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Part 1

by the NWR Staff - November 19, 2001, 2:18 pm EST

Corey talks about his wacky idea and elaborates on the contest.

PGC: How long have you been a Nintendo fan?

Corey:My parents bought me an NES when I was about 7. Super Mario Bros and Duckhunt were my first games. Been hooked ever since.

PGC: Where did you get your idea and how long did it take you to come up with it?

Corey:A My idea originally stemmed from dressing up as Mario, but I figured too many people would have the same idea. After sorting through all of Nintendo's franchises, Pikmin seemed the most refreshing. Painting my body and wearing a leaf came to me naturally by observing pictures of the Pikmin. The bug eating, of course, comes from the garden setting of the game, and I was also inspired by watching episodes of Fear Factor last summer. I thought if they can eat buffalo testicles, I can eat insects.

PGC: What went through your mind after Nintendo informed you that they

accepted your idea? Did you have any regrets that you said you'd eat bugs?

Corey: Well, it took Ehrin, the Nintendo rep who called, almost 5 minutes to convince me that I was actually a finalist. Even then, it didn't seem like it was real. When I finally came to the realization that I would have to eat bugs, I was rather disgusted. So I tried my hardest not to think about eating them, and I just focused on what would be one of the coolest and craziest things I would ever do.

Pre-Pikmin Thumbs Up!
Prior to Pikminization, Corey gives the "Thumbs Up"

PGC: What did your friends and family think of the idea?

Corey: My family wasn't quite sure what to think of my idea, but they thought it was awesome that I had won a trip to California and a chance at $5000. I neglected to tell them too many details about the live insects I would be eating, and for that I'm sure they are thankful. My friends simply thought I was crazy, but then again they all know how much of a hardcore Nintendo fan I am, so they had no doubts on my ability to follow through with my stunt.

PGC: Could you tell us a bit about your trip? How would you rate the hotel that Nintendo provided?

Corey: Nintendo went all to make sure this was an incredible experience. The hotel was first class, we were all treated to an awesome dinner at a seafood restaurant along the bay, and we also all received some extra cash to tour the city, buying souviniers, more food, etc.

The Brave Contestants
The brave contestants gather for a night on the town with Nintendo Reps.

PGC: What was Cube Club backstage like?

Corey: There was nothing spectacular behind the scenes at the club. The best part was clearly the 30 GameCube setups. We all arrived at the Cube Club about an hour and a half before it opened, so we got a chance to try out the games without the crowd. Also, there were 2 VIP rooms near the back with couches and a great sound setup; we got first priority in these rooms, though I didn't hang out there too much, especially after the contest, because I had wet paint all over my body.

PGC: What kind of paint was used to paint yourself blue? Did it wash off


Corey: Luckily, this event happened right near Halloween, so it was easy finding paint. I used a creme-based face paint to cover my body. My mom bought 17 tubes of it at a party store, but it only took 7 to get the job done. The paint washed off rather easily; it also helped that I took a shower within 2 hours of applying it.

Pikiminized and #20
Corey the Human Pikmin

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