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Nano Assault Neo

Japan eShop Round-Up (12/18/2013)

Square Enix offers some cool VC titles and Sega gives gamers the next entry in their 3D classic series this week....

by Danny Bivens - December 18, 2013

Japan eShop Round-Up (03/06/2013)

Revelations goes digital, Goemon and Kunio-kun return, a wild "Happy Ocean" appears, and Wii Karaoke U is back in full force this week in Japan!...

by Danny Bivens - March 6, 2013

Must Be This Japanese to Play: Renegade Kid, Gaijin Games, Shin'en, and More Speak Out on Publishing in Japan's eShop

The process to bring a Western game to Japan is harder than you think....

by Tyler Ohlew - March 1, 2013

Japan eShop Round-Up (02/27/2013)

The first Wii U downloadable title and Zelda highlight the eShop releases in Japan this week....

by Danny Bivens - February 27, 2013

Independent Thoughts: How Indie Developers Feel About The Wii U eShop

It certainly isn't WiiWare, but do independent developers feel any differently about Nintendo's latest digital storefront?  ...

by Tyler Ohlew - January 20, 2013

BLOG: The Wii U eShop Is Stealing My Playtime

Watch as Neal attempts to compare ZombiU to Little Inferno and other nonsense....

by Neal Ronaghan - December 4, 2012

BLOG: Nintendo World Report Wii U Live Stream on November 25

We're going to play a bunch of Wii U games. Watch us do so!...

by Patrick Barnett, Neal Ronaghan, and Jared Rosenberg - November 25, 2012

Wii U Launch Guide: Wii U eShop

You've read about the big retail games. Now get clued in on the Wii U eShop launch. ...

by Tom Malina - November 12, 2012


Developer Shin'en
Players1 - 2

Worldwide Releases

na: Nano Assault Neo
Release Nov 18, 2012
jpn: Nano Assault Neo
Release Feb 27, 2013
PublisherArc System Works
eu: Nano Assault Neo
Release Nov 30, 2012
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