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Inside The Bubble: Oct 27 - Nov 02, 2012

by Ariel Ruff - November 2, 2012, 9:28 pm EDT
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This week's Inside The Bubble... Iwata games, Super Punch-Out, Digital Deluxe Program, leaks, and more in under 5 minutes.

Week 13 - (October 26 - November 02)

List of Topics Covered:
Iwata Still Wants to Make Games
Super Punch-Out Is In the Club
New Wii U Nintendo Direct Coming Soon
Digital Deluxe Program Explained
Dragon Quest VII on the 3DS?
Treasure Working on a 3DS Game
First Wii U Ad Revealed
COD Black OPS 2 Only Coming to the Wii U
Wii U Browser Scores High
NWR Telethon for the Kids!

Inside The Bubble is an end of the week rundown of the top Nintendo news stories brought to you under five minutes... sometimes ten. The show is hosted, produced, and directed by Nintendo World Report's Ariel "910Norex" Ruff, a new member of the NWR team and former owner of his own Nintendo related news website. While the show is news focused primarily, Inside The Bubble also covers various Nintendo rumors, happenings, and NWR features to check out. You can catch Inside The Bubble every Saturday morning (EST) for an update on what you might have missed in the world of Nintendo and a guaranteed laugh... just one though. And yes, chuckles count!

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