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Episode 325: Metroid Prime Federation Force and the Future

by Alex de Freitas, John Rairdin, and Neal Ronaghan - June 10, 2022, 2:35 pm EDT
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RoyboyX of Shinesparkers joins us to talk about the past and future of Metroid Prime.

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John and Neal wanted to talk about Metroid Prime Federation Force and dream of Metroid Prime 4. So who better to do that with than RoyboyX, the Deputy Creative Director of Shinesparkers? The fellas share their initially impressions and experiences with Metroid Prime Federation Force, and how it holds up in a modern context. Of course you can't talk about Federation Force without talking about Metroid Prime as a whole, and that includes the illusive fourth entry.

Check out more of RoyboyX on Shinesparkers. This episode was edited by Alex de Freitas.

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