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GameCube slogan Revealed!

by David Trammell - September 3, 2001, 8:10 am EDT
Source: Nintendo of America

What could GameCube's slogan be? It isn't "Now you're playing with power," "Play it loud," or "Get into it!" It's brand new!

It seems that in addition to the subtle magazine campaign that has already begun, Nintendo has some very limited TV advertising on air. This Labor Day morning on Cartoon Network, PGC staffer David Trammell, caught an ad for the forth coming Cartoon Network Toonami special, Lockdown. After the ad, viewers were informed that the event is sponsored by Nintendo GameCube. At this time, a huge GameCube appeared on the screen and faded out to the logo as an anouncer said: "GameCube, born to play."

Toonami Lockdown begins on September 17, and it may play home to some of the first GameCube advertisements on TV.


original story by Michael "TYP" Cole August 31, 2001 1:30 a.m.

Nintendo of America has finally started its ad campaign for GameCube…but very quietly. With the ads comes a new slogan: Born to Play. Quite fitting, actually, since GameCube was “born” to run games and only games. Nintendo has kicked off the advertising campaign with its close friends at Cartoon Network and Toonami. To see a banner with the slogan for yourself, just go to Nintendo.com and look on the right side. You may not see it the first time, but keep on refreshing until the desired banner comes up. Expect “Born to Play” to be on banners and in commercials when the onslaught begins at the end of September.

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