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PlanetChat FAQ

PlanetChat Rules and Regulations

by the NWR Staff - September 10, 2004, 9:26 pm EDT

There are certain rules to follow when chatting with others, so abiding by these might be a good idea.

Version 1.5

Note: Violations of any of the following actions will result in getting kicked, or most likely banned from #planetchat.

Do not argue with the channel OPs (@s) about any of these rules, or their enforcement. Do not antagonize and/or intentionally annoy the OPs.

Do not bold, underline, reverse text, or use colors in #planetchat.

Do not advertise your site, e-mail program, radio address, or anything else that requires clicking. This includes putting a site's initials in your nickname and PMing other people out of the view of ops.

Do not use any chat scripts that have functions that include (but is not limited to) join auto-greets, kick or ban notices, mp3 or song notices (including manually triggered ones), ping commands, or anything else that is not manually activated.

Do not flood the channel. Obviously, it's not cool if you send hundreds of lines of text into the channel, so don't be an idiot and do it.

Do not be overly annoying. This includes (but is not limited to) TALKING IN ALL CAPS, purposely using the /me command or excessive spacing to draw attention to your text, stat-padding, constantly joining and re-joining the channel, or other things, at the discretion of the ops. Just use common sense and you'll be fine.

Do not ping the channel.

PlanetChat is a video game discussion channel, and while it's natural for chat to drift off-topic, any discussion of sexual acts, sexual preferences, politics, religion, and "mothers" is off-limits. This includes calling anyone (or anything) "gay". Keep cussing to an absolute minimum. If we feel you're swearing too much, expect to get warned, and banned if you don't cut it out.

Do not ask for channel ops. Only PGC staff has ops ... period. If you aren't staff, you won't get them.

Do not advertise off-site radio servers, webcam servers, or any other live or pre-recorded video or music files in the chatroom without express permission from the channel ops. This is to prevent users from mistaking non-Planet GameCube media to come from us.

Lastly, show your fellow chat room members and OPs RESPECT. None of you are better than the other, and being disrespectful to others for any reason is unacceptable. This includes telling others to shut up, calling them "dumbass" or "moron", etc.

These rules are subject to change.

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