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PGC Annnounces Dream Game Revolution Contest!

by Karl Castaneda - September 30, 2005, 9:00 pm PDT
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UPDATE: The contest has now ended.

As of now, we are no longer accepting submissions. Due to the high amount of game ideas sent in, it may take a few days before the winner is notified. Soon after this, though, the content will be visible online. Thank you again if you sent in an entry. And, of course, a big thanks to Nintendo of America for donating a Game Boy Micro, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

On September 15th, we all got to feast our eyes on Nintendo's revolutionary

new controller, nunchucks and all. And just as we saw a slew of opinions

come from the development community and the media, I'm sure you saw your own

gaming dreams come to life in the advent of learning the interface's

innovative qualities.

Well, now it's time to put those ideas to the test. Until midnight Eastern

Time, October 1st, 2005, PGC will be accepting submissions in the


Games section. Only one will be selected to be published, so make sure

you've hammered out all of the fine points - being specific is key! Also,

make sure to abide by the following rules:

  • Must take advantage of the innovative features of the Revolution's


  • No images (just text will do).

  • No attachments (copy/paste the article into the email).

  • No existing franchises may be used (be creative!).

  • You can create your own attachment peripherals only if it's logical

    and can be sold at a reasonable price.

  • Not open to PGC staff members or their immediate families.

  • Submissions must be original and unique and are limited to one per

    contestant. Anyone found to be submitting multiple entries will be

    immediately disqualified.

  • By submitting an entry, you grant Planet GameCube the right to publish your

    written entry. Planet GameCube makes no claim of ownership of the actual

    game design concepts.

  • The winning entry will be decided by members of the Planet GameCube

    staff, whose decisions are final.

If being published at PGC isn't enough for you, Nintendo of America has

graciously donated a Game Boy Micro to the contest. Play GBA games on the

brightest screen the Big N has ever released while admiring your work on

Planet GameCube. Does it get any better? Actually, yes! Along with this

brand new handheld, Nintendo is also including two of the best games on the

system: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and Fire Emblem: The Sacred

Stones. And in case you're not a resident of the United States, we're opening up this contest to our entire audience, worldwide. PGC would like to thank Nintendo for donating such a great prize -

this is going to make winning all the more sweet for one lucky (and

creative) reader out there.

Send us your submission now!


KnowsNothingSeptember 23, 2005

Sounds like a fun challenge! face-icon-small-thumbsup.gif


No images (just text will do).

This is roar, will including images disqualify a contestant, or are you just implying that including images won't give you any advantage. I've already got an idea going that may need an image to help explain.

Karl Castaneda #2September 23, 2005

The reason that we're not encouraging images is so that artistic talent doesn't come into play - just creativity. If at all possible, just explain the idea as best you can through words.

But to answer your question, you won't be disqualified for including an image. It'll just be discounted as if it weren't there.

mantidorSeptember 23, 2005

so... is this like the awesome contest last year where everyone in the world was elligible for the contest? Somthing tells me it isnt.

KnowsNothingSeptember 23, 2005


This is fun face-icon-small-happy.gif I just typed up an entire idea and made a few diagrams non-stop since my last post in this thread. Of course, I've got a week for more ideas to come so I'm not going to send it in just yet. I just better not forget.....

KDR_11kSeptember 23, 2005

All submissions become the property of Planet GameCube but will not be used without the author's express permission.

I prefer wordings like "By submitting your entry you greant us an unrestricted and irrevocable license to reprint your submission text" because that means I could still do what I just wrote and not be liable for cpyright infringement. Never mind that copyright is non-transferrable in some jurisdictions.

The submission, as in what you write, becomes property of PGC...not the concept itself. We're not a development firm, so we have no interest in the actual concepts. We'll clarify the wording there.

This contest is open to PGC readers around the world. I've asked Karl to update the article to that effect.

KDR_11kSeptember 23, 2005

The problem I see is what is the derivative work there? An idea in my head does not fall under copyright yet, until I write it down or implement it it isn't protected. The submission would be the first work based on this IP and any game would be a derivative work thereof, entitling PGC to royalties. Unless I type out the design document first, then reword it and submit it. Anything I didn't mention in the original document would belong to PGC as well.

Also, I think IP can only be transferred from an individual to a corporation through a work-for-hire contract (US law) or not at all (EU law, work-for-hire grants the employer a license to the IP from what I heard, they have to renegotiate it if the employee is let go and another game is made using that asset), saying "you transfer the copyright to us by submitting" wouldn't work in some of the jurisdictions involved. "You grant us a license" would be valid in all jurisdictions and cause much less trouble (well, okay, it wouldn't match your copyright footer...).

RABicleSeptember 23, 2005


Originally posted by: Jonnyboy117
The submission, as in what you write, becomes property of PGC...not the concept itself. We're not a development firm, so we have no interest in the actual concepts.

I've heard rumours to the contrary concerning various staff.

Regardless I don't care. Should any PGC member who is actually Reggie acting under an alias like "Justin Nation*" (lol what kind of last name is that?) take my idea and make a game of it. Playing the game will be a reward in itself.

*Yeah I know, he isn't really Reggie, and doens't work for you anymore.

Karl Castaneda #2September 24, 2005

Article has been adjusted accordingly. Oh, and mantidor, it's worldwide.

KDR_11kSeptember 24, 2005

Great, thanks. Now, to the drawing board...

BigJimSeptember 24, 2005

Disclaimer: Past/present/future staff might have been/might be/will be employed by a developer in the past/present/future. All your submission are belong to PGC.

As the saying goes, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being watched.

Karl Castaneda #2September 24, 2005

I just finished reading a half-dozen of these submissions. A couple of them are awesome! The winner is really gonna have to come up with something special.

miedoSeptember 24, 2005

No existing franchises may be used (be creative!).

There goes my Power Rangers idea. We must defeat Hurricane Rita Replusa with the Megazord!

Oh well, off to the cutter.

If you're worried about legal problems of copyright, despite the changes we've made to the contest rules, then the only safe thing to do is to abstain from the contest or submit only ideas that you have no intention of ever forming into a real game. I don't think we can make the rules language any clearer or more protective without paying a lawyer to edit it.

Random_Black_DudeSeptember 24, 2005

I think it'd be better as a 'Design a Microgame for Wario Ware Rev" contest. I could do that.

miedoSeptember 24, 2005


Originally posted by: Random_Black_Dude
I think it'd be better as a 'Design a Microgame for Wario Ware Rev" contest. I could do that.
It'd be too easy to just copy the gold digger minigame. Up...down...up...down

Oh wait, that resembles something else.

wanderingSeptember 24, 2005

"No existing franchises may be used (be creative!). "

So much for 'Super Bowser World' idea.

"....or submit only ideas that you have no intention of ever forming into a real game."

Yeah, that's what I'm planning on doing. It'll probably never happen, but I do dream of designing games someday....

DjunknownSeptember 24, 2005

Is there any standard format? I'm guessing there'll be some who write their ideas a la 5 paragraph essay, some in a resume format, and maybe some odd combination of the two.

Do you want just a bare bones project in which you just explain how the controller will work, or do you want a little backstory to go with it?

Good luck to all the applicants! Can't wait to see what crazy ideas PGC'ers will come up with face-icon-small-thumbsup.gif

Karl Castaneda #2September 24, 2005

Let me put it this way. The more detail you have the better chance you'll have what we're looking for. If you need specific guidance, look at the Dream Games on-site. That should give you a good idea as to what format you should use. The best ones I've read so far mimic that style pretty closely.

Tuxedo.BondSeptember 25, 2005


KnowsNothingSeptember 25, 2005

VG's talking about this. That's the suggested formatting for your entry, but do whatever you want, it's the ideas inside that count.

DasmosSeptember 25, 2005

Can multiple entries be submitted? Or have I just not read where it said only one entry per entrant.

Karl Castaneda #2September 25, 2005

KnowsNothing is correct. If you're completely lost as to how you should go about it, use the previous Dream Games to guide you. But if you feel like formatting it differently and can still explain your game well, go for it. I've gotten a couple that are designed very differently and are fantastic.

Speaking of recieved entries, I've gotten quite a bit. Must be around 30 now. I've read some really great ideas, too. Keep 'em coming, guys.

KnowsNothingSeptember 25, 2005

Out of curisotiy mostly, about how long are most entries? Also, should I be creating a complete game with characters and a story, or just be explaining the premise and gameplay? Will including those kinds of details help me?

Not that I think I really have a chance anyway tpg.gif

Karl Castaneda #2September 25, 2005

Length of the average entry? They're kinda all over the place. Some are around 600 words - I've got one that's well over 2000. If you want to include characters and a story, it would definitely help me understand the premise for the game. After all, we're not asking for Dream Gameplay, we're asking for an actual game. Now, these characters and the story don't need to be totally fleshed out. Just give a good idea of what's going on. And like I said, the more detail you have, the better.

And I think you should definitely send in an entry. What've you got to lose?

KnowsNothingSeptember 25, 2005

Oh, I'm definitely going to send in an entry, I just don't think I have much of a chance. I have BEST confidence in myself!

Now, I'm off to go create some characters!

Hostile CreationSeptember 25, 2005

What are you looking for exactly? A game that's based around the Revolution controller (like a fishing simulator or a swordfight) or an original game that's relatively traditional but utilizes the Revolution controller well?
I have a possibility for the latter, but the first is one that I'd need way more than a week to think out, flesh out, and perfect. So I'll probably just go with the latter, if that's okay.

Karl Castaneda #2September 25, 2005

Anything you want. I make my decisions based on how fun, feasible, and fleshed out your idea is. My top submissions are very different from each other, so there's nothing in particular that you have to include. I've read games from traditional genres that make great use of the controller that have really wowed me, but I've also seen a bunch of stuff that really intrigues me that isn't like anything I've seen or played before - stuff that doesn't have stories or characters, because they wouldn't need them. Your best bet is to think of a great, innovative game that you'd love to play and go from there.

Do you think you guys will be publishing all the submittals you've received? This is a veritable smorgasbord of creativity and innovation right here in this contest and I'd be might jealous of you PGC staffers if you kept this wealth all to yourselves!

~Carmine M. Red

DasmosSeptember 25, 2005

^^Points to my above post^^

Can we submit multiple entries?

Hostile CreationSeptember 25, 2005

No you may not, specifically says one entry per person. face-icon-small-smile.gif

DasmosSeptember 25, 2005

Could I have missed an bigger dotpoint? No...thanks for clearing it up thought HC. I could have been disqualified.

KnowsNothingSeptember 26, 2005

I told my friend about my idea today, he thought it sucked.

Things are looking up!

Also, Kairon, I plan on making a thread about our ideas in the Rev forum after the deadline or after the winner has been announced (probably the prior, seems more fun). PGC is only publishing one entry, that doesn't mean the rest have to be kept a secret.


Originally posted by: KnowsNothing
VG's talking about this. That's the suggested formatting for your entry, but do whatever you want, it's the ideas inside that count.

Wow thanks for the link, I'd completely forgotten about that article. It's always fun to read an article you wrote but don't remember what it says.

wanderingSeptember 29, 2005

Good article, I remember that one. Yeesh, that was a long time ago.

Anyway, a question from last minute me: does the entry have to be in by midnight TONIGHT, or the night after?

Karl Castaneda #2September 30, 2005


Aww that's not right! &<

Eastern time or Pacific?

~Carmine M. Red

KnowsNothingSeptember 30, 2005


Until midnight Eastern Time, October 1st, 2005

Karl Castaneda #2September 30, 2005

Heh, I don't think I could take another day. I mean, I love hearing the great ideas you guys are coming up with, but when I have to read 15+ entries that are 2+ pages every night after a long day at school? Well, I don't have to tell you how tired I am by the end of it...

But it's all worth it, yep. It's all worth it when that lucky winner gets to unleash their fury on a Game Boy Micro.

Hostile CreationSeptember 30, 2005

I was going to submit something but I've had to edit this documentary all week and, well, it's just been hectic. Class was cancelled Monday and Tuesday because of Hurricane Rita and now I'm having to make up for it.
So I'd like to, but I'll keep my ideas to myself for now. And I wouldn't want to take the GB Micro away from someone who wants it more than me (I'm not particularly interested). face-icon-small-wink.gif

wanderingSeptember 30, 2005

.....oh vell. Couldn't finish in time.
I'll just stash my idea away in my secret ideas chest, ready for use when I become a successful billionaire video game designer.

Good look to everyone who entered.

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