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Nintendo Power on M-Rated Titles

by Max Lake - April 26, 2002, 1:55 pm PDT
Source: Nintendo Power

Nintendo’s official magazine has traditionally strayed from covering M-rated games. It looks like this is about to change…

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We’ve been asked a bunch of times about Nintendo seemingly “ignoring” M-rated games in its official magazine, Nintendo Power, why it was happening and if it meant the games were cancelled. Although there has never been an official explanation, most of us at PGC always figured that NP simply stuck to covering family friendly software, promoting M-rated games in separate, special ways (like the late-night TV ads for Conker). Now with Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness on GameCube’s horizon, Nintendo Power has made its stance on M-rated software known in the latest issue, and you might be surprised:

Over the years, some of our readers have asked if Nintendo Power magazine covers games that have received an “M” rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). The answer is yes. We cover a wide variety of games for all our fans, including games that are rating E (for Everyone), rated T (for Teens) and rated M (for over 17). Nintendo Power fully supports the rating system of the ESRB and recommends that players and parents use the ratings that appear on the game packaging and in Nintendo Power magazine to help them decide which games are appropriate for them. If you would like more information about ESRB and game ratings, call 1-800-771-377 or check out its website at www.esrb.com

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