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News Digest - May 4, 2012

by Patrick Barnett and Alex Culafi - May 4, 2012, 10:15 am PDT
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Patrick and Alex take a look at Call of Duty, Nintendo Downloads, and Kid Icarus controls.

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Welcome to our second edition of the News Digest, a show we are delivering twice weekly. Patrick is joined this time by Alex Culafi to discuss some interesting news stories from the past few days.

To get things started we delve into all the Call of Duty: Black Ops II rumors. We also talk Nintendo Downloads, Sakurai on Kid Icarus controls, and some Wii Virtual Console news.

As always, let us know what you think about this new show.


Retro DeckadesMay 04, 2012

Hey guys. I wanted to let you know that I definitely support the idea of having some mid-week news podcasts here at NWR, but please don't feel obligated to keep the podcast only 15 minutes long. Essentially, news is great, but the discussion of the news is what I am more interested in. So unless the time constraint is a result of the host' schedule, please feel free to go well beyond 15 minutes. Perhaps you can lead off by listing the top stories so that people know what they are, and then move into discussing them. Anywho, keep up the great work!

15 minutes is a hard limit I intend to enforce. It was at the forefront of the planning for this because we wanted to have a quick turnaround. I understand you might want more, but it's not possible without other aspects of the site suffering (since active writers/editors of the staff are working on this).

If we want to get the product out quickly, then we need to keep it contained. As it stands, with Patrick and me editing, this is almost an entire night of work for one person each night. Obviously our editing skills will improve and will get into a groove, but we'll tackle that as we develop this.

I'm not opposed to going past 15 minutes in the future, but I'm opposed to going past it in this pre-E3 test phase.

Kytim89May 04, 2012

Will you still do news segments on Connectivity?

Not regularly.

Keep in mind that two 15 minute segments a week is roughly the same amount of content you'd get in a Connectivity news segments. Now, it's just more timely. It also allows Connectivity to be more focused on original segments instead of being bogged down by a weekly news segment.

zeeroidMay 06, 2012

I like this idea quite a bit, actually. Keeps things more current and a bit easier to digest, so to speak.

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