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Nintendo Game Seminar Titles Downloadable in Japan

by Aaron Kaluszka and Matt Walker - April 23, 2011, 1:44 pm EDT
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Student-created games involve space, jellyfish, and a blob.

Four games selected as the best annual entries from the Nintendo Game Seminar are now available to download for a limited time - if you live in Japan.

The games are available through the Wii's Minna no Nintendo Channel, DS Station, and Nintendo Zone, with staggered releases. The seminar website encourages players to fill out surveys after they have played the game.

An outline of the four games, translated from the Seminar website, follows:


Pull and turn using an unseen power!
Use gravity to guide shooting stars across the sea of the universe.
Control is easy - just press where you want to create gravity.
Shooting stars will be pulled by that gravity and start to move.
Use the power of the shooting stars to return light to stars.
Fresh controls and a wide galaxy are awaiting you.

Minna no Nintendo Channel: April 13 - 26
DS Station: April 14 - 27
Nintendo Zone: April 15 - 27


Save the universe with 2 screens!
Save planets from oncoming meteorites!
The universe is stretched across the 2 screens.
Controlling the black hole and white hole which work against each other, suck, spit and destroy the meteorites that are coming at the planet between the screens.

Minna no Nintendo Channel: April 27 - May 10
DS Station: April 28 - May 11
Nintendo Zone: April 28 - May 12

Pull Pull Pullpy

Touch and pull to the top!
Return Pullpy to the heavens by pulling him up!

Minna no Nintendo Channel: May 11 - 24
DS Station: May 12 - 25
Nintendo Zone: May 13 - 26


You draw, I flow.
Using the touch pen to create flows, lead the jellyfish holding the prince's light and the other jellyfish to the goal.
Jellyfish are defeated if they touch an enemy. 
Enemies all have their own characteristics, so plan carefully, and proceed while avoiding them

Minna no Nintendo Channel: May 25 - June 7
DS Station: May 26 - June 8
Nintendo Zone: May 27 - June 9



famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)April 23, 2011

Cool, will have to swing by the shopping mall and download these!

EnnerApril 24, 2011

Ah! It's a long shot, but I really hope that this will make it the Wii Shop Channel, DSi Shop, and Nintendo Channel for Nintendo systems outside of Japan.

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