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My issue with the detachable controllers is that it seems like the wrong thing to detach. If you take the controllers off to plug the main unit into the dock, you can't use the touchscreen anymore. By far the best use of the touchscreen on Wii U was Super Mario Maker. Would you only be able to create stages in portable mode? That would be weird.

What if the SOC and cartridge slot were in a cartridge of sorts itself that you placed in the dock at home or controller when mobile? That way, you could still use the touchscreen if needed when docked. The shell without the main processors would essentially be a Wii U GamePad. Just an idea. That would add some extra weight to the thing though. If this thing is rocking a 6.2 inch screen, it's already going to be pretty unweildy for longer play sessions.

Anyway, I don't think 720p is something Nintendo would have considered if its console and handheld were separate. It's more of a battery drain. It'd be cool if that "brothers in a family of systems" led to a pro/elite version with a 1080p display. Let's go nuts. Throw a glass OLED screen in there and it can retail for 599 US dollars.

Randomly Generated Funhouse / I've been posting on NWR for 10 years
« on: August 23, 2016, 05:22:55 PM »
I need to reevaluate my life.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: NX hot scoops straight from Google!
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:10:00 PM »
But the link he provided does specifically mention that AMD is doing chips for the NX. So that would back his claim that Nvidia has nothing to do with the NX, and that AMD is still working directly with Nintendo.

But yes, it does not refute your claim that some companies will not share everything with investors.
Not really getting the point of this either. MysticGohan can sing about AMD all day long if he so chooses. My confusion is rooted in him quoting me as if what he said was some kind of counterpoint. Sure, the link backs his AMD stroking, but it still has nothing to do with my specific post. At this point, I think MysticGohan is just trolling. That article is from May. If there was any truth to it, we wouldn't still be talking about this.

And what I said about companies not sharing everything with investors isn't a "claim." It's fact. They don't. This has been proven publicly countless times. If it wasn't, there would be no secrets. There would be no need for leaks. If you owned even one share, you'd be privy to tons of information. Media outlets everywhere would do just that. If Nvidia scored a contract with Nintendo, there's no hard and fast rule that it has to announce the partnership as soon as the ink dries. It's weird that such a thing is still even being entertained by anyone.

I'm too lazy to write about how bad Suicide Squad was. I didn't hate it like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I didn't like it either. I'll get back to this.

My problem with Green Latern was all the Earth stuff. I thought the best parts were on Oa.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: NX hot scoops straight from Google!
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:14:35 AM »
Here's more fuel to the fire

Semi-custom business

AMD, which competes with Intel (INTC) and NVIDIA (NVDA) in the CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) market, dominates the gaming console market. It’s the sole supplier of semi-custom processors for Japan-based (EWJ) Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox. It has also won an order for Nintendo’s upcoming console, codenamed “NX.”
I don't get it. How was any of this a response to my post? Companies routinely do not tell investors things. The link you posted doesn't refute that at all.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: NX hot scoops straight from Google!
« on: August 11, 2016, 05:34:43 PM »
Nvidia has announced nothing, other than X2 being used in cars. If they were doing chips for Nintendo, they would've told investors today.
Here's 13 straight years of Steve Jobs not telling investors what Apple was planning until it was announced to the public:
In 2000, Jobs told Macworld attendees that he was no longer "Interim CEO." Investors didn't officially know who the CEO of the company was until pretty much the rest of the world did.

Apple didn't announce everything to investors when it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it still doesn't do so today as one of most valuable companies in the world. Nvidia isn't Apple; different companies do different things. That's the point. Just because AMD announced design wins to investors doesn't mean Nvidia will or has to.

Investor calls are mostly fluff anyway. A couple years ago, a Nintendo investor said, "I do not understand video games," then went on to say he was angry that Nintendo, a company that has made video games for over three decades, keeps talking about "such childish topics as 'what the future of video games should be'" during its shareholders' meetings.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: NX hot scoops straight from Google!
« on: August 11, 2016, 03:39:42 PM »
People keep mocking the horse bag patent. Laugh it up. It's coming, and it will be excellent.

Nintendo Horse Bag. Coming 2017. Powered by AMD.

I consider flailing to be a type of flopping because these very large men are acting like they're getting bulldozed. I'm not willing to devote more time debating the semantics of flopping especially when we ultimately agree that the suspension was nonsense. The NBA got a few more games out of the series. Personally, I felt like that cheapened it. The Warriors had a harder road to The Finals then they have to deal Green getting suspended for nothing. Granted, I feel like they should have had more poise to still pull off a victory, but here we are.

Anyway, what is everyone's favorite team and why?

I equate flopping to overselling. Green is a large man. He's flailing excessively to sell that call. I mean, look at these shenanigans:

To say none of those publications can't be wrong is a bold statement.
That's one hell of a strawman. No one even implied that. It's one thing to say you don't believe their sources. No one is forcing you to. I can appreciate a healthy dose of skepticism. However, to disbelieve their sources while repeatedly ramming HappyNintendoGamer and SuperMetalDave, both of whom have not shown no evidence of having insider information ever (lurking LinkedIn hardly counts), down everyone's throats is the part I find illogical.
Shouldn't Nvidia reported to their shareholders that they've had a major order of chips?
First, I don't believe Nvidia fabricates its own chips. It designs them then another company (e.g. Samsung, GlobalFoundries, TSMC etc.) actually manufactures them. Second, no, Nvidia can but doesn't have to announce anything (and if the rumors are true, Nintendo could have asked them not to say anything yet). Are shareholders worried about Nvidia? It's dominating the graphics card market. Nvidia apparently didn't make much money from consoles. It's business that is nice to have but not integral to its bottomline.

AMD didn't even need to announce those design wins either. It did most likely because it's something positive to tell its shareholders when it's repeatedly getting stomped by Nvidia.
I believe it'll be amd over nvidia, you have any better sources than eg?
Duly noted, but do you have any better sources than a random Twitter account and a random Youtube account?

I thought he got $25k for the Sports-Ent **** Punt.
He got fined for the flagrant foul. I was saying he should have additionally gotten fined for flopping. Maybe the NBA didn't think it was necessary to stack the fines.

The knee to Steven Adams' groin was a during a basketball play. The kick to Steven Adams' groin was blatant flopping which Draymond Green should have been fined for in addition to the Flagrant Foul. I didn't think it was worth a suspension. The make-contact-when-whistle-is-blown-to-get-a-foul-called is a smart play though I think the NBA should look at it on a case by case basis. A shooter jumping into contact after a defender falls for a pump fake isn't the same thing as a player kicking his legs out and flailing his arms. That isn't exclusive to Green as players have been using that tactic for some time now.

The so-called groin swipe to Lebron James was total bullshit. He stepped over Green which is completely disrespectful. Green's reaction seemed more like "get off me" than a cheap shot. I know it sounds like I'm a Draymond Green apologist, I'm just calling it he way I see it.

The suspension shifted the momentum of the series. Steph Curry made some dumb plays at the end of game seven (like a behind the back pass on the baseline... what the hell was he thinking?). Then, Steve Kerr left Curry on Kyrie Irving. The Warriors should have won game seven, but it never should gotten to that point. Had Green not been suspended for game five, the series would have been over. That collective clusterfuck was worse than 2007 when Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw were suspended for game five.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Metroid II Remake Has Finally Dropped
« on: August 07, 2016, 06:29:26 AM »
Looks good. I don't have a controller to play this on. I was thinking of getting an Xbox One controller, but I just bought a bicycle and an Airdyne bike for health/death prevention purposes so I don't have a lot of expendable cash at the moment. I'm looking forward to more of azeke's impressions as he typically gets pretty in depth with them.

Claiming the musings of random Twitter accounts and Youtubers are valid while at the same time claiming the reports of nearly a dozen well-known publications, including The Wall Street Journal, are not is the opposite of logical. You're presenting them as true rather than speculation. Ringing the bell of shame on you.

And to elaborate on Soren's post, discrediting GoNintendo for believing Emily Rogers, who has proven to have good sources in the past, then posting the grammatically impaired ramblings from a three week old Twitter account as anything worthwhile is contradictory at best and a waste of everyone's time at worst. There are any number of reasons to discredit GoNintendo (it's just not a very good site); just not the hill you seem willing to die on.

There's no concrete info to support either AMD or Nvidia. All we have are info from unnamed sources. And everything you have posted supports AMD which doesn't mean there's nothing supporting Nvidia. Something like ten major publications have claimed Nvidia including The Wall Street Journal which generally does not **** around. So there's plenty that supports Nvidia and at this point, more than AMD. This is coming from someone who was firmly in the AMD camp for nearly two years now. Granted, I want to hear more and I'm so exhausted by rumors at this point that I won't even pick a side anymore. It doesn't matter. I feel like there are large swaths of information we don't know about NX, most of which is more important than who is supplying the chipset. At the very top of that is what the hell is Nintendo going to do set this thing apart and get anyone beyond its fanbase to give a ****. What makes NX so special? Otherwise, nearly a dozen major publications have thrown their weight behind Nvidia while random Twitter person and SuperMetalDave64 (whose channel I've subscribed to for nearly a year) are still waving the AMD flag. That isn't proof, but it still isn't looking good for AMD.

This is ultimately pointless. The number of logical fallacies you've posited here is astounding so trying to appeal to reason is a waste of my time. This thread can't go anywhere without you popping in and saying, "No, it's AMD."

The Warriors replaced an unreliable Harrison Barnes with a top three player. There's going to be an adjustment at the beginning of the year then total and utter domination for the rest and into the playoffs. The only times they'll lose is if they get bored on defense toward the end of the season well after they've locked up home court. See last year when The Lakers managed to beat them in a game that meant nothing to no one.

Speaking of, I sincerely hope The Lakers are terrible again this year. I want another top three pick which has the added benefit of making the first round pick owed to Orlando into two second round picks. Sure, it makes the 2018 pick conveyed to The Sixers unprotected, but adding one more young piece to their already decent young core would be nice. Only The Timberwolves may have a better young core. Otherwise, this will be a growth year for the team without Kobe high jacking the offense. I think Russell and Ingram have the potential to be All-stars.

Apparently Happynintendofan is willing to be verified by Neogaf, so that's in the works.

He should be verified by MS spellcheck first. :P
Ah, we missed you on this side of the forum BlackNMarvel2k1.

Makes sense. Take Two doesn't have anything that it could release for a March 2017. I wonder if Nintendo and third parties discussed skipping late ports. Nintendo delayed NX so software would be ready (ultimately, its best move). If first party content can carry NX for the first several months, getting some solid third party offerings at the same time as PS4 and One would be much better for the platform. The NX versions likely sell the worst (barring any Link in Soul Calibur II situations) though hopefully they'll be good enough to justify continued support. If Nintendo ever gets consistent support again, it'll be a slow burn to get there.

If this is the new normal, I'm going to stop buying digital copies of Wayforward Technologies games or supporting those Kickstarter projects. Granted, this is only for the 3DS version. If the NX rumors are true, that will be the same thing moving forward. If there are physical releases on NX, I'd consider double dipping. For now, I'll stick with the digital copies of Half-Genie Hero and The Pirate's Curse.

guy has access to stuff that an everyday fan doesn't have access to, he appears legit.
So does Eurogamer, Emily Rogers etc. and you've pretty much dismissed them outright because what they said didn't line up with what you want. It's weird. What does it matter which company partners with Nintendo?

The NBA really should just cancel next season and just give Golden State the title. The best team in the league managed to sign a top three player. Yes, the Warriors were the best team last year (that Draymond Green suspension was bullshit and ruined the Finals). No, I'm not even a Warriors fan. My two favorite teams were the two worst teams last year. I should stop being a fan of things.

On topic, is there any reason to believe "happynintendofan" on Twitter has more credibility than a major publication like Eurogamer? I kind of want to dismiss what he/she says for misspelling "clarify" and using the number four instead of the word "for." Get your **** together.

At this point, I'm not on either #TeamAMD or #TeamNvidia. I was on the former; now I don't care. I'm on #TeamJustUnveilNXAlready.

Perhaps. Or maybe Nintendo has had time to look back on the Wii to better figure out how to do that.
I suppose that's where I disagree. I don't believe there is a way to do that. The audience for these mobile versions will largely be the people who already play the main games. The rest will mostly be content with just the mobile versions. Sure, there may be some people who move up to the main games. However, as previously stated, I doubt it will be on a scale that matters.

Nintendo's best bet with NX is keep it affordable, different, and focused on core gamers. Outside of Nintendo's own fanbase, people will be more open to an alternative product if it doesn't cost them too much to enter the ecosystem. People don't need or want another PS4 or One; they may be convinced to try something different and new as long as it isn't at a premium.

Considering that exact same thing was implied in Batman Beyond, I'd have to disagree with that.
It wasn't okay in Batman Beyond either. Batgirl is typically portrayed as around the same age as Robin with Batman acting as a parental figure so pairing Batgirl and Batman can get the **** out of any continuity.

That isn't even the worst part. What's most problematic and insulting in "The Killing Joke" is how it's portrayed. The filmmakers went out of their way to expand Batgirl's role in the story except it sucks. In the comic, Alan Moore stopped just short of "fridging" Batgirl (though he later lamented his decision, feeling he should have been reined in rather than encouraged to "cripple the bitch"). She was a mere plot device in the original story. In the movie, Barbara Gordon dons the Batgirl costume to get Batman's attention as both mentor and potential sexual partner because fine. After the scene in question, Batman practically ghosts Batgirl because why not? Narratively, she serves the same purpose in both mediums (e.g. motivation in Batman's conflict with the Joker) except in the movie, she's also a jilted lover. What the **** was the point of that? So they just took bad writing and made it worse.

If they were going to play up any part of that relationship, why wouldn't it be the parental and mentoring side of it? The choices Bruce Timm and the writers made changed "The Killing Joke" thematically (not for the better), and it doesn't even really work because Batman is portrayed as cold and distant to Batgirl. So that changes Batman's motivation from avenging a former sidekick to avenging a girl he fucked then blew off. "The Killing Joke" was already dated in its portrayal and role of women, and the filmmakers way of rectifying that was to add a prologue to the original story in which Batgirl fucks Batman and pines for his approval. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the additions to the story have to be about female empowerment. However, they're so poorly done that they reinforce the notion that men can't write women (particularly without resorting to tired tropes and dumb cliches).

TLDR: **** this movie. **** it up its stupid ass.

September 30, 2016, last day of the quarter. Nintendo can also make a Nintendo 64 reference. Yay?

I'd be shocked if Nintendo went back to the New Super Mario Bros. well. My guess is a Mario Maker port or a full 3D Mario but not Galaxy 3.

Trying to get smartphone gamers to upgrade is an interesting play, one we've all discussed here. We know Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are coming to iOS/Android. Like Wii, Nintendo wants people to eventually move up to Mario and Zelda. That said, I don't think it's going to work on a scale that matters. If the rumors are true, Nintendo's mobile games will be playable on NX so fans can get them with or without a smart device. Fans of those series are likely where most of the revenue will come from. Still, the extra revenue from these titles is good for the company.

If NX is a portable that can dock to a TV, that isn't a bad move. Nintendo is betting on what has historically worked in the past. The dock is just a bonus for people like me who don't really like handheld gaming.

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