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Pizza Titan Ultra (Switch) Review

by David Lloyd - October 22, 2018, 12:46 pm PDT
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All work and no play makes Mario a dull boy.

As an avid RPG fan, I know firsthand how exhausting it can be playing too many serious games in a row. Just like a healthy diet, you need to sneak in a little comfort food every once in awhile, like say a 12-inch deep dish with extra pepperoni. Pizza Titan Ultra is an excellent option if you’re looking to blow off some steam, as it doesn’t take anything serious, from the missions to the cutscenes and everything in between across the hours of robot stomping fun.

As the new pilot of the Kaiju-like pizza cooking MegaZord, you’re tasked with getting piping-hot pizzas to paying customers while dishing out justice to the evil Cheezbot army. The evil Cheezborg, owner of a previous pizzeria rival, has built up a legion of robot henchmen hellbent on revenge against the city for rejecting their bland pizza. While all the customers are spoofs of pop culture figures, instead of trying to invoke nostalgia like so many others, customers are portrayed as goofy caricatures meant to be laughed at.

Delivering pizza isn’t the only task to complete a mission, demolishing neighbourhoods, eliminating noisy helicopters, and finding missing ingredients are just some of the different goals to move on to the next chapter. The one constant is that whatever your current goal is, it’ll be accomplished in the 10-story pizza-baking mech. Movement is smooth with a number of different ways to attack: punching, slide kick, airborne helicopter punch, or you can even jump up and stomp the enemy into oblivion. Piloting the Pizza Titan reminded me a lot of my days playing Blast Corps on the Nintendo 64. It felt very reminiscent of the J-Bomb and Thunderfist, almost like a combination of the two.

If the default setup of the Pizza Titan isn’t ostentatious enough for you, a well-stocked garage provides upgrades to customize the pizzeria. Add some giant wings, a Tesla coil backpack, or even some slick shades to add some flair to your ride. Most of the upgrades are superficial but a few will unlock a power-up that can be used in missions. The Titan begins with a speed boost, but other upgrades like an Iron Man-style chest cannon or a electronic shield are available with specific upgrades.

Early missions are pretty easy while you get used to the controls. Objectives are geared towards maximizing the fun factor and it’s really not until the midway point that the challenge increases. Even in late chapters, objectives become more complicated but it’s more served as a means of keeping the gameplay fresh than providing a significant challenge. Levels are designed in a way that optimal paths are marked with items drops but the objective can be completed any way you like. The most noticeable omission is the lack of a map that would have been helpful in the levels requiring you to find certain items.

The indie surge on the Switch has provided a steady stream of excellent games to play in between the big Nintendo titles. A lot of the recent releases have been in genres that have been oversaturated in recent months so it’s nice to get something fresh and fun. Pizza Titan Ultra is a fun and colorful break when you’ve got the blues from playing too many dark and serious titles in a row.


  • Can personalize the look of the Titan
  • Causing havoc and delivering pizza in a giant robot
  • Colorful visuals and fun personalities
  • Experienced a little slow down on late levels with a lot of enemies
  • No maps

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Genre Action
Developer Breakfall

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na: Pizza Titan Ultra
Release Oct 19, 2018
RatingEveryone 10+
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