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April 30, 2002

What makes us tick?

by Billy Berghammer - 10:48 pm EDT
Source: GameCube Advanced

What makes Nintendo web editors and writers feel the love? You'll have to check out these interviews!

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Ok, this really wasn't intended to be a shameless plug for a website that interviewed me but.....

GameCube Advanced interviewed Steven Kent (MSNBC), Noah (Nintendojo), Fran Mirabella III (IGN Cube), Tim and Gerben (Cube Europe), Ken Cauley (GameCube Advanced), and myself about thoughts about Nintendo and the like.


Huge Melbourne Midnight Launch at EB Chadstone GC

by Ben Kosmina - 9:55 pm EDT

Complete with Luigi Clones, Star Wars: Episode II tie ins and competitions as far as the eyes can see.

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When midnight ticks over onto May 17, an appropriate place to be might be sound asleep in bed. However, for the rest of us, you'll want to be in EB Chadstone, because they'll be holding the official GameCube launch party for Melbourne. Here's what's going on when the clock ticks over to 12:00am, May 17:


Be a part of the Nintendo Street Team!

by Rick Powers - 5:23 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo

You want to get paid to have Game Boy Advances strapped to you all summer long? Your wish is Nintendo's command!

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Nintendo is looking for 50 people to get paid to demonstrate Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and GameCube this summer at concerts and other public events.

The pay isn't great (about 100 a day), and it's only about a two month gig. But you'll get a slick Nintendo jumpsuit and you'll be the envy of geeks everywhere?


LucasArts prepping for E3 GC

by Billy Berghammer - 4:35 pm EDT

Just like last year, LucasArts plans to drop some early pre-E3 announcements. Get the first word from PGC on when you should be on the lookout.

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In the days prior to E3, LucasArts plans to officially announce a new title on certain days. According to our sources deep inside the Death Star, the days to head to the LucasArts website for GameCube title announcements are next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

What...

Sammy Announces GGX, KoF for North America GC

by Jonathan Metts - 12:33 pm EDT
Source: Sammy Press Release

Guilty Gear X and King of Fighters for GBA are coming to America this summer.

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Guilty Gear X Advance Edition, the handheld port of Sammy's acclaimed 2D fighter, will be released June 7. King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood is the latest title in that long-running series, and it is currently scheduled for sometime in the summer. Both games will launch at the new lower price-point of $29.99.


TDK Ships Dinotopia for GBA

by Jonathan Metts - 12:16 pm EDT
Source: TDK Press Release

A platformer based on the upcoming TV "mega-series" is headed to stores.

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The popular Dinotopia books will debut as a primetime TV mini-series event (it's so big, they're calling it a mega-series) May 12 on ABC. TDK Mediactive has also brought the franchise to GBA to coincide with this Dinotopia explosion, and that game should be available soon at a store near you. Check out the full press release below for more info on the game:


April 29, 2002

Midway Scores Justice League; Multiplatform Games

by Steven Rodriguez - 9:54 am EDT
Source: Press Release

Still no word on if Superman will be flying a little hover car through rings in the multiplayer mode.

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Midway, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and DC Comics Sign Landmark Deal to Publish Videogames Starring the World's Greatest Super Heroes

Agreement Grants Midway Rights to Use Comic Book and Animated Television Series-Based Justice League Characters in Upcoming Videogames


THQ and Encore are new PALs GC

by Billy Berghammer - 9:48 am EDT

Encore, Inc. announces an agreement granting THQ international PAL publishing rights for 2 GameCube games. Details within.

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Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars™, Dragon’s Lair 3D™, Daredevil™ slated for 2002 PAL lineup

Woking, Surrey UK and Los Angeles, CA – April 29, 2002 – THQ International Ltd, a subsidiary of THQ... Read more...

April 27, 2002

Latest Weekly Famitsu Scores

by Steven Rodriguez - 10:17 pm EDT
Source: Famitsu

One GameCube game, and two GBA games... and everything in between. Check them out for lack of other news.

Yet another GameCube game scores a Dendo award, and a rare score less than 20, all in the same week. Here are the three Nintendo games the Famitsu Cross Review crew checked out.

2002 FIFA World Cup (GC, EA Square) - 30 Silver [8 7 7 8]

Formation Soccer 2002 (GBA, Spike) - 19 [5 4 5 5]

Motocross Maniacs Advance (GBA, Konami) - 24 [6 6 6 6]


Giant Transparent Cubes appear in 3 UK cities

by Karlie Yeung - 2:56 pm EDT

Nintendo's promotion for launch has reached new heights. Well, only 7ft high, wide and deep. Photos and more inside.

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Two days ago, at midnight 3 cubes resembling those seen on the GameCube television advertisement appeared outside HMV stores in Birmingham, Glasgow and London. There will be performers inside the giant cubes 24 hours a day until the launch of the GameCube on the 3rd of May. That makes 168 hours of displays at 3 different locations.


April 26, 2002

New Lost Kingdoms Game Trailer GC

by Steven Rodriguez - 7:16 pm EDT
Source: http://www.fromsoftware.co.jp/top/soft/rune/downlo...

Want to see what this game is all about? A must-download for RPG fans craving some action.

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Published by Activision, the North American version of Japan's card-based RPG Rune is coming soon to whet the appetite of hungry GameCube owning RPG fans. This recently released trailer shows off a lot of gameplay elements, some of the sweet monsters that come out of these magical cards, and... two-player co-op mode? Yes it's true. Hit the link below and download this sucker, now!


New ED footage on Extended Play GC

by Billy Berghammer - 6:56 pm EDT
Source: Extended Play

Need your Eternal Darkness fix? Tech TV's Extended Play gets its game-on with SK's thrillerfest.

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There's a couple minutes of new footage of Eternal Darkness on the latest Extended Play. Miss the original airing? Don't you worry...here are the re-run times:

4/27: 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 9 p.m.

4/28: 12 a.m., 10 a.m., 5 p.m., and 9:30 p.m.


Super Mario Sunshine Website Open! GC

by Billy Berghammer - 5:58 pm EDT
Source: Super Mario Sunshine site

It's in Japanese, and nothing really new, but Mario has a new home on the web.

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Click the above link to head to the new Super Mario Sunshine website. It's got links to most of the pictures you've already seen right here on PGC.

But, there looks to be quite a few open slots for new places for images, enemies, environments, etc.

Ok, so there's not a lot new there...yet. Mario's got a new site and a new game coming out. That in itself makes us very very happy.


What do we have here?

by Billy Berghammer - 3:14 pm EDT

Some mysterious video footage has hit our Shiggy.Net media server. Oooooh? What could it be?

Talkback? What is there to talk about?

Right Click Here to save this 1.8 meg Windows Media File.


Nintendo Power on M-Rated Titles

by Max Lake - 1:55 pm EDT
Source: Nintendo Power

Nintendo’s official magazine has traditionally strayed from covering M-rated games. It looks like this is about to change…

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We’ve been asked a bunch of times about Nintendo seemingly “ignoring” M-rated games in its official magazine, Nintendo Power, why it was happening and if it meant the games were cancelled. Although there has never been an official explanation, most of us at PGC... Read more...

In need of some cheap games?

by Billy Berghammer - 10:56 am EDT

Planet GameCube along with their advertising partners Video Game Advantage, and Lan-Kwei are gettin' you the best prices for games on the net...Period. Check it out!

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Along with our advertising partners, we're trying to bring you the best prices on Import and Domestic

GameCube/GBA hardware and software . Here's

this weeks Video Game Advantage

and Lan Kwei weekly


Video Game Advantage's Weekly Specials



April 25, 2002

Will Smith to make GBA's phat GBA

by Billy Berghammer - 1:21 pm EDT

Good news if you're a really excited for the summer release of Men in Black II. Radica just got the license for GBA MIB II gear.

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(Hong Kong) April 24, 2002 – Radica Games Ltd. (NASDAQ: RADA) announced today that it has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to produce Men In Black II branded video game accessories.


Blockbuster gets Game

by Max Lake - 10:56 am EDT
Source: Hollywood Reporter

With the next generation of console gaming now in full swing, Blockbuster Video gets ready to get into the action more than ever before.

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According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, Blockbuster Video is getting very serious about video games. Along with offering new extensive rental programs for certain games, Blockbuster will soon be selling new video game consoles. Here’s the article, with all the details:


Acclaim Re-Signs Dave Mirra! GC

by Max Lake - 10:41 am EDT
Source: Acclaim

Acclaim renews its licensing sponsorship with BMX Superstar Dave Mirra in an exclusive 5 year agreement!

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Acclaim’s Dave Mirra BMX titles have proven themselves to be a real success for the company, and it looks like the series won’t be slowing down any time soon. Acclaim has just announced it has renewed Dave Mirra’s licensing sponsorship with an exclusive five-year agreement. Expect plenty more Mirra games on all next-generation consoles for some time to come!


Infogrames Nabs Shiny

by Jonathan Metts - 10:23 am EDT
Source: Infogrames Press Release

The famed developer of Earthworm Jim, MDK, and the upcoming The Matrix games is now a part of European publishing giant Infogrames.

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Released from its contract with Interplay last week, Shiny Entertainment didn't stay on the market for very long. Gigantic publisher Infogrames picked up the UK-based developer to add to its already impressive list of in-house and subsidiary game companies. Dave Perry... Read more...


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