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Scouting Potential DLC For Fire Emblem: Engage

The Modern And The Moneymakers

by Donald Theriault - January 9, 2023, 8:00 am EST

I hear Candlejack is actually from Va-

Fire Emblem: Awakening: Chrom

Why they’re here: Since the main game used a second-generation unit (Lucina) as the representative, I wanted to go first generation with the DLC rep for Awakening. Chrom got the slot since I was worried if we put the Robins in, they’d end up possessed - and Chrom has a potentially unique effect.

What they could do: I’m ripping off his “A Fate Changed” ability from Heroes for this; the Chrom bearer can reposition a unit, but also copy any stat buffs that the repositioned unit has and then initiate combat. Perfect for those “tank everything in sight” strats if the weapon triangle is in your favor.

Other possibilities: Aside from the aforementioned Robins - which thankfully, Engage has already confirmed the “Fell Dragon” will be someone else - there’s always the fanservice possibility of Tharja.

Fire Emblem: Fates: Azura

Why they’re here: They’re the deuteragonist (second most important character) in Fates behind Corrin, and are a major driver of the plot in that game - and the only other alternatives might be too big to handle as units.

What they could do: Multi-target unit refreshing dates back to at least the Herons of the Radiant games, but it usually required units to be right up against the refresher. A potential Azura ring could offer a refresh to any ability in a wide range (maybe three spaces in each direction) or, if it must be adjacent, offer an extra two squares of movement for a turn.

Other possibilities: It could either be two rings to represent the two royal families you fight between in their entirety… or they just cut the knot and use Camilla, she’s the main one people care about anyway for two specific reasons.

Fire Emblem: Heroes: Alfonse

Why they’re here: Because Sakurai said Heroes counts as a mainline game, and Alfonse is the main lord of that game. (And if you don’t think the mobile game counts, some of Shadows of Valentia’s soon-to-disappear DLC involves spinoff characters, specifically four people who debuted in the Fire Emblem 0/Cipher children’s card game.)

What they could do: The bearer’s weapon turns into a bench that Alfonse is sitting on and every hit goes critical Alfonse’s trademark skill in Heroes, “Open the Future”, adds 50% of his Defense to the attack and restores HP equal to a quarter of the resulting damage. In the context of a DLC ring, they’d probably want to add a minimum recovery of 5 HP or so.

Other possibilities: Since it sure as hell won’t be Alfonse’s sister Sharena, we’ll instead go with Al’s mortal enemy -> teeth-clenched ally -> friend -> lover Veronica who was actually playable in frickin’ Dragalia Lost before her main version became playable in the mobile game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Hopes: Shez (either one)

Why they’re here: We already have the house lords of Three Houses as DLC, so it’s the game that needs another entry the least - but what about an ad for the main Three Houses spinoff game? The only question becomes which gender of Shez gets the lead slot, which may rely on another avatar (Robin?) getting in with one gender leaving the other to our favourite dumb muscle. Most likely, female Shez would come along with male Robin - and before you ask about the first avatar, Kris from New Mystery, everyone hates Kris.

What they could do: Sigurd’s Override attack, except add a (luck*2)% chance of insta-killing all the enemies in the way, would basically be their Shadowblade attack from Three Hopes.

Other possibilities: Arval possessing another person would be funny - bonus points for equipping their ring on Rosado, one of Hortensia’s retainers who is also androgynous as hell. If we must get one more Three Houses unit in, Hilda seems to be the non-lord who gets the most love from Intelligent Systems, but Yuri (from the Cindered Shadows DLC) would provide the last “house leader” AND be a neat meta-joke.


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