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Untitled Goose Game (Switch) Hands-on Preview

by Daan Koopman - June 3, 2019, 9:03 pm PDT
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When being a white winged jerk is just tons of fun.

The concept of games is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Sometimes you are sold on an idea without even having played a minute of a title. Untitled Goose Game deserves that kind of credit. From the first moment it was showcased in a presentation, I knew that I wanted to play this. The simple pleasure of being a goose and completing silly tasks seems right up my alley. It has been a little quiet since that announcement, but the title returned with a vengeance at BitSummit 2019. It’s here that I got to freely explore the title, and I really enjoy the simple pleasures of being a jerk.

Yes, I said it. The goose you play as is the biggest jerk. Our feathered friend cackles at everybody he meets, grabs all of their stuff and runs off like it’s nobody's business. And I love it so very much. Sometimes it’s just you being a jerk, and doing whatever you desire. You certainly can here, but that isn’t obviously the end goal.

The player gets a list of tasks to complete and these range from simple to outlandish. In the beginning, you will have to ensure that a farmer opens a gate for you. Once you have access to his garden, the real fun can begin. You will need to grab all the vegetables you can so that the goose can have his own picnic. He will need everything from a basket to a radio as well. So obviously, you will lure the farmer away any chance you get. After that, you grab something with the beak and use your stealth tactics so that the farmer doesn’t notice a thing.

While playing, there was just a big smirk on my face. You have to be careful with the goose to get everything done, but I just adored making a run for it. Failure or success, the game would act in a specific way that I could get behind. I kept stealing the farmer’s keys for fun and he kept chasing me around to no end. Once I went into the river, he got himself wet and I finished yet another objective. There is so much weird fun to be had.

So yes, the hook of Untitled Goose Game is simple, but who cares? Every time I was walking about with the goose, a smirk started to instantly appear. Throw some intriguing situations and mechanics into the mix, and you have something incredibly dumb. Dumb enough to just work and laugh at. Untitled Goose Game is something I simply just need, like right now.


KhushrenadaJune 03, 2019

Finally. The reason why video games were invented has arrived.

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