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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Victor Interactive has finally unveiled Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on their website. Known in Japan as Bokujou Monogatari: Wonderful Life, the developers are promising this to be their most epic and largest Harvest Moon game to date. For starters, the game will contain 6 different stories spanning 30 years. There will be over 40 characters to interact with. In addition to marriage, raising your own child will be a large part of the game (you could have a child in previous games but it was never a major gameplay element, only a status symbol).

Perhaps the most intriguing new element is the ability for the game to hook up with its GBA version. There is a large wall between Wasure valley (the GC game's world) and Mineral Town (the GBA game's world). But by connecting the GBA game to the Gamecube, you can actually pass through this wall and visit from the other side (ie if you are playing the GBA game, you can visit Wasure valley, and if you are playing the GC game, you can visit Mineral Town). This opens up new events and makes the world more exciting to explore.

Last updated: 07/14/2002

The latest chapter of the cult-favourite Harvest Moon is scheduled to hit the GameCube during Q2 of 2003. All of the games have centered around fixing up your family’s decrepit farm property and bringing it back into prosperity.

Little is known about the game other than the fact that is not a recycled port of the previous PS2 game: Save the Homeland, but instead is an all-new game. According to the creator of the series, the new Harvest Moon is his “ultimate vision” of what his farm sim is to be.

As usual, your character must balance working the farm with creating and sustaining friendships from the villagers in the surrounding area. One thing fans will love is that yes, marriage is back. There are also new additions to the core gameplay, with all new crops, and farm animals to raise. Not only that but now you can create new hybrid crops! There has also been hints of GBA connectivity what with a HM game in the works for the handheld system.

After the addictive gameplay of the previous Harvest Moon games, fans are sure to love this all-new incarnation of their beloved series.


Genre RPG
Developer Natsume

Worldwide Releases

na: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Release Mar 16, 2004
jpn: Bokujou Monogatari: Wonderful Life
Release Sep 12, 2003
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