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Luigi's Mansion 3 has a few Next Level Games Easter Eggs

by Xander Morningstar - June 11, 2019, 10:09 pm EDT
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Check out those movie posters!

Luigi's Mansion 3 was shown off on the Treehouse at Nintendo's E3 2019 show. While demonstrating a "movie theater" level, a few movie posters on the wall showcase some familiar references to other games worked on by Next Level Games.

  • Mario from the 2005 GameCube title, Super Mario Strikers
  • Mario and co. from the 2007 Wii title, Mario Strikers Charged
  • The boxer from the Bronx, Little Mac, from the 2009 Wii title, Punch-Out!!
  • Luigi and King Boo from the 2013 3DS title, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

And we couldn't figure out the one on the far back left. It looks like a wolf or some creature, potentially a boss later in the game? Or maybe it's related to the 2016 3DS title, Metroid Prime: Federation Force? Let us know what you think it could be!



ShyGuyJune 12, 2019

It's Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal

Quote from: ShyGuy

It's Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal

I'm game for that crossover if it means Luigi is a muppet.

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