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Mario Kart Live Can Be Played Docked And On Carpet

by John Rairdin - October 6, 2020, 6:28 pm EDT
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Not quite all terrain but more than one.

We've confirmed with Nintendo today that as was briefly glimpsed in a recent trailer, you can indeed play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit while the Switch is docked. Marketing for the augmented reality kart racer has focused almost exclusively on a handheld experience. However a brief glimpse in a recent trailer lead us to question Nintendo directly, who confirmed for us that it can be played on a television as well.

In addition to this, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit can also be played on carpet, though the height of the carpet will no doubt have an impact. Nintendo assures us however that it will run just fine on low pile carpet or on a rug. Rest assured we'll be testing out the full versatility of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit when it releases on October 16th.

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