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The Tentai Show

by Danny Bivens - May 20, 2011, 8:23 am EDT
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TENTAI is not the dirty word that you think it is. 

In late April Nintendo released The TENTAI Show, the second Nintendo DS title from the Nintendo Game Seminar. To some, the title might come off to some as a bit risqué, but fear not, as the translation for TENTAI is, “heavenly/celestial body.” Whether a coincidence or not, The TENTAI Show shares its outer space setting with Planetaria, the first Nintendo Game Seminar title.

The game's controls and concept are fairly simple to understand. In the center of the two screens lies a planet that the player has to protect from incoming meteorites. To do this, the game puts the player in control of a black hole and a white hole. The player can use the black hole to engulf the incoming meteorites, which can then be transferred to the opposite screen. The captured meteorites can then be used to destroy incoming meteorites. This can be done by either colliding into or shooting the captured meteorites from the white hole. The more meteorites you capture, the larger blast you will be able to shoot from the white hole. To control the black and white holes you simply touch the touch screen to direct where you want them to go. While you control the hole on the bottom screen directly, the hold on the top screen will be a mirror image of the bottom screen. The player also has the ability to change which screen the black or white hole will be on by simply swiping the stylus towards the upper part of the screen.

If the player fails to prevent the meteorites from crashing into the planet at the center of the screen it is destroyed and you will have to try the level over again. The game ranks you based on your score at the end of each level. Points are earned by destroying the incoming meteorites and by helping clear the path for friendly UFOs that are trying to reach the planets. If you capture meteorites you will be able to produce a blast that is quite a bit larger than the incoming meteorites. Once released, the charged shot can have a combo effect earning you more points as more meteorites are destroyed one after another. In the early levels the UFOs and the use of the charged shot are not really necessary. However, later on it becomes essential to use them to survive the onslaught.

The TENTAI Show is another solid effort out of the Nintendo Game Seminar. Its friendly and colorful visuals are appealing and the gameplay is challenging. The game has a total of three main levels and an unlockable level that becomes available after completing the main stages. The TENTAI Show is a very well put together title and was available for download play until May 12.

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jpn: The Tentai Show
Release Apr 27, 2011
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