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by the NWR Staff - November 20, 2001, 11:02 am EST

Corey Olcsvary, who shaved his head, painted his entire body blue, wore a leaf and ate bugs to win a Nintendo GameCube. PGC interviews this dedicated N-fan who became a Pikmin to win big. We ask the burning question: “What do bugs taste like?”

His name is Corey Olcsvary but you might know he better as “the guy who shaved his head, painted himself blue and ate bugs to win a GameCube.” That’s right, Corey is the “Human Pikmin” who won the grand prize in the What Would You do for a NINTENDO GAMECUBE contest sponsored by Nintendo. Corey was one of five contestants performing outrageous stunts, but his blue skin, bug eating Pikmin act took all. For his stunt, Corey took home a Nintendo GameCube, a Game Boy Advance, a video game software package and $5,000 in cash. Shortly after the contest, PGC caught up with Corey to find out what bugs taste like.

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