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Episode 348: Wait, Was 2022 a Bad Year?

by Alex de Freitas, John Rairdin, and Neal Ronaghan - December 2, 2022, 2:18 pm EST
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At least we'll always have Chris Pratt.

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After catching up on some listener mail, it is time to get further hyped for the Mario movie. It looks weirdly good. Then its back to enjoying Pokemon despite thinking it is terrible, and a review of 2022's game output. Is there hope in 2023?

This episode was edited by Alex de Freitas


Cool Uncle VinceDecember 06, 2022

I feel like we're also hitting that general malaise as a system reaches end-of-life, regardless if Nintendo has a successor announced.  We're finishing Year 6.  This is just like Wii circa 2010-2012, where there's a few good games but I'm looking at other options (then Steam, now Steam Deck).

Also, I think Nintendo is probably holding things back for a Switch 2 launch in 2024, namely Mario Kart 9 and a mainline Mario.

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