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The Switch has already fixed most of the Wii U's biggest problem, (name, design, marketing and first year game lineup)
though some rumors put it near Xbox One in terms of performance
So Nintendo's new console is less powerful than something that's been out for four years. Why does this seem familiar? The Switch lacks the hardware or library to compete with PS 4 /Xbox one in the home, and as for the portable aspect, sure, we all own 3DSs and probably still play them quite regularly (I do, currently play M & L Dream Team) but this is a Nintendo-centric message board. The portable console market is evaporating and is being quickly replaced with mobile phones. The Switch is a niche product and will sell well to a niche audience (us) but niche doesn't sell in the multiples of tens of millions. I honestly think that 15 million might be generous.
That's some pretty egregious selective quoting there. If that's how you're going about this discussion, count me out.

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Not a hater but... (future prediction)
« on: December 04, 2016, 12:35:11 PM »
Even with more information, we'd still just be guessing. That said, for reasons already stated, I just can't see Switch struggling to reach 15 million lifetime sales.

I'm not worried because I will seldom use Switch as a handheld. Ignoring personal usage for the sake of discussion, I hope for 10 but would consider anything less than six hours to be disappointing. I was spoiled as a kid. Nintendo handhelds used to get over 10 hours of battery life. While that would be nice, I've been using 3DS since 2011 which typically lasted four to five hours. Basically, I'm of the mind of "do better than 3DS."

Nintendo Console Discussion / Re: Not a hater but... (future prediction)
« on: December 04, 2016, 12:08:00 PM »
The Switch has already fixed most of the Wii U's biggest problem, (name, design, marketing and first year game lineup)
I'd even put hardware on there. I'm not even talking about power though some rumors put it near Xbox One in terms of performance which is nothing short of a miracle on a handheld. The fact that Nintendo finally ditching PowerPC is one of the most important things going for Switch. Almost everything supports ARM these days. That decision alone will save a lot of people a lot of headaches, both at third parties and within Nintendo.

Anyway, even before January's full unveiling, at this juncture I consider anything less than 3DS-family sales to be underperforming for Switch. Underperforming also doesn't mean failure. If it ended up with 50 million units sold, that's still good, but it should still sell more. After next year, Switch will have almost all of Nintendo's first party output. To me, that's more than enough to push it over 15 million sales. Nintendo might get that in Switch's first year.

I plan on buying almost all first party Wii U ports but definitely not for $60. That can get right the **** out of my face.

Bethesda hasn't had a strong (any?) presence on Nintendo platforms. It should use Skyrim as its Trojan Horse into Nintendo fans' homes. I think the magic number is $30. The price of entry should be lower to encourage people to bite. I would even try Skyrim at $30. Selling lower at launch (window), giving people a taste of Bethesda content makes it easier to justify a brand new $60 game in the future. We already know how the alternative will shake out. The goodwill of selling a six year old game at fair perceived value should go a long way. If it doesn't, well, that supports if not at least partially validates the notion that third party games, particularly Western third party games, generally do not sell well on Nintendo platforms.

However, none of those points address the people that have wasted(?) the Wii U's life waiting for games and now want something new.
None of my points were supposed to. They were meant to explain how important it is for Nintendo to have enough content to attract people who dismissed Wii U and would be inclined to dismiss Switch if it's life starts similarly the way its predecessor did (e.g. immediate software drought).

Nintendo hasn't stopped making new games. You may be underestimating three things:

1. Ports don't require nearly the same development resources as a new games therefore those teams are either split or the port was handed off to a different team (e.g. Tantalus)
2. 3DS develop is also winding down. Despite what Nintendo keeps telling people, 3DS is likely getting phased out within a year.
3. Once that happens, Nintendo will be developing primarily for one platform with mobile taking up far fewer resources.

That said, if you want new games, you'll get plenty of them eventually. In the first year or so, you're just going to get a lot of last generation ports, but when was the last time that hasn't been true?
Why buy one at launch when the system will arguably sell for the exact same price down the line with a much better and likely "Select-ified" library two or three years down the line? Why buy it at launch when I already own the games they're releasing for it...
Exactly. You don't have to buy one at launch, and no one is making you. You don't have to begrudgingly do anything. Just don't buy one right away. If you do buy one at launch, that's on you which isn't an indictment. For the betterment of its new platform, Nintendo needs more than the people who are already planning on buying it.
And of course if the Wii U library was such a system seller then the Switch wouldn't exist and we would be talking about upcoming Wii U releases.
You'd have to change a lot of things about Wii U to reasonably make that point.
But I also have the Iansane fear tendrils about how a port-laden Switch launch period could encourage a certain narrative among the gaming press/commentariat that could smother the system in the crib.
Releasing a bunch of ports and padding the lineup is exactly what Sony and Microsoft did so if people give Nintendo **** over that, Nintendo is damned no matter what it does.

Nice straw man, Evan.

5 ports of Wii U games in the first 6 months is overkill and makes me want to buy the console at launch less than before. I need to see new games and those new games need to be sprinkled in with ports of old stuff.
The cumulative effect here is making me question whether I need the console in the first year
Nintendo is probably okay with this if it means convincing everyone else that Switch is a fresh start for the company and the new platform is viable. Neither of you are saying you don't want Switch. Rather, you may not want it right away which is a completely reasonable and justifiable position. That's an important distinction because the other side decided Wii U was not worth their time or money. And it doesn't mean Nintendo is turning its backs on Wii U owners, particularly early adopters. It means Nintendo understands that a platform can't succeed with 13 million units sold.

Lack of content was one of the main reason Wii U faltered its two years. If Nintendo can use what probably comes out to three actual years of Wii U content to prop up Switch and make it appealing to people who dismissed the platform those games originally released on, it will already do better on Switch than it did on Wii U.

Ports are the reality of every system's early life. There are still some decent exclusives and original titles. It's good for Nintendo to get the ports out sooner rather than later. Consumers get some of the best of Wii U's lineup on a more promising platform. Nintendo is essentially telling people not to even bother trying to find Wii U on the cheap. Skip it and get the better versions on Switch. That's a really smart move even if a fraction of Wii U owners will refuse to buy the ports outright.

The key is to not treat them as brand new games. They should be $50 or less and feature some marketing label that admits they're ports without drawing attention to the fact that they were Wii U games. "Remastered" isn't bad per se, just a little cliche. Maybe something like "Switch Essentials," "Enhanced for Nintendo Switch," or "Better on Switch."

Nintendo's entire back catalog up to Wii should be on Virtual Console within a year, if not sooner. It's entire Wii U output should be ported within two years between new titles. Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Switch, and Super Mario Maker should be the priority as launch or launch window ports. The rest should pad the release schedule for those first two years.

I'd probably buy enhanced Switch ports of all first party and exclusive titles. It's probably a waste of money even if I get the ports on sale. I'll always remember Wii U fondly, but I have limited TV stand space. Wii U will be a fun collector's item.

I'm not sure a team that hasn't won a playoff series in like 15 years should be making jokes about anyone.

Again, I'm not even a Warriors fan, but since neither the Lakers nor the Sixers are likely going anywhere this year, all this 3-1 taunting kind of makes me want to see the Warriors steamroll through the playoffs and sweep the Cavaliers in the finals. I don't even want it to be close. I want a 16-0 playoff run and the NBA losing millions in advertising for that nonsense last season.

I'm all for this crossover if it somehow involves Nintendo helping Ubisoft stave off a Vivendi takeover.

Also, Rayman as a secret optional party member.

I want a 3D Mario with stages based on the Mario Kart tracks that aren't based on Mario stages (e.g. Music Park, Dragon Driftway)

Given the number of times Miyamoto has upended the tea table, I'm not convinced Nintendo is overly concerned with sunk cost, and in this case, particularly considering it's still releasing another version that's a lot more important to the company moving forward. Nintendo wouldn't be losing that much. Even though the Switch version will inevitably sell better, I think it's better for Nintendo to cancel the Wii U version anyway. Any Wii U owners upset by Nintendo cancelling that version will ultimately buy it on Switch regardless of all of their online vitriol and posturing of boycotts.

Still, Nintendo wants to honor the promise of releasing Breath of the Wild on Wii U which is admirable if misguided. Reassign anyone working on the Wii U version to the Switch version (or a different project) and get the game out. The damage has been done. The problem wouldn't be that the Wii U version got cancelled but that Wii U bombed and forced Nintendo to regroup with a new platform. Nintendo's goal should be focusing on releasing the best new console it can, not keeping an old platform riddled with issues on life support for a subset of fans who would forgive the company so long as it proved that it learned from past mistakes. Getting a big title like Breath of the Wild out sooner rather than later is a good start.

Blake Jorgensen didn't say launch and without a timeline, this could be just about anything. It could be FIFA due to its popularity. EA has released FIFA around September/October for like the past decade so releasing a game within six months of Switch's launch isn't a bad goal. Ideally, any third parties committing to Switch support should be aiming for something new and something soon after if not at launch.

Otherwise, it could be Star Wars Battlefront 2 though that probably won't release until November 2017. Despite what the developers say about current plans, Mass Effect: Andromeda makes the most sense as a launch window title granted its development stays on schedule.

Personally, I just want a new NBA Jam, but I'm just being selfish.

$250 seems like it could be the "No Dock" set. It's still better to get to that price. I'll get whatever has a better value. I'm single and have two cats. I have nothing better to do with my life than buy the more expensive set.

In a few months, we'll see a new poster going by the username "TheGreatSaiyaman." He'll sound remarkably like MysticGohan, but he's a completely different person.

General Chat / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:24:34 AM »
What was wrong with The Arrival?
He said it was dull twice.

I'm mentally and financially planning on $300. I think $250 is the magic number though. Switch will sell competitively at that price, but I'd be surprised to see Nintendo get it that low.

TalkBack / Re: How Nintendo Can Sell a New Handheld Alongside Switch
« on: November 06, 2016, 05:56:07 AM »
Nintendo releasing another platform defeats the purpose of unifying its platform. That said, if Nintendo releases another piece of hardware, it has to fit into Iwata's "brothers in a family of systems" paradigm. Nintendo can release a stripped down Switch Mini of sorts, but it still, ultimately, has to be a Nintendo Switch that plays all Nintendo Switch games.

The Lakers defeated The Warriors by 20. Again.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:55:11 PM »
Son of a whore, Apple didn't announce a new iMac. Apparently, that is being announced in January presumably so Apple can get Kaby Lake in there. Fine. I've been meaning to restart my comic, but I've been waiting until to get a new Mac. A few more months won't kill me.

That Touch Bar though. I was thinking of getting a MacBook Pro as well, but not for $2400. I can wait for the price to go down on the new, redesigned models.

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo: No Additional Switch Information In 2016
« on: October 20, 2016, 10:09:35 PM »

Just because Nintendo tweeted today that there will not be anymore information until the end of the year, doesn't mean that decision will stick.
Nah, it's going to stick. Otherwise, why tweet it at all? 
It is not Nintendo's style to reveal and talk about specs.
Maybe that's why it should this time.
It is also not Nintendo's style to talk about games that won't be available to play until next year.
Ehh, Nintendo does this all the time. For example, it announced Xenoblade Chronicles X in January 2013, nearly three years before finally releasing the game. Same goes for Breath of the Wild.

It's a domino tile dropped in an empty room or at least with an echo effect added to it.

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