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I just completed Mop it up's "SMB 1-1 if Miyamoto Were a Troll."

I need to lie down and count to 10.

TalkBack / Re: Key Takeaways From Nintendo’s Shareholder Q&A
« on: Yesterday at 01:35:17 PM »
The need to get younger actually makes sense and unfortunately I fear Nintendo's response will be to dumb things down and make truly kiddy games.
I don't see how one can reasonably have this fear at this point given what little evidence there is to support it.

As for Mario, Nintendo has done an excellent job of keeping him relevant. There haven't even been any major and/or desperate reinventions of the character unless you count Mario Strikers (I don't). The problem with the examples you provided is that they ended. That happens to a lot of properties. They run their course. Some can be salvaged; other can't. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to reintroduce them years later. That fails more often than not. Nintendo has consistently kept Mario in public consciousness for 35 years now with quality games. Until that stops being true, Mario is going to continue appealing to newer generations.

Still, Nintendo's intellectual properties, particularly Mario, are the exception to the rule so it's good for Nintendo to keep experimenting with new properties and giving younger members of its staff a louder voice.
The Wii U did the same old franchises bit again and sure enough they failed to move systems.  Ah but Splatoon is a surprising success.  Do they not see the pattern?
I'm not really understanding your point here. Splatoon didn't really move systems either. Wii U is still under 15 million units sold. Nintendo's franchises have all sold pretty well. They probably would have sold a hell of a lot better had Nintendo not failed Wii U so entirely. It squandered Wii's momentum then launched an unfinished successor with an embarrassing lack of marketing and first party titles. By the time Nintendo finally released a decent collection of its well-known franchises, it was curtains for Wii U. There was no coming back from how truly awful Wii U's first year was. At that point, all Nintendo could really do was make the best of a bad situation. It's released some of its best games since.

TalkBack / Re: The Legend of Zelda Wii U Release Date Pool
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:28:16 PM »
December 9, 2016 on Wii U because it's launching with NX on November 18, 2016 first.

General Gaming / Re: Are you more of a gamer or a collector?
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:21:58 PM »
This is coming from someone who's seriously thinking about spending actual money on a copy of Devil's Third.
I thought about it, but from all the bad press and the fact that I'm not going to play it, I opted against it.
It's why I bought Rodea The Sky Soldier.
Another game I keep convincing myself not to buy. I've seen it for like $35 with the Wii disc new, and I have to keep reminding myself not to spend money on things I don't need or even particularly want. Rodea: The Sky Solider is a passing curiosity to me. I hear good and bad about it.

General Gaming / Re: Are you more of a gamer or a collector?
« on: February 09, 2016, 02:48:11 AM »
Gamer and not even much of one because I buy games then don't play them. I'm making a concerted effort to go back and actually play through my backlog. I almost bought a PS4 before deciding that I already have too many video games to play.

I tried collecting back in 2007. It's too expensive. I would like to collect most Nintendo hardware, but I'm not obsessed with it. Collecting to me these days mostly involves not trading in games or hardware.

I used to like collecting special editions, but 2010 put an end to that. Both God of War III and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow special edition boxes were lame. Between the two, I wasted about $60 which is an entire new video game. I had to stop though I bought the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U bundle though that wasn't really a special edition. Limited runs that are the same price are fine. Code of Princess had a soundtrack and an underwhelming art "book." It didn't cost extra, but it was one of the few games I bought new because it was an Atlus game and may become impossible to find.

I talked myself out of buying the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition.

I STILL don't get the hate for the introduction to the game.
What's not to get? It's a chore. You don't have to agree and from the sounds of it, you don't which is perfectly fine, but what people don't like about it is pretty simple.

It takes forever to just get the first real sword, and everything before that isn't particularly fun. Round up some goats. Find a cat. Retrieval a cradle. Go fishing. And so on. None of that is optional. That's all world building stuff and character introductions, and I get what the developers are going for, but it's so tedious. It's teaching you to do things you have to do again later anyway for heart pieces and whatnot. Let me deal with it then if I want. Why bog the beginning of the game down with things that aren't even mandatory later? It's a lot of handholding in a game that isn't that complicated. It may have taken something like seven years, but Nintendo acknowledged how boring the tutorials are by letting go on your merry way in less than 10 minutes in A Link Between Worlds.

They did try to cut some of the fat.
Unless you get out of the village in less than 15 minutes for example, they should have tried harder.

Windwaker HD did have frame rate issues, try shooting the cannon for instance.
I didn't say it didn't. As stated in the post you quoted, Wind Waker HD came out in 2013. It was also released during a time when Nintendo needed something to release. In two and a half years, this couldn't have been improved?

Jebus, seriously? It dips below 30 frames per second? Wind Waker HD ran at 30 frames per second, but the game came out in 2013.

From everything I've read, Twilight Princess HD is a straight port which makes me wonder why this is a $60 even with that awesome Amiibo. I appreciate that the textures were redone, but Nintendo and Tantalus Interactive could have gone above and beyond to really make this rerelease special by tightening the game in places and cutting some of the fat (namely in that brutal tutorial at the beginning). I'm still keeping my pre-order, but it's at least a little disappointing. Nintendo did a really good job of making Wind Waker HD the definitive version of that game so it's a shame this didn't get the same treatment.

General Gaming / Re: Is PS3 Sony's worst game console ever?
« on: February 06, 2016, 09:25:43 AM »
The original Playstation was the worst for me. Like Nintendo 64, it was that awkward stage in which 3D games were first a thing and so many of the games don't hold up in terms of gameplay and graphics. They suffered from really poor design choices, and the hardware wasn't powerful enough for what many developers wanted to do. Speaking of the hardware, it was ****. I'm not even talking about specs though the 2x CD-ROM drive in particular was just bad for games. Poorly place vents led to overheating and warped plastic. The optical drive broke if you used it too much. Seriously, using the console broke this thing because the movable parts were made of plastic which caused it to wear out. It led to people propping the console on its side or turning it upside down. That thing was an engineering nightmare. The team that designed that monstrosity should all be punched right in the dick.

Later models, particularly PS One, fixed many of these problems, but viewing the console as a whole, it has to be the worst. The hardware was bad. Outside of a few classics, the games were bad. I don't want to take away from the original Playstation in a historical context. It was one of the most important pieces of gaming hardware. However, I just had a lot more fun with its successors.

Ah, I'm sure I probably heard about that back in 2001, but wouldn't remember it now. The name makes more sense with that history, but I still think it sounds stupid. But that's my point, it doesn't matter if a name sounds stupid, as long as it isn't confusingly stupid.
Absolutely. When I think about it, "Xbox" is a stupid name, but when I talk about it in regular conversation, I don't think about the name being stupid. It's just "Xbox." Even if DirectX Box stuck, people likely would have just called it "Xbox" anyway because it's easier which was probably the entire reason behind truncating it. The branding isn't as important as the message. Give people something they want, and it doesn't matter what the thing is called. We'll all get used to it.
DS does not officially stand for anyting - some people assume that it means "Dual Screen" but Nintendo used the acronym as shorthand for "Developer's System"
It does on both counts. The explanation is on Nintendo's website: "To our developers, it stands for 'Developers' System,' since we believe it gives game creators brand new tools which will lead to more innovative games for the world's players. It can also stand for 'Dual Screen.'" I'm only bringing this up because:
Nintendo has the awkward situation of inserting the name of the company into their product names, but they don't have to say that the 'N' in NX stands for Nintendo... They can call it the Nintendo NX, and everyone else will just call it the NX...

If they call it "Nintendo NX", or just "NX," then that's what they call it. If they call it something else, then that's what they call it. NX is not any worse than DS. No one is going to confuse it with Xbox.
Agreed. I would like to add that even if Nintendo insists on an explanation for the name, it stops being a thing because most people won't remember it if they were even privy to that information in the first place. Outside of these meager forum discussions, no one ever talks about why Nintendo called its handheld "Nintendo DS" or its console "Wii." They're just what we call them now.

TalkBack / Re: More Twilight Princess Comparison Footage
« on: February 06, 2016, 05:32:04 AM »
I forgot which podcast I heard this (maybe IGN). They said Twilight Princess HD looks the way you think you remember it. If you go back and actually play the GameCube or Wii version, you don't realize just how fuzzy the textures were. That's about right. The last time I tried playing Twlight Princess again was before Wii U so yeah, that description was absolutely right.

I like Wii. It had a lot of good games. I was looking through my backlog and I decided to actually play through Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story.

General Gaming / Re: What's YOUR favorite game?
« on: February 05, 2016, 05:50:36 AM »
Super Metroid is my standard answer. It's one of the most complete video games ever made and it came out in 1994.

I've always felt that "Xbox" was a stupid name, and adding 360 or One doesn't make it any better. But the brand (eventually) did fine despite that.
"Xbox" sounds sillier without the history behind it. The console was originally pitched as the "DirectX Box," named after Microsoft's API. Had it stuck, DirectX Box would have been the most utilitarian console name ever. It was named after exactly was it was, more so even than GameCube which wasn't an actual cube.

The meaning behind the original name is practically lost with the truncated "Xbox" label. At the same time, it still works. A product name doesn't have to mean anything so if you aren't going with something literal like "DirectX Box," something simple is a good choice.
Why should there even be any need to explain a name or that something is a new system?
I think that's why NX works. It doesn't even need to mean anything. Nintendo is weirdly attached to assigning some philosophy to the branding of its products yet the best names are the ones that are practical even without said philosophy. For example, Nintendo DS is good branding because its easy to remember and easy to say in most languages, not because DS means anything. 3DS works because its sequential and utilitarian. It's a DS follow-up with 3D capabilities. That said, NX could mean something, but even if you strip that away, you're left with two letters that are, again, easy to say and easy to remember.

I am a fan of simplicity and sequentiality. I think "Wii 2" would have been a better name for Wii U even if that wouldn't have fixed Nintendo's inability to explain what Wii U was. I was in favor of calling a successor Nintendo 7 just because it's so stupidly simplistic. The main purpose of branding is so people know what to call it then it should get out of the way.

Nintendo did such an exceptionally poor job of communicating with consumers that an absurd amount of people didn't even know Wii U was a thing. That's why naming the console "Wii U" was a bad move. The name may have been okay had Nintendo bothered to explain that it was a brand new console. Then, it went to places like Pottery Barn to market Wii U. It was like Nintendo was trying to keep the thing a secret.

It isn't so much about what Nintendo calls the console as it is people knowing it exists. Being part of public consciousness is the important bit. Even if a consumer doesn't walk into a store looking to buy NX; they should at least know what it is.

Nintendo can do a lot worse than NX. I'm not convinced it can do better, just similarly.

TalkBack / Re: Smash Bros DLC, Updates Now Live
« on: February 04, 2016, 02:30:53 AM »
I've spent around $55 after taxes on DLC for these games since I didn't pay for Mewtwo. I was trying to remain blissfully unaware by just not checking the math, but the bundles made it easy. Including the 3DS version, Wii U bundle, DLC for both, the extra GameCube adapter, extra GameCube controller, and Amiibo, I've spent around $300 on Super Smash Bros. I'm buying six more Amiibo if Nintendo reissues Wii Fit Trainer. Fantastic. I'm still an advocate of an NX port I know I don't need but would still buy.

Anyway, using Corrin's counter is like playing the game on god mode. I like Bayonetta, but she's difficult to use. I have a feeling she'll end up being like Palutena wherein I enjoy using her, but I lack the skills to effectively use her so I pick her on occasion for shits and giggles then go back to Lucina.

X = cross is not even close to a typical English language convention.
Wait, what? There are xing signs all over the United States: school xing, ped xing, deer xing etc.
Nothing like Xbox 1 where you make it near impossible for someone to clarify if they mean your current product or the very first one you ever made.
Was this ever really a problem? The original Xbox came out in 2002. Was anyone even still talking about it in 2013 let alone now in 2016. The problem with the name "Wii U" is that Nintendo did a terrible job communicating that the console itself was a new and more importantly, separate thing from its predecessor. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...

Anyway, I rather like the name Nintendo NX (as in en-ex, though I don't hate en-cross). It's a good name for a family of systems. Since DS, Nintendo has had some weird philosophy attached to the name of its hardware. It could easily say "The 'X' represents 'cross,'" and then everyone forgets about it except on message boards when it's randomly brought up in discussions of about product names like how "'DS' stands for 'dual screens' or 'developer's system.'"

Speaking of, Nintendo DS was the original codename which was changed to Nitro then changed back to Nintendo DS before becoming the official name. That said, it's entirely possible that Nintendo keeps the name NX.

This is bullshit.
Quoting this because I don't think I've ever seen Mop It Up curse.

On a more serious note (despite this being the Funhouse), it'd be a bummer if you stopping posting/visiting though.

TalkBack / Re: Smash Bros, Other Bandai Namco Titles In Development For NX?
« on: February 03, 2016, 05:49:45 AM »
It's fine if the attitude is "okay, we're trying our best to make exciting new games for the NX but it just isn't feasible to create enough new content by ourselves to get an acceptable stream of releases without remakes and remasters filling in gaps."  It is not fine if the attitude is "ha ha! The Rubes will buy these double-dips and we can slack off and not put in a full effort."
What's the metric for this? And who is judging what constitutes a "full effort?" What the hell does that even mean? You not liking something doesn't mean Nintendo didn't try.

I don't think Nintendo's effort, in general, is really in question. From what Iwata and others have implied regarding NX, it's adjusting. The handheld market caught up to the point where Nintendo had to concede that it can't realistically support two separate platforms anymore. It would have to practically double its development teams. That has nothing to do with effort. It's the reality of the requirements of modern game development.
I was very offended by the NPC games on the Wii for example because it seemed like they were used as an excuse for Nintendo to slack off.  Hell I'm sure the ability to re-release Gamecube games with waggle controls was part of their whole plan for the Wii in the first place.  Who knows what their intentions truly were but I did not feel they were putting in a good effort.
That's a typical Ian comment. There were seven New Play Control titles. North America didn't get one of them (Chibi Robo), Pikmin and Pikmin 2 were stupidly rare on GameCube, and Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes were packaged in Metroid Prime Trilogy. That's three games for less than it would have cost to buy two of them separately. Retro Studios worked on the updated games alongside Donkey Kong Country Returns. It didn't drop everything to work on them. Nintendo lives and dies by the software it releases. The main teams continued work on new releases at the same time as the ports. What part of that has anything to do with effort?

Assuming for the purposes of this discussion that Super Smash Bros. for NX happens, it would most likely be Namco Bandai working on the port which doesn't affect Nintendo's own development teams. Unless the port includes new content, Sakurai would probably supervise and oversee things rather than be actively involved. And he isn't even a Nintendo employee that doesn't even support what you're saying.

TalkBack / Re: Miitomo Dated, Other Mobile Details Announced
« on: February 03, 2016, 03:55:39 AM »
No Blackberry 10 support. This is bullshit.

Most Wii U game cases are blue. Nintendo made the mistake of not using Blu Ray cases though it generally did a terrible job of differentiating itself from Wii so no surprises there. If Nintendo exclusively uses game cards for NX, it definitely should use smaller game cases in addition to a different color. Not does this help distinguish and distance NX from Wii and Wii U, but it also saves money on packaging and shipping. It doesn't seem like much looking at an individual game, but multiply that a few million times and the savings adds up which also helps drive the cost of Game cards are smaller and inherently more durable than optical discs. They don't need big, hard cases. 3DS game cases are noticably thinner and lighter due to using fewer materials than DS cases, mainly because they don't need to. In fact, 3DS cases are probably too big.

Nintendo shouldn't make the game cases too small because it stands to make NX games look insignificant. Packaging is important in the retail space. When facing forward on shelves, the box art should be large enough to draw attention to itself without consumers having to lean on and squint.

Honestly, indigo. Just the game cases, not the actual console (black should be marketed for obvious reasons even if Nintendo released different colors). It's eye catching. The only potential problem is that Kinect cases were purple.

This sounds a bit contradictory: If most people want new games, how would ports help sell a system?
With NX, Nintendo has to hit hard and fast to build some momentum. All signs point to Nintendo consolidating its efforts on the console and handheld fronts. That will help with the software droughts but all those teams have to make the transition. An enhanced port of the latest Super Smash Bros. would supplement NX's lineup. Judging by Wii U's sales, a lot of people didn't get to experience the game. A port alone probably isn't enough to convince someone to invest in a brand new console, but that isn't the point. Couple it with some combination of new installments from Nintendo's other heavy hitters and NX starts looking far more attractive. Wii U's best first party game for like eight months was New Super Mario Bros. U. A decent title but it needed so much more.

If Nintendo ever hopes to get better third party support, it's going to have to earn it. There's no better way of getting their attention than by selling a bunch of hardware. No guarantees, obviously, but a larger user base improves its chances.

Meh, I'd rather new systems have new games.
As would most. I'd rather have an enhanced port than nothing. And if a Super Smash Bros. for NX helps Nintendo sell more consoles, there's a much better chance of it getting those new games.

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