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PlanetChat FAQ

PlanetChat mIRC Setup

by the NWR Staff - November 14, 2004, 3:09 pm PST

Okay, so you've got this program. Now what do you do? Just follow our easy-to-use guide here.

Go ahead and open up the install program that you've just downloaded. After going through the usual installation options (where to save it to, etc.), you'll be asked for a registration number. Don't worry about filling this in, as mIRC is a free program. You don't need one to use it.

When it's all finished, you're just about ready to go. Open up the program. You should see a window that looks a bit like below. Click on the File tab, then select options. (You can also use Alt+O, as you can see here.) This will bring you to the options dialog.

mIRC Setup: First setting up

And this is what the options dialog looks like:

mIRC Setup: Adding a server

Click on the smaller "Add" button in the upper-right corner. A smaller window will pop up, as shown. Put in the following information in the appropriate boxes:

Description: Planet Chat

IRC Server: irc.opa-ages.com (screenshot is outdated)

Port(s): 6667 (This will already be filled for you.)

Leave the Group and Password boxes blank, as they aren't needed.

You may use irc.gccafe.com, whitewinged-angel.com, or irc.shadow-corp.com instead of irc.opa-ages.com. They are all connected to make one large network.

Click the "Add" button. This will bring you back to the Options dialog. All you need to do is to click the "Connect to IRC Server" button, and you'll be connected to our chat server. Observe:

mIRC Setup: Connecting to server and room

After clicking, the Options dialog will go away, and the main chat window will start scrolling text. This is normal, as the chat server is checking your system and explaining the server rules to you. Don't worry about this stuff. When if finally stops, all you need to do is to type /join #planetchat, hit enter, and voila!

mIRC Setup: Welcome to PlanetChat!

You're in. But now that you're there, you see other people chatting, but some other stuff too. Hit the next page for what to make of all the different things going on in the chatroom.

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