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Choose Your Own Nintendo Financials News

by Neal Ronaghan - July 30, 2014, 9:21 am PDT
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Depending on who you ask, Wii U sales are good or bad. So we made a way to figure it out.

With news of Nintendo's financials from the first quarter of the 2014 fiscal year (running from April 2014 to June 2014) hitting, I noticed dueling takeaways from it. As with pretty much everything related to Nintendo sales these days, there's always a positive way and a negative way to look at things. Sure, Wii U sales might be up 300% from the same time last year, but last year was really miserable.

Instead of writing another editorial about Nintendo's sales, I decided to take another approach. I created a Choose Your Own Adventure game courtesy of Twine. Enjoy!


SorenJuly 30, 2014

Bravo Neal.

xcwarriorJuly 30, 2014

Wasn't as long as I was hoping, but that was unique and different. A for effort, C on execution.

Nintendo's not going bankrupt any time soon, and they probably will break even this year. So let's all not think, "Nintendo is doomed" or "Nintendo is dominating" anytime soon.

Fatty The HuttJuly 30, 2014

All articles should be written this way from now on. It'll give the site a real identity!

ShyGuyJuly 30, 2014

I did it like I used to read all the choose your own adventure books. I chose my path then went back and read all the alternatives. The sinners were punished and I am satisfied.

JonJuly 30, 2014

well played, sir.

what i like about this is that i can continue to ignore all the business hullabaloo that we, as gamers, too often get hung up on. let's just play some games.

Triforce HermitJuly 30, 2014

This was an interesting editorial. Yeah I'll agree it could have been a bit longer, but it was a really good.

jarodeaJuly 30, 2014

Very cool Neal.  I would say I'm in hell playing Wand of Gamelon over and over but in true choose your own adventure style I ended up reading a Wii U release list instead.

geckog7July 30, 2014

Nice! Good job, I liked this article!

ClexYoshiJuly 30, 2014

Aw hell yeah! time for the Flowers of Robert Maplethorpe! Really though, consideirng the PC is the platform that brought us Doom and Rule 34, I'm not surprised a demon took my soul.

OblivionJuly 31, 2014

This is far better than Top Ten lists.

ejamerJuly 31, 2014

Fantastic job. I got a release list. Even though I'm focusing on backlog for now, October will bring a lot of highly anticipated (by me) gaming!

ShyGuyAugust 01, 2014

Quote from: Oblivion

This is far better than Top Ten lists.


I can't read the article on the computer i'm using, but generally speaking, if a company feels the need to report sales increases by % instead of numbers, i'd suggest the sales increase isn't that impressive.

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