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TalkBack / Burden of the Silent Majority
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:56:00 AM »

The gaming community has taken a toxic and violent turn in recent months, and Karl’s wondering how the rational, compassionate, but ultimately silent majority should react.

I don’t think anyone on the NWR staff has been talking about the continuing harassment or disenfranchisement of women or the transgender or any other subgroup in the gaming sphere that isn’t white, straight and male. And I don’t think it’s because they don’t care - I think it’s the opposite, rather. See, Nintendo World Report, and Planet GameCube before it, was founded on the basis of highlighting the best in the world of Nintendo and the industry at large. It was always meant to be a beacon of fun and joyful discussion. Even when we have heated arguments, it’s boxed around the the ideal of civility, patience and kindness. The video game industry needs more places like NWR, especially lately, because the last year, and especially the last few months, have been pretty awful.

Before I move further, I’ll say that if you’re not interested in this topic, and if you just want to go back to talking about how rad the new Mario Kart tracks will be (SO RAD), then you should most definitely keep reading. Because it’s you that I want to talk to. You’re the silent majority - the guys and gals who play video games because you like them and don’t care one lick about the latest inside-baseball political Twitter-fight that just lit up this past week. You’re all wonderful and I know there are so, so many of you.

So why does it feel like the gaming community is so damn poisonous lately? Why are people like Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn and, most recently, Jenn Frank, concerned about their physical safety after talking about their experiences? You already know the answer - it’s because a vocal minority of misogynists and bigots of all stripes and variations have decided it’s their personal mission in life to drown out the voices of the in-any-way different. That the idea that ladies in video games deserve a fair shake is a tacit condemnation of the current gamer and that the only way to prevent their precious status quo from changing is to tell a “social justice warrior” that you’re going to kill their parents and posting said parents’ address on Twitter.

You already know this is terrible, and inexcusable, and even if these people had a valid point to argue, they gave up any semblance of credibility when they resorted to the most horrendous and violent of tactics. And so you read article after article decrying the gaming community, calling the community a mass of hatred and abuse, and you’re wondering what the hell you did to earn such scorn, anyway.

But see, those articles aren’t talking about you. This whole ongoing debate about how we ought to handle gamers doesn’t have a single thing to do with you. Because you’re the silent majority. You just want to talk about who you’re going to main as in Smash Bros. next month (Toon Link!). And so while all of this back-and-forth is going on, you’ve decided to play the background and simply ignore it. That’s your right, and you’ve decided to rise above it all.

My question is: should you?

That’s not a rhetorical question - I’m honestly asking you. Because I’m constantly asking myself lately what I should do. I think I skew more towards confronting things head on, so when I read about Jenn Frank being forced out of her profession, it makes me unbelievably angry, and it spurs me to speak out against people I see as perpetrators of hatred and bullying. Others have told me that it’s a better tactic to show the gaming industry a better way through my actions, and to be an ambassador of compassion and kindness. I see their point, and I think they have a valid opinion, but it seems too passive for me. If I didn’t speak up and decry the actions of these vicious and callous few, I’d feel sick. It would feel like I’m endorsing them with my silence. That’s just how I feel.

Ultimately, though, I just want gaming to be a safer and more inclusive hobby. I’d like for people to feel safe about sharing their views and opinions without being harassed. I’d like for the big scandal spinning around the blogosphere to be Nintendo’s crazy new business plan again. I’d like to stop seeing people I respect get beaten down into the dirt by lunatics. So I’m asking you - what should we do here, as the gaming majority? How do we foster a better community, and how should we respond to all of this horrible business?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. I’m asking. What do you think?

TalkBack / 4th Annual NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play
« on: November 28, 2013, 03:11:29 AM »

Complete, four-part, ten-hour recording now available! Donations close on 11/30!

The event may be over, but that doesn't mean it's too late to donate to Child's Play! Just follow the link below. We hope to post a recording for those that missed the live event soon.

You read right, readers! We're back with another mega-podcast for charity! For the uninitiated, this is an all-day NWR audio event in which we'll jibber-jabber to support Child's Play, with each and every dollar collected going straight to the source! When certain amounts are reached, we'll unlock another hour of exciting live content. Check out the awe-inspiring results of previous editions of the event in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

We have secured a complete, 10+ hour recording of the entire live event. It will be released in parts throughout this week. Subscribers to Radio Free Nintendo will get these episodes automatically, and you can manually download each one with the links below.

Part One (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - Mario/Zelda, Wii U Report Card, Crisis on Multiple Consoles (3 hours)

Part Two (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - Radio Trivia, Space Q&A, Nintendoaire (3 hours)

Part Three (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - 3DS Report Card, Famicast Live (2 hours)

Part Four (MP3) (Enhanced AAC) - Shenanigans, Box Office Poison Live (2 hours)

Donate now!

JIGGAWHAT: An epic Nintendo/gaming-themed live audio "podcast" telethon

JIGGAWHY: For Child's Play, a charity that provides toys and games to sick kids

JIGGAWHO: Nintendo World Report staff, special guests and you!

JIGGAWHEN: Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 12:00pm Noon eastern (9:00am Pacific, 5:00pm GMT) until… you decide!

JIGGAWHERE: Right here, so bookmark the page, folks!

JIGGAHOW: It's the internet. Perhaps you've heard of it.

Here at Nintendo World Report, we've long been supporters of Child's Play, the fantastic charity that provides toys and games to hospitalized kids. If you're not familiar with Child's Play, check out the official website and listen to Jonny's RFN Special interview with Mike Krahulik, co-founder of the charity (and Penny Arcade), way back in 2007. So, when our old friend Karl Castaneda brought us an idea for doing a special, live-streaming podcast to support Child's Play, we got excited. Not only can we do things live that don't make sense in a recorded show, like real-time listener interaction, but the lack of editing means there are fewer constraints on how long the show can run. Then we thought… why not do it telethon-style, all day long? It's been an amazing ride so far, and this year we're hoping to raise more money than ever for this excellent charity!

***If you are new to NWR podcasts, please be advised that the show is LIVE and may contain explicit language. We're doin' it for the kids, but the show itself is for grown-ups.***

Content Program and Fundraising Goals:

(Note: Schedule is subject to change before and even during the event. Each hour of content will be unlocked when the corresponding donation goal is met. Fundraising goals are totals, i.e. all previous donations are counted towards the amount. Pacific time zone is three hours earlier than the time shown below!)

12:00pm Eastern - A Big Ol' What We've Been Playing w/ special guests Chris Kohler and Billy Berghammer! (FREE)

1:00pm Eastern - The Year That Was: The Wii U's First Report Card w/ special guest Jose Otero! ($500)

2:00pm Eastern - A Crisis on Multiple Consoles: What's Our Prognosis for the Xbox One and PS4? w/ special guests Phil Theobald and Chris Johnston! ($1000)

3:00pm Eastern - Radio Trivia Live: Can You Name That Gaming Tune? ($1500)

4:00pm Eastern - Space QA Live: Scott Thompson and Jonny Metts Answer Your Space-Related Questions! ($2000)

5:00pm Eastern - Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire Part Deux: The Connectivity Game Show Hit Returns! ($2500)

6:00pm Eastern - 3DS Report Card 2013: Wow, They Certainly Fixed That, Didn't They? ($3000)

7:00pm Eastern - The Famicast Rides Again w/special guest Mark McDonald! ($3500)

8:00pm Eastern - A Healthy Dose of Shenanigans w/Your Live Calls! ($4000)

9:00pm Eastern - Box Office Poison Presents: Our Movie of the Forever, Super Mario Bros.($5000 Stretch Goal)  

Date TBA: Connectivity Live Event Extravaganza ($6000 Stretch Goal)

Date TBA: RetroActive Live Part Deux Featuring Greg Leahy ($7000 Stretch Goal)

We will make every effort to obtain a clear recording of this event, but due to the complex technical nature of doing so, we cannot guarantee a recording will be available later. Please plan to attend the event live if you want to be sure!

Special Prizes - Listen to the live telethon for details on how to win. Very special thanks to Carmine Red!

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- Unopened Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figure x5
- Virtue's Last Reward Wrist Watch
- Year of Luigi Pin (from Club Nintendo)

Ways You Can Help:

1. Donate! This is the most direct way to help meet our goals for the event and support Child's Play. You can donate money before, during and for a couple weeks after the live event.

2. Promote! If you're part of a community or group of friends who enjoy Nintendo or video games, please help us spread the word and explain what's so great about this event. (Always be respective -- don't spam on our behalf.)

3. Participate! Listen to the live event, play along in the chat room, and call in for interactive segments -- you'll make the event better for everyone!

4. Prizes! If you've hit the limit on donating money but have some special gaming swag or digital game codes to give away, we could use them as prizes. Please email us with any offers.

To change your chat nickname, type /nick newnickname, where "newnickname" is the new name you want.

Donate now!


TalkBack / Transmissions from Planet GameCube - January 11, 2013
« on: January 11, 2013, 08:28:31 PM »

In a brand-new column, Karl brings you commentary on the week that was... in 2003!

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Transmissions from Planet GameCube, a look back on a week that was.

The premise is simple: Every Friday, I'll pull an article from this very week 10 years ago, provide some perspective with my 20/20 hindsight, and even get some commentary from the article's original writer. Got it? Good. Let's start.

The day was Saturday, January 11, 2003, and a scant two days earlier, our esteemed founder, Billy Berghammer, phoned in impressions on the one, the only, the Game Boy Advance SP. Among the earth-shattering details were that the SP stood for "Special," that the screen was lit from all sides (and not just horizontally, as was the case with the Afterburner) and, interestingly enough, that the SP was not a replacement for the existing GBA, and instead was targeted toward older gamers.

That last part is really the most amusing bit. Only a year later, as we started to hear rumblings of Project Nitro (the prototype that would eventually become the DS), we'd get the same "third pillar" talk. It's quite strange that Nintendo's always been so sheepish when introducing clearly superior hardware.

Of course, history would show that they didn't have anything to worry about. The GBA SP would go on to sell over 40 million units (just over half of all of the GBAs sold) and re-released with some way bitchin' variants.

Myself, I loved the SP. Everything, from the ergonomic form factor to the super-bright screen to the tough-as-nails case made it a huge improvement over the original GBA. I was also lucky enough to own the super-swank Zelda Edition SP, seen here.

And that'll wrap it up for the first edition of Transmissions from Planet GameCube. Be sure to come back next Friday when we'll be talking about the week of January 18, 2003. Until then, did you buy an SP at launch? What were your thoughts on the system? Let us know in the comments and we'll spotlight the top post in next week's column!

TalkBack / 3DS Getting Lite Version?
« on: January 04, 2012, 01:10:17 PM »

According to Nikkei Trendy, Nintendo might be planning on updating the 3DS's design.

Update: It turns out that Nikkei Trendy was speculating based on past Nintendo actions; they had no new information regarding a 3DS revision.

In the latest issue of Nikkei Trendy, a blurb appears underneath a picture of what appears to be a standard 3DS.

Very loosely translated, this text reads, "To promote sales of the 3DS, which is thick, a new lighter version may be introduced."

This is clearly pretty vague, but it could be leading to more concrete news down the line for a 3DS hardware revision. As for the scan itself, we implore you to find anything new about the 3DS that they display.


We surpassed all expectations thanks to your generous donations -- now listen to the whole event, whenever you want!

Although this page bears the RFN logo, and you can get these recordings on the RFN subscription feed, this production was the combined effort of the entire Nintendo World Report staff and represents all four of our illustrious podcasts, including Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition, NWR Connectivity, and the Famicast. We must also particularly thank Michael Cole for hosting the call/stream all day long, and Karl Castaneda for editing the insane 9-hour recording into these three parts that are much more digestible. And of course, thanks to all of you who donated, listened, chatted, and called in!

Telethon Recording, Part One (3:07:29) - MP3 or AAC
Telethon Recording, Part Two (3:05:43) - MP3 or AAC
Telethon Recording, Part Three (3:09:10) - MP3 or AAC

You can also check out the full event page for more info.

TalkBack / Staff Sez #3: Nintendo's Financials
« on: November 02, 2011, 08:04:14 PM »

Oh no! Nintendo is losing money! What do our intrepid staff members have to say about it?

Hey there, folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Staff Sez! If this is your first time reading, I present our ever-so-talented staff with the start of a sentence pertaining to a topic, and they have to complete said sentence in under ten words. Easy, right?

This time, I thought it'd be interesting to take a look at Nintendo's earnings troubles. So here it is…

If I could give Nintendo financial advice it'd be…

Neal "TPS Reports" Ronaghan sez:
"…to actually release worthwhile Wii games before November.

Jonathan "Nahgonnaworkhereanymore" Metts sez:

Nate "The Mondays" Andrews sez:
…to start selling me on Wii U now.

James "Swingline" Dawson sez:
…to force Capcom to localize Monster Hunter TriG.

Josh "Bob" Max sez:
…release more worthwhile games during a time other than Christmas.

J.P. "Take a Penny" Corbran sez:
…be prepared for a total third party abandonment next time.

Zach "Bad Person" Miller sez:
…don't release **** until it's done.

Pedro "Just Pass" Hernandez sez:
…to not be so damn over-confident about everything!

Carmine "Deeper and Deeper" Red sez:
…find more blue ocean, this one's turning red.

Mike "Bolton" Sklens sez:
…to un-clutter the DS offerings and only sell the 3DS.

Nicholas "Pieces of Flair" Bray sea:
…time to bring back that third pillar.

Jared "Other Bob" Rosenberg sez:
…release another Wii Sports game for Wii yesterday.

Andrew "O-Face" Brown sez:
…awesome merchandising like those Japanese Club Nintendo prizes.

Daan "Jump to Conclusions" Koopman sez:
…giving Europe its own Nintendo World Store.

James "What's Happening?" Charlton sez:
…be humble, learn from past mistakes, copying others is OK.

Minoru "Two Chicks" Yamaizumi sez:
…to take over Valve and/or Naughty Dog.

…and that's that, folks! What about you? How would you finish that sentence? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to come back next week for another Staff Sez!

TalkBack / Staff Sez #2: The 3DS eShop
« on: October 26, 2011, 07:33:13 AM »

The Nintendo World Report says it like it is regarding the eShop.

Hey folks, and welcome to the second edition of Staff Sez. If you weren't here last time, the premise is simple. The stupendous staff members here at are given half of a sentence, which they then have to finish in ten words or less. It's a lot of fun, and you should absolutely play along in the comments!

This week, the sentence was:

"More than six months in, the biggest change I'd like to see in the eShop is…"

Neal "Havok" Ronaghan sez:
"…Ren and Stimpy: Quest for the Shaven Yak (Game Gear)."

Andrew "Danger" Brown sez:
"…Wario Freaking Land already. And the Game Boy Castlevania Trilogy."

James "Bishop" Dawson sez:
"…the addition of a universal account similar to PSN."

James "Doctor Nemesis" Jones sez:
"…good games."

Zach "Cannonball" Miller sez:
"…organization and freaking demos."

Andy "Sauron" Goergen" sez:
"…Metroid II 3D Remix."

Daan "Sunfire" Koopman sez:
"…some actual 3DS Download Software in the west and demos.

Mike "Beak" Sklens sez:
"…promotion of upcoming games rather than just throwing them up."

Carmine "Omega" Red sez:
"…an Everybody Votes Channel app."

Jonathan "Mister Sinister" Metts sez:
"…multiple 3DS and Virtual Console releases per week."

Nicholas "Nimrod" Bray sez:
"…the ability to resize eShop's front like the home menu."

Minoru "Multiple Man" "Yamaizmis sez:
"…Virtual Boy games."

J.P. "Fantomex" Corbran sez:
"…better structure and sorting options (and Mario Tennis GBC)."

Aaron "Forge" Kaluszka sez:
"…access to all regional stores and background downloading."

Josh "Prodigy" Max sez:
"…my Mii with a shopping cart looking through the games."

James "Strong Guy" Charlton sez:
"…faster load times, more streaming 3D videos, demos and discounts."

Danny "The Silver Samurai" Bivens:
"…Virtual Boy games… in color… (a boy can dream)."

Let us know how you'd finish this sentence in the comments! And let us know what you'd like us to talk about next. See ya next time!

TalkBack / Staff Sez #1: The N64
« on: October 03, 2011, 11:19:01 PM »

In a brand new feature, the staff of Nintendo World Report gives you their quick and dirty opinions on their memories of the N64.

Hey there, folks!

Welcome to a brand new feature here at Nintendo World Report that we call Staff Sez. The rules are simple: Each week, I'll present the beginning of a sentence. Our all-star staff will then complete that sentence in 10 words or less, each showcasing their wonderful, and hopefully well-thought-out opinion.

This past week was actually the 15-Year Anniversary of the N64, so it seemed appropriate to kick off Staff Sez with this:

"When I think of the N64…" 

Mike Sklens, Hardcore Nerdographer sez:
"…I realize it's when I became a multi platform gamer."

Pedro Hernandez, Exporter of Fine Mustaches sez:
"…I remember the countless hours I spent playing Ocarina of Time."

Neal Ronaghan, Jersey Shoreman sez:
"…I remember playing MK64 and GoldenEye until my eyes bled."

Daan Koopman, The Flying Dutchman sez:
"…I remember the Gym Leader Castle in Pokemon Stadium 2."

Zach Miller, Patron Saint of Large-Breasted Dinosaurs sez:
"….I remember blowing the heads off of raptors in Turok."

J.P. Corbran, Captain Fedora sez:
"…I remember figuring out balancing the Farsight in Perfect Dark."

Jonathan Metts, Co-Host on Box Office Poison sez:
"…I touch myself."

Carmine "Not Recommended… Except for Kairon" Red sez:
"…I remember spacecruisers with controller fighters and rumble pak tanks."

Nate Andrews, That Kid I Don't Really Know sez:
"….I'm back in my basement playing Mario Kart 64." 

Josh Max, His Royal Badness sez:
"…I recall boundless joy accompanying each game purchase."

James Dawson, Fancy Free Since '93 sez:
"…I remember first playing Pokemon Stadium at my cousin's house."

Jared Rosenberg, Camera Manchild sez:
"…I remember that Yoshi is on the roof."

Karl "Red Velvet" Castaneda sez:
"…I recall Crash Team Racing being way better than MK64."

…and that was our first Staff Sez, everyone! Hope you dug it, but it's just getting started. Let us know how you'd finish this sentence in the comments section, and tell us what sentence you'd like the staff to finish next week!

TalkBack / 3D Viewing Confirmed for Pokemon 3DS
« on: February 02, 2011, 02:27:10 PM »

You'll be catching 'em all in a whole new dimension.

During a Q&A session following last week's Investor Conference, Satoru Iwata confirmed that he had indeed indicated that a Pokemon title is in progress for Nintendo 3DS. With such an announcement, naturally, the the prominence of the 3D was in question.

In talking to Nintendo's investors, President Satoru Iwata said in response to a question as to whether including 3D in a Pokemon game is contradictory to health warnings for children under six years of age, "Naturally, we expect 3D viewing to become one of the attractions when the new Pokémon title is released on Nintendo 3DS, but a number of other attractions, which do not depend upon the 3D aspect, shall also be realized." 

He also went on to say, "I have no hesitation about the prospect that a Pokémon-franchise title will be released for Nintendo 3DS." It's important to note that no release date has been set for Pokémon 3DS, or even what stage of development it's in.

TalkBack / uDraw GameTablet Review
« on: January 22, 2011, 05:26:41 PM »

With their new game tablet, THQ's looking to add a layer of interaction to the Wii, have they succeeded?

With the runaway success of the DS over the last six years, it's hard to believe it's taken the industry this long to release a touch panel for a home console. Yet here we are - THQ's come out with their uDraw GameTablet along with their first two software releases, Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure. But does uDraw replicate the feeling of using a DS on a television?

Let's start with the hardware. The build quality itself is good enough - it's plastic but feels sturdy, and since you snap your Wii Remote into it, there's quite a bit of weight to it. On the underside, you'll find your drawing pen, which contains two buttons: one on the body and one on the tip (despite what you may have figured, uDraw isn't actually pressure sensitive - there's merely a binary pressure / no pressure button). While the pen is tethered, there's enough length on it to keep it from being obtrusive.

The most important part, the touch panel itself, is actually pretty great. Coming in at 4" x 6", it's more than large enough to accommodate the wide strokes required in the software (we'll get to that in due time). Curiously, the tablet seems to register movement even if the pen isn't making contact as long, as it's within about half an inch. It hasn't been a problem, but it does suggest that uDraw's sensitivity is actually based on a proximity sensor and not, as you might guess, real touch technology. Even so, since you'll need to press that tip button on something, odds are it won't affect the experience.

As for the responsiveness, there's little to no lag and, while drawing on the panel doesn't quite match up to drawing on a screen (as on the DS), it felt pretty natural after a few minutes.

Overall, the uDraw GameTablet feels and plays fine, but it's the software that's going to dictate its worth, so let's get right on into it.

First up, there's uDraw Studio, which is actually included with the hardware. There's not really much to say about Studio, since it's not much more than a simple painting tool. Sure, you can select different canvases and environments, but it doesn't really add much to what's essentially Microsoft Paint with a few gimmicks thrown in. The Replay feature, in which you can watch your own creations being made at different speeds, is a nice novelty, though.

Pony Power!

Next up is Pictionary, a digital recreation of, you guessed it, Pictionary. In the regular mode, you, your team members, and the other players (up to four teams can play) are on a Monopoly-style board where the objective is to get to the end. By guessing correctly at your team members' drawings, you'll move through the board quicker. Whichever team reaches the end first wins. The game also contains a mode called Pictionary Mania, which imposes more limitations and rules on what can and what can't be drawn, which definitely makes things a bit more interesting.


Of everything that I played on uDraw, Pictionary was easily the most fun. Seeing your drawings on a huge TV, and with the added features of a Monopoly-style board and Mania mode, it’s easily the most fun I’ve ever had with the game, digital or not. As I said before, drawing feels pretty natural, and with a game like Pictionary, it's hard to screw things up too badly. If you and your friends / family are into party games, this is a no-brainer.

Last up is Dood's Big Adventure, clearly the headlining game of the launch. In it, you guide the titular character through four different two-dimensional modes. Pen Panic, easily the weakest of the four, has you holding the stylus pressure sensitive down on a given area of the touch pad to move Dood either left, right or to make him jump. Depending on what power up you're holding, making quick strokes with the pen either creates a trampoline for you to bounce on or an ink shot that damages enemies.

The problem with Pen Panic is that moving Dood with the stylus feels incredibly clumsy, and it's completely unnecessary since there's a perfectly good D-Pad a mere few inches to the left on the plugged-in Wii Remote

Dood's Big Cat

The second mode, Roly-Poly, is actually really fun. It's basically a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball in that you have to build up speed to get through various loops and obstacles and your movement is totally determined by the angle of the tablet thanks to the sensor in the Wii Remote. While it might sound strange to say that I prefer to use the tablet than just a Wii Remote for tilting, the added size gives the feeling that you can make wider swerves and dips – it just feels better.

Bubble Trouble and Fan Frenzy are both somewhat similar in that you're guiding Dood (who's in a bubble) through the level via the stylus again. It works a little better here than in Pen Panic since you don't have to jump and make trampolines/ink shots at the same time. The only real difference is that Fan Frenzy has you in control of a fan, so depending on whether the stylus button is pushed down, you're either pushing Dood along with a slow or fast current. In addition to these modes, there's also the option to customize Dood with your own paint designs, if you're so inclined. Dood's Big Adventure isn't a bad game, it's just (with the exception of Roly-Poly) really mediocre. This brings me to my next point: pricing.

The big issue with uDraw is that, while it certainly feels better to have the tacticle feedback of pressing a pen to a surface, there’s nothing here that couldn’t be achieved with a regular Wii Remote by itself – a bit more clumsy, I’d imagine, but still doable. I just can't recommend buying uDraw at its current price of $69.99, and an additional $29.99 for Pictionary or Dood's Big Adventure. For what you're getting, it just feels really thin. I had a blast with Pictionary, but I wouldn't pay $30 to use it over the regular pad-and-pencil version.

In time, when uDraw comes down to a more budget-focused price point, I could see it being a nice gift for children, but unless some really enthralling software is released for it in 2011, it's just not a smart purchase.

TalkBack / Japanese Man Posts Three New Pokémon, Gets Arrested
« on: November 04, 2010, 04:01:53 PM »

Posting pictures of a Chaoboo, the man was caught by cyber patrolmen.

A fan who intended to "show everyone the characters that haven't been made public yet" might be in trouble (one could even say double trouble) after revealing six pictures of a Chaoboo and two other new pokémon online on September 1st, a full 17 days before they made their appearance in Black and White, the latest Japanese releases of the franchise.

While the source of the images couldn't be identified, the aforementioned pokémon were to be unveiled in the October issue of Shogakukan's Monthly CoroCoro Comic magazine, which shipped on September 15th.

Chikusei City's Makoto Sekuguchi, arrested on Tuesday for posting the pictures, was caught by the city's police while on "cyber patrol," and after consulting Shogakukan and the Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS), they knew they had their man.

An investigation into how these images were obtained is ongoing.

TalkBack / Electronic Arts Fully Embraces 3D
« on: November 04, 2010, 03:51:08 PM »

Going forward, the mega-publisher will be paying special attention to 3D gaming, including the 3DS.

Electronic Arts is embracing 3D with open arms. Not only are they future-proofing recently released and upcoming games to be played on 3D-capable televisions, they're also very interested in the Nintendo 3DS. During an investor's call this morning, they expressed serious interest in the upcoming handheld, saying, "[3D will be] a little more interesting next year, certainly very interesting on the 3DS which has 3D built into it."

Thus far, EA's announced My Garden for the platform, with Madden suspected to also be in development.

TalkBack / An Open Letter to Silicon Knights
« on: October 16, 2010, 03:46:43 PM »

Karl throws in his two cents about the upcoming X-Men Destiny from Activision and Silicon Knights.

Dear Silicon Knights,

In the realm of comicdom, there's no team quite as hopelessly, endlessly and shamelessly convoluted as the X-Men. I mean, really, can you even tell me what Cable's powers are without using words like "techno-organic" or "Psi-Matar?"

No, you can't. Nobody can.

With this in mind, even though you've got veteran X-scribe Mike Carey writing the script, I thought you might want a few tips from someone who's been following the rag-tag team of mutants for some time now.

1. Use secondary mutations as a way to level your character up. When Grant Morrison began his run on New X-Men in 2001, one of the best ideas he brought to the mutant table was the idea of secondary mutations, which basically allowed a mutant to take on new powers or a new appearance later on in life. You'd probably recognize it best with a character like Beast (Hank McCoy) who was originally a man with ape-like features and enhanced reflexes and strength, but eventually took on his trademark blue fur and claws after imbibing an experimental solution. He'd change further, however, after sustaining a critical injury - with a little help from fellow mutant Sage, our good buddy Hank went from a big blue gorilla to a bigger, bluer cat. This phenomena has occurred with varying frequency among mutants, with the most recognizable being Emma Frost (who can turn her skin into malleable diamond), Angel (whose blood carries a healing factor) and Iceman (who can actually live as any phase of water, from solid ice to ambient moisture in the air).

Mostly, though, Beast evolved himself some pants.

So how can you take advantage of this in the game, you're wondering? Well, if we're to believe the buzz coming out of this past week's New York Comic Con, you're working on an action/RPG in the style of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its spiritual predecessor series X-Men: Legends. If that's the case, leveling up is obviously going to be a big design focus, so why not incentivize progress with the promise of changing a character's physical form/power set as players make their way through the game.

The trailer and other promotional material makes it clear that we'll be playing as original characters (or "ourselves"), so there isn't even a problem with making it work with continuity. It would even tie in with choosing a path (which I imagine will mirror Ultimate Alliance 2's choice of supporting or fighting against the Superhero Registration Act) - depending on your choice your powers would develop one way or the other. It encourages repeat play-throughs and stresses diverse gameplay.

Speaking of diversity…

2. Be original. Don't pit the forces of Professor Xavier against Magneto and his Brotherhood of (Occasionally) Evil Mutants. I can't really stress enough how played out Professor X vs. Magneto is. The movies have done it, the comic books have done it, changed their mind and then done it again. The X-Men have since welcomed him into their fold (again), but the point is this: the X-Men have a diverse catalogue of rogues to pick and choose from. The conflict with the Master of Magnetism is just kind of boring at this point.

Please don't do this…

There's plenty to mine from. Why not tackle the classic Dark Phoenix Saga? In it, the X-Men find that Jean Grey's become linked to the Phoenix Force, a cosmic entity of immense power, which of course catches the eye of the diabolical Hellfire Club. The player would have to choose early on in the game whether they'd want to help the X-Men keep Jean under control or join up with the HC and manipulate the Phoenix's vast energy reserve.

Later on in the story, it takes a cosmic turn (and the Hellfire Club's presence takes a bit of a dive), but by taking a few liberties, you could re-insert them as allying with the alien Shi'Ar race, who want to kill Grey after she becomes too wild to control. It's a really iconic X-Men story, and it's one that hasn't been explored too much in video games.

3. Lastly, instead of giving our Create-A-Mutant a hodgepodge of established mutant abilities, give us one or two that really matter. What I'd absolutely hate to see in X-Men Destiny is a character who flies, can shoot optic blasts and sprout metal claws from their forearm. What made the early X-books so interesting was seeing how each character learned to develop their one ability into a combat style. And don't be afraid to get weird with it. Take a look at Beak, who before being depowered by the events of M-Day had the features and comparative abilities of a chicken. You might not think much of him at first, but since he had hollow bones, he was able to glide and float over small distances, not to mention he had greatly enhanced agility and endurance. Given the chance, I'd love to imbue my own character with something similarly goofy that ultimately becomes an asset. What I'm getting at here is that I want to see the opposite of this:

You'd think the power of teleportation would make the oversized and easily-shootable wings irrelevant, but here we are…

As I mentioned above, creating a game around the X-Men can be difficult - there's decades of continuity, roster changes and character motivations to wade through, and finding the good stuff can be hard when there's so much undesirable baggage to be found. But if you think outside the box a little and get away from the tropes that've held previous releases back, you might just find yourselves some dynamite material.

Good luck,

An optimistic X-fan.

TalkBack / Captain America: Super Soldier Details from Sega
« on: October 05, 2010, 04:37:14 PM »

A new Captain America game based on the movie.

Sega announced today that they'll be releasing a game to tie in with the upcoming Captain America film from Paramount Pictures, in conjunction with Next Level Games.

Captain America: Super Soldier will have a script penned by Christos Gage. Set within the same world as the movie, Marvels Sentinel of Liberty will face off against the Red Skull, the dastardly scientist Arnim Zola, and the evil terrorist organization Hydra. The game will include a combat system with special use of Captain America's shield.

It was previously reported that High Voltage Software is working on a Captain America game to tie in with the movie. This other title was known as Captain America: The First Avenger; it is not yet known whether Super Soldier is the same game.

Scheduled to be released in 2011, Captain America: Super Soldier is headed to the Wii and Nintendo DS, as well as other platforms.

TalkBack / DJ Hero 2 Impressions
« on: September 27, 2010, 03:18:39 PM »

Is two turntables and a microphone really where it's at? Read on to find out.

Last week, Nintendo World Report was invited to preview DJ Hero 2. In addition to an interview (which will be attached to the next episode of Radio Free Nintendo), we were also able to get some extensive hands-on time with the game.

It seems that with the new release, a great deal of the attention is on multiplayer. Party Play's made its way over from Guitar Hero, so at any point, an additional DJ or singer can drop in and out as they choose, or alter the difficulty at any point. As for playing head to head, the Battle mode has a plethora of options, from call-and-response set-ups (where you'll play a section, and then pass it off to your opponent, and vice versa) to playing the entire song in checkpoints, and then awarding points based on how accurate each player is in a given section. These cooperative and competitive modes are fully online compatible, and really do a lot to add a fun atmosphere to the core gameplay.

And speaking of core gameplay, arguably the biggest addition is adding freestyle scratching and cross-fading. While you're still required to scratch and fade a certain way, at certain parts, you're able to do so in any direction or method you'd like. It adds a lot more improvisation to the mix, and really does make each play-through just a little bit different.

If you've read anything at all on this game, you've undoubtedly seen the phrase "two turntables and a microphone" branded about. I've already touched on the bit about two turntables, but how is the singing? Well, I think it's important to note that it isn't really like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, where you can use the song itself to guide you through the rhythm. Since two songs are being played simultaneously, it can be a little difficult at first to find the beat, especially if you're not familiar with the songs beforehand. The on-screen text definitely helps, but it still took a while to get used to.

As for the music itself, I've never been much of a fan of synth pop or house or this particular brand of hip hop, which makes up a large portion of the set list, but it's hard to argue with how suited they are to this game, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun to mix and match them around. There are some ridiculously unlikely mixes in DJ Hero 2, and I've got to commend the development team for thinking outside the box.

I'd never played the franchise until that night, and honestly, I went in with some serious reservations about whether or not I was even in the demographic to enjoy it. Having said that, I had a great time with DJ Hero 2. It certainly takes a little while to get used to the controls if you're new to the series, but it's absolutely worth the learning curve.

Be sure to listen to the next episode of Radio Free Nintendo to hear me talk to Doug Grutzmacher, an Associate Producer at Activision about more of what's new in the game as well as a short tease concerning what we can expect next year.

TalkBack / DJ Hero 3 Confirmed?
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:58:49 AM »

The young series is moving forward after DJ Hero 2, and it looks like there are more games on the horizon.

Nintendo World Report attended an event on September 23rd in anticipation of the release of DJ Hero 2, and talking with Doug Grutzmacher, an Associate Producer at Activision, we were able to get the following quote after asking about what we could expect with the next major release, DJ Hero 3:

"I can't talk about anything [specifically], other than saying that the direction we took from DJ 1 to DJ 2 in terms of broader music, more creativity, customization and more social elements to get more people involved in the game - that's the direction we're going to continue to go as we take the franchise [forward]. More things along those lines, but that's about as specific as [I can get]."

While Mr. Grutzmacher wasn't able to get too in-depth with what we'll see in (presumably) next year's release, it is the closest thing we've got to a confirmation that the series will be moving forward at all.

Stay tuned to NWR for more details pertaining to this event later today.

Podcast Discussion / Reset Button 3: Big Sky Trooper
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:22:28 AM »
Reset Button returns in June for an in-depth discussion on Big Sky Trooper for the SNES

 Reset Button 3: Big Sky Trooper    

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Reset Button's back again for more classic-gaming action! This month, Karl talks to Hal Barwood, formerly of LucasArts, about his space-faring action/RPG, Big Sky Trooper.    

Aside from the game itself, Hal talks about the differences between developing a licensed and original game at the company, how the internet has changed gaming and the deafening cacophony of teletype machines. It's a great listen, so we hope you'll enjoy it.    

See you next month, folks!    

This episode was edited by Karl Castaneda.

TalkBack / Analyst: 3DS May Cost $249-$299, Hit Japan First
« on: June 17, 2010, 03:02:07 AM »
Nintendo's handheld may be a bit pricier than you would assume, and may hit Japan this year.

 Echoing what Nintendo themselves seem to be saying, Lazard Capital Markets' analyst Colin Sebastian had an interesting take on the price and launch of Nintendo's new handheld. He feels that its launch price could be $249 or more, and that it will be released in Japan first.    

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010:

While admitting that the 3DS was the "largest draw at E3" and is a product that "will resonate well with consumers" and further Nintendo's handheld market leadership, he had some notable thoughts on the system's release and price.    

His research note states that, "We expect a late 2010 launch of the 3DS in Japan, followed by March 2011 in North America, with a price point in the $249-$299 range."    

Nintendo has yet to announce the pricing or launch plans for the device.

TalkBack / GoldenEye Wii Trailer Uncovered
« on: June 14, 2010, 07:15:44 PM »
The legendary N64 shooter is back!

 N64 shooter fans rejoice! In the maelstrom that is E3, the first trailer for a new Goldeneye Wii title has hit the internet. A trailer's worth a thousand words, so check it out for yourselves, folks!    


UPDATE: The video's been removed from YouTube due to Activision's claim of copyright infringement. We'll have a replacement as it becomes available.    

UPDATE 2: The leaked video has been replaced with the official version that was released during Nintendo's E3 2010 Press Conference.

Podcast Discussion / Reset Button 2: The Lion King
« on: May 22, 2010, 01:44:17 AM »
In this month's Reset Button, Karl talks to Louis Castle about his work on The Lion King for the Super Nintendo!

 Reset Button 2: The Lion King    

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Reset Button returns this month with an awesome interview with Louis Castle, formerly of Westwood Studios and later Electronic Arts. These days Louis is over at Instant Action, but for this show he and Karl are discussing The Lion King for the Super Nintendo, which just so happens to correspond to the text feature (it's almost like we plan this stuff).    

In addition to some really interesting stories about working with Disney, Louis talks about his later work on Boom Blox with Steven Spielberg, his vision for the future of browser-based gaming, and the Apple iPad. It's a great listen, and we can't thank Louis enough for stopping by.      Credits:    

This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda.  

TalkBack / Iwata Asks: Sin & Punishment 2 Team
« on: April 28, 2010, 09:02:25 AM »
Nintendo's President sat down with key team members from Treasure to discuss Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.

 A new iteration of Iwata Asks, a recurring interview column in which NCL President Satoru Iwata sits down with developers of upcoming games to discuss their development process, has been released. This edition details Treasure Co. Ltd.'s experience making Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. Along for the ride are Masato Maegawa (President of Treasure), Atsutomo Nakagawa (Director), and Software Planning and Development members Shingo Matsushita, Hitoshi Yamagami, and Yurie Hattori.    

Talking points include a look back at the N64's controller and how that affected development of the original Sin & Punishment, how Treasure refines their gameplay ideas in a jazz session-esque meeting of the minds, and the goal of getting the game to achieve 60 frames per second. On the latter point, the following took place:    

Maegawa:  Just about the time development of Sin & Punishment began, Super Mario Galaxy came out. When I heard it was being made at 60 frames per second, I thought we should do the same thing.    

Iwata:  (laughs)

And there's your Iwata-laugh for the day. Read the whole interview here.

Podcast Discussion / Reset Button 1: Silver Surfer
« on: April 24, 2010, 05:23:21 PM »
In this RFN special, Karl interviews Graeme Devine, design lead on Silver Surfer for the NES.

 Reset Button 1: Silver Surfer    

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Just because the regular crew's taking the week doesn't mean you fine folks aren't getting a podcast! On this RFN special, you'll be hearing my uncut interview with Graeme Devine, an industry veteran whose resume is likely longer than your arm, with credits like The 7th Guest, Age of Empires 3 and Halo Wars. But before all of that, he worked on a little game for the NES called Silver Surfer, which just happens to be this month's Reset Button!    

This episode may be short, but it's packed with interesting factoids about the game, not to mention some crazy anecdotes about working in the video game industry back in the late eighties/early nineties. I hope you guys enjoy our conversation, and be sure to come back next week for Episode 192 of Radio Free Nintendo!      Credits:    

This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda.

TalkBack / The 'Bag is Back, Baby!
« on: April 20, 2010, 07:42:27 PM »
Now with 36% more alliteration!

 When Jon Lindemann and I were discussing my return to the blue skies and calm shores of NintendoWorldReport, one of my requests (besides adding Mello Yello to the staff soda machine) was the return of one of the site's oldest (and one of my personal favorite) features: the mailbag. And wouldn't you know it, word came from on high today that we're good to go!    

Now, before you submit your questions/concerns/death threats, keep in mind that we're trying to keep the pool separate from questions geared towards Radio Free Nintendo. If you'd like to hear your questions answered on the podcast, be sure to use their email address. But if you'd rather see it on the website and answered by yours truly (and you like freedom), send it my way!    

So with that out of the way, see you in a couple weeks for the first iteration of the revamped Monday Morning Mailbag!

TalkBack / Capcom Announces 2011 North American Releases
« on: April 20, 2010, 02:36:42 PM »
Among others, Capcom is bringing Okamiden, Ghost Trick, and Sengoku BASARA Stateside next year.

 At Capcom's recent Captivate 2010 event in Hawaii, some new details were let loose concerning their 2011 release schedule in North America. DS owners can look forward to Okamiden (the follow-up to 2007's Okami) and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, in which you take the form of a recently-deceased man searching for clues as to how he came to die.    

As for Wii owners, Capcom's confirmed a North American release for Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes, where you'll be fighting through feudal Japan, eventually making your way to the battle of Sekigahara.    

See the press release below for more details:    


Marvel® vs. Capcom® 3: Fate of Two Worlds, OkamidenTM, Dead Rising® 2 and Bionic Commando® Rearmed 2, Lead Powerful Lineup of Upcoming Titles

SAN MATEO, CA — April 20, 2010 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced three blockbuster titles for 2011, including the long-awaited Marvel® vs. Capcom® 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Okamiden™ and Bionic Commando® Rearmed 2. Media from around the world converged in Hawaii to attend Capcom’s yearly showcase, dubbed Captivate 2010, to get an early look at all the new titles and new content, including:    

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds: After a decade of waiting, iconic Marvel and Capcom characters join forces again in a re-envisioned team fighting game for a new generation. Fill the shoes of legendary characters from the most beloved franchises in entertainment as you battle in a comic book brought to life powered by Capcom’s MT Framework. Get set for the ultimate faceoff when Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds hits PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in spring 2011.    

Okamiden: Taking place many months after the events of Okami®, Okamiden follows the adventures of Chibiterasu – a young sun god who is summoned to protect and restore the land. Armed with a majestic celestial brush and a vibrant cast of partners with unique powers and abilities, this little god is ready to make its mark on the world. Okamiden is headed to the Nintendo DS™ in 2011.    

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2: Nathan Spencer returns as a daring, elite soldier equipped with special bionic abilities. In the sequel to 2008’s retro-flavored sidescroller, Spencer will have to face his greatest challenge yet as General Sabio, a new technologically sophisticated foe, is on the brink of launching a deadly missile attack. In addition to his trademark bionic grappling hook used to traverse lush new environments, Nathan Spencer has upgraded his abilities to include the much requested jump move. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 is headed to Xbox LIVE® and PlayStation®Store in Q1 2011.    

Sengoku BASARA™: Samurai Heroes: The producer of Devil May Cry 4, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, brings you the next evolution in the BASARA series on PlayStation 3 and Wii™ with Sengoku BASARA™: Samurai Heroes launching in Fall 2010. In a fun, action-packed and accessible title set during a tumultuous period of Japanese history, Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes follows players as they fight their way to the climatic battle of “Sekigahara.” Players will master the fist fights, swords, spears, bows, and guns of more than a dozen fierce samurai warriors in battles against hundreds of opponents. On their journey to the final battle, unleash powerful and spectacular Basara moves or make use of the boost mode to decimate as many enemies as possible in battles that will become more and more challenging throughout the game.    

Ghost Trick™ Phantom Detective: First announced for Japan at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009, Ghost Trick™ Phantom Detective is now confirmed for release in Europe and North America. Created by the original director of the Ace Attorney franchise, Ghost Trick™ Phantom Detective introduces, Sissel, a murder victim who becomes a ghost and gains a special power to posses and manipulate objects. His one problem -- he’s lost all of his memories! He uses his newfound powers to get to the bottom of his suspicious demise while changing the fate of many. Ghost Trick™ Phantom Detective is headed to the Nintendo DS this Winter.    

Dead Rising® 2 Prologue: Compelling content being released exclusively on Xbox LIVE ahead of the game’s launch, Dead Rising 2®: Case Zero will give fans the full experience while introducing the player to the new and much anticipated elements that will unfold in Dead Rising 2. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will introduce new protagonist Chuck Greene as he and his daughter find themselves caught in the desert town of Small Creek which has been overrun with zombies. Set two years after the Wilammete incident and three before the action of Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will give players a taste of the gameplay they will experience in Dead Rising 2 as they mow down zombies in masses, create combo weapons and rescue survivors .    

Dead Rising 2 Co-op: Co-op play is coming to the Dead Rising universe for the first time as players can invite their friends to partner up with them at any time to take on the zombie massacre when Dead Rising 2 hits Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC in North America on August 31.    

Super Street Fighter® IV Tournament Mode DLC: The ultimate Street Fighter® experience gets even more intense with the Tournament Mode DLC. Compete online with top players from around the world and fight for control of persistent championship titles that prove you’re the best in the world. Look for this free Super Street Fighter IV add-on content for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 15, 2010. New downloadable costume packs will also be available at launch on April 27, 2010 for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The first pack called the Super Challengers 1 Pack will feature costumes for Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley and Dee Jay    

Lost Planet® 2 DLC: Expanding on the 16-player multiplayer of Lost Planet 2, Map Pack #1 includes new maps available for download from Xbox LIVE and PlayStation®Network. Due out to coincide with the May 11th launch, Helix and Back to the Island bring the explosive multiplayer versus combat to new environments from an underwater mining facility to an island with wide open spaces and compact interiors.    

MotoGP™ 09/10 DLC: New to the 2010 season of the MotoGP, Silverstone Circuit will be included as part of the first free update to MotoGP 09/10. Released on March 23, MotoGP 09/10 includes all the tracks and racers from the 2009 season with downloadable updates to the tracks, riders, teams and liveries for the 2010 season available as the season unfolds providing the most up to date MotoGP experience than ever before.

Podcast Discussion / Radio Free Nintendo: Episode 81
« on: January 10, 2008, 03:52:53 AM »
Jonny sits in the host chair for this brand new episode of RFN!

 Don't call it a comeback!    

Episode 81: Home From the Holidays    


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After nearly a whole month, RFN is back in action, with Jonny "MC Kids" Metts, Greg "Check Out My Accent" Leahy, and Michael "Nickname Slot Already Filled" Cole stepping up to the mic to talk about the news from just before the holidays.    

Also included in this episode is a discussion about what games the crew would like to play, but haven't gotten around to picking up yet. Lots of praise for Zack & Wiki here.    

Be sure to check back later in the week to hear the Year-In Review episode!    


This podcast was edited by Karl Castaneda.    

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can also purchase their new album, Rocket Number 9 directly from the record label, or call your music local record store and ask for it!

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