can't imagine Nintendo moving all that personnel then doing nothing with the recently vacated space.

Mortal Kombat X - just not sure if for Xbone or PS4 yet.

To answer your question, no, I don't have a bad feeling about the strain on Nintendo's development houses when we know little about them. And I'd give Nintendo a little more time before deciding if it's made a difference.

EDIT: Not specifically a mobile division, just hired more people for new teams. It seems ridiculous to me that Nintendo would just leave a bunch of rooms empty after constructing a new building. I'd imagine it's doing something with that space.

And left the space they previously used unoccupied?

Nintendo opened a new office in Kyoto a year ago.

They've recently been announcing games within the same year they release or a little ways off.
I'm strongly in favor of this model. I don't really want to hear about a game two years before release. I guess it's nice to see a game is in development. Then again, we always know Nintendo is working on new Zelda games.

No, the issue isn't whether or not Zelda had been seen before. The issue is delaying it. That perpetuates the notion that Nintendo can't deliver games in a timely manner and can't adequately support two platforms. Even if that's true, don't remind people of it. Waiting until the game is almost complete shatters those expectations and inspires confidence in Nintendo's brand. Rebuilding its brand should be of utmost importance. This was a completely avoidable problem.

Zelda isn't a difference maker to people who aren't impressed by the rest of what Nintendo offers. That said, the people you speak of who care about Zelda and follow E3 are fence-sitting Nintendo fans. At that point, Nintendo was still trying to sell that specific group on Wii U, and its best pitch was, "Buy a Wii U now so you can play Zelda in a year and a half at the earliest... but since you know how we do things, the wait will most likely be much longer." Regardless of whether that strategy is common, it still isn't a good one. That kind of thinking is terribly shortsighted. Focus on what Wii U does well and the games that have a very strong possibility of releasing on time. Outside of Zelda, that was pretty much what Nintendo did at E3 2014.

Showing Zelda last year did Nintendo no real favors. That isn't even in hindsight. Yeah, it looked oh-my-god, but it was a ticking delay-bomb. Now, let's assume NX is a new home console. Imagine a full reveal of a nearly finished open-world Zelda at E3 2016. You want to talk about getting people excited? That would have carried NX hype right up to launch. A September/October Nintendo Direct would only sweeten the deal. Had Nintendo focused on Wii U's strengths, not its potential, it would be in a much stronger position moving forward.

E3 2014 was a desperate, last-gasp attempt to gain any kind of traction for the Wii U, where they put everything they had on the table. If they weren't in the state they were in they probably would have held Zelda back.

This is Zelda, though. They all get delayed. This was inevitable, so I'm not sure why it upsets people this much.
That kind of thinking essentially sums up why Nintendo is in the bind its in. Part of Nintendo's idea of a desperate, last-gasp attempt at gaining traction was to show an extremely early build of a game it knows it can't deliver when it says its going to deliver it. Only a company that has lost touch with reality would think that's even an option. Take Zelda out E3 2014 and Nintendo still has the best overall showing. Delaying the game, potentially off Wii U entirely, just makes the company look so much worse than if it just kept its mouth closed.

I understand people getting upset over the delay since they want the game sooner rather than later. I don't agree, but I understand where they're coming from. I will always support delaying a game for quality control. My gaming habits are such that I don't care when a game is released, but my time is such that I want to make the most of it, and I'd rather do so with a better game. However, that isn't what my issue is. As recently as five months ago, Nintendo was insisting that Zelda was on schedule for a 2015 release, and I remained skeptical then:
Realistically if development has actually gone smoothly this time with no huge shakeups in design or controls, a 2015 can still be possible.
That goes without saying. When was the last time that actually happened? Not saying it can't, but at this point, I'd certainly bet against Nintendo releasing a console Zelda game on time.
November 2016 is when the Wii U's successor launches, and they're going to prefer to get Zelda out prior to that
Zelda would make a really lovely launch title.
Sure, much can happen in five months' time, but just don't say anything then. This is the same promise Nintendo has had such a hard time keeping in the past. Nintendo should have accepted that it wasn't winning the war. That doesn't mean "Give up and abandon Wii U." It means admitting, "Wii U is going to lose, but that's okay." Keep releasing solid titles, and don't screw anything up. Regroup, rebuild the brand, and ride the momentum into the next console. How hard is that?

Can we at least agree that it's unacceptable if Nintendo still doesn't have their **** together by the time the NX comes out?
No. It's unacceptable that Nintendo doesn't have its **** together now. Look, I support this delay because at the end of the day, I want a better game. Every company drops the ball in some regard. However, the extent of Nintendo not having its **** together is flat-out fucking baffling. Simple stuff like not announcing games as early as Zelda should be second nature to the company. Console Zelda games always get delayed. I get Nintendo wanting the hype associated with a new Zelda, but announcing the game so far in advance opens Nintendo up to easily avoidable scrutiny. For a company that should be doing everything it can to rebuild its brand to consumers, this is such a colossal step backward. This may not even be just a delay; it could be a delay to a completely different platform. An already weak Wii U looks even weaker when no one would have been the wiser if Nintendo just didn't show Zelda at E3 2014 at all.

I had my doubts Zelda Wii U would even remain a Wii U title. A 2015 release seemed too good to be true so Nintendo insisting it was on track a few months ago was actually a bigger surprise than this delay. As much as I want this game on my life, I will always advocate a delay if it means a better end product.

NX launch title.

I was surprised when Nintendo insisted Zelda Wii U would be released this year. It seemed too good to release on a struggling Wii U rather than launch alongside its successor. This could be fresh start for both Nintendo and the Zelda series. Nintendo needs to knock NX out of the park and the first open world Zelda isn't a bad game to go with.

As for what replaces it in holiday 2015, I expect games based on existing engines. A substantial Super Smash Bros. DLC pack could soften the blow in addition to some other full game. Super Mario 3D World 2 would be my guess. I've mentioned this before: a brand new Zelda using Wind Waker HD's engine. Back to back years of brand new console Zelda titles may be overkill, but the difference in style could be enough to justify it.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Official Club Nintendo Thread
« on: March 26, 2015, 09:11:48 PM »
March 31 is the last day to add coins. June 30 is the last day to redeem coins for rewards.

General Gaming / Re: Biggest wastes of money video game-wise for you?
« on: March 25, 2015, 03:18:08 PM »
Also, my PSP. I only played a few games on it then my brother bricked it when he tried to hack it himself.

General Gaming / Re: A Dilemma Regarding Video Games...
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:43:38 PM »
I've certainly dealt with gaming burn out, and I've never fully recovered. I used to play games far more often. I also used to buy more games on a whim. I definitely don't do either nearly as often because I have other interests and I also don't want to spend as much time playing video games. There's a larger world I want to explore so spending time in fake ones is something I try do in moderation. I don't mean to **** on anyone who loves video games. If that's what people want to do, I say do it. If it isn't making you happy, find something that does.

What worked for me is scaling back, only buying the games I'm really excited about. Even then, I'm almost always happy to wait for sales so gaming feels like less of a burden to me. I've also scaled back on posting here. I stick around because I like the community, but the forums sometimes frustrate me. I've started then deleted tons of posts and new threads. We often can't have a simple discussion. Derailed threads are the nature of message boards, but they get derailed for the same reason every time then no one talks about the original topic anymore. All these things compound which ultimately, makes gaming as a hobby less enjoyable.

What keeps me coming back is focusing on only a select few games. In that regard, being a Wii U owner works out really well for me personally. It doesn't have a lot of games, but it has almost all the games I want to play. They're released far enough apart that I can take my time without feeling pressured. That's only a positive for someone with my gaming habits.

General Gaming / Re: Biggest wastes of money video game-wise for you?
« on: March 25, 2015, 12:14:30 PM »
I bought an absurd amount of Wii games at full price that I barely played. I've done much better since. I buy most games on sale and I actually play them now.

Wii Sports Club seems like an obvious choice. I can't even think of a reason why it won't happen outside of Nintendo just not wanting to.

I haven't even tried Wii U chat. I forgot it was a thing. I'm in favor of in-game chat though I'd admittedly argue harder in its favor if I actually used it.

While I personally believe there's more DLC beyond Mewtwo, it isn't unreasonable to think there may not be considering this is Nintendo we're talking about. For better or worse, Nintendo often bucks conventional wisdom. DLC seems inevitable, and I believe Nintendo realizes the potential. However, it might not even come to that. Nintendo has shown a tremendous amount of loyalty to its own talent and those close to the company. If Sakurai said no DLC for whatever reason (e.g. burn out, troll etc.), I see Iwata obliging. Sure, there's tons of money to be made, but if it means doing so without Sakurai's help or blessing, Nintendo would nix DLC plans right then and there. While I'd like to see Sakurai take more of a producer/supervisor role in a sequel, I don't think it's wise to alienate him. For that reason, I can see this going either way.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think a major component of NX and the DeNA partnership will be cross-platform play and a unified account. I have no doubt that Nintendo will release certain games that can be played across all platforms and this is an effort to smooth the transition between them so your progress and purchases always transfer. For example, say you start a game on a smartphone during a train commute, but when you get home, you want to continue playing on NX. Nintendo hopes to make this seamless.

I still intend to start that new thread I mentioned last week. I've just been too lazy. It covers some common ground, but I think it's better to start a new one.

I rarely play online and use voice chat even more infrequently than that, but yeah, Splatoon should include voice chat. It's essentially a squad based shooter. Come on, man.

You don't own a smart phone? And you say Nintendo are the Luddites when it comes to technology....

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