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The Nintendo World Report Black Friday 2017 Survival Guide

Hardware and Accessories

by Donald Theriault - November 22, 2017, 12:19 pm PST

Discounted Switches? Not this year, unfortunately.

Since the Switch is still the hottest selling item in gaming right now that doesn't get regulated for gambling in Belgium, there's no real deals that we were able to find for the console this Black Friday. Most stores are advertising there will be stock available, but it'll be at MSRP. Let's home this doesn't turn into a repeat of last year's 3DS fiasco where you literally couldn't find the system on shelves for a month and a half following about the 10th of December.

But the 3DS - more specifically, the 2DS - has some deals from smaller retailers. Meijer and Shopko both offer free games with purchase to offer something besides New Super Mario Bros 2 or Ocarina 3D (fine choices on their own). Meijer offers a free Nintendo Selects title of your choice, while Shopko appears to be offering any game short of Ultra Sun and Moon with their systems (the ad lists Hey! Pikmin and Metroid: Samus Returns).

If you're OK with used systems - perhaps looking for a cheap refurb upgrade - GameStop will have original 3DSs for $99, New 3DSXLs for $139.99 and if you really want to go retro, 32GB Wii Us for $179.99.

Most of the movement is in the accessory realm, however. Surprisingly there's not a lot of Amiibo deals going this year, but some odd choices make the list thanks to Switch firmware 4.0. Also, if you can find a better deal on microSD cards, especially in the higher capacities, please let us know in the Talkback.

  • 2 pack Joy-Con Wheels: $6, GameStop
  • 2 pack 64GB microSD cards: $10 off, Costco
  • Amiibo: Buy one, get 50% off, GameStop
  • Astro A10 headsets: 25% off all models, Best Buy
  • Switch Wired Controller: $17, Walmart
  • Sony Gold Wireless Headset (WORKS WITH SWITCH): $64.99 GS, $69.99 Kohl's (includes $15 gift card)
  • PDP brand Switch starter kit: $19.99, Best Buy
  • GameStop brand Mario/Zelda Switch chargers: $24.99 ea
  • GameStop brand Case/Protection Kit: $6


ShyGuyNovember 22, 2017

That Canadian BIAS... and for our sacred holiday Black Friday!  :(

KhushrenadaNovember 22, 2017

Oh, we have this Black Friday discussion again? I can dig up my posts from last year. Nothing like free posts by reposting what I've posted before. Ian Sane knows what I'm talking about! MEGA ZINGER!! Poor guy getting a driveby zinging like that despite having done nothing in this thread.

ShyGuyNovember 22, 2017

Canadian Black Friday makes no sense. Do kids get it off from school?

KhushrenadaNovember 22, 2017

No. Not unless they skip class.

Plus, we already had our Thanksgiving last month. Lazy Americans. Finally getting around to your Thanksgiving a month later and a dollar short (which is why you have to discount everything after your Thanskgiving). Plus, we get our Thanksgiving done in a day. You need two days off for yours? C'mon. If we can stuff down our turkey, gravy, high fat mash potatoes, pumpkin pies and booze in one evening and be back to work and school early the next day then there's no reason the U.S.A.'ns can't be doing the same thing. This three extra days to digest and recover seems like a real scam.

ShyGuyNovember 22, 2017

Thursday is Thanksgiving, Friday is Black Friday. Two Holidays.



KhushrenadaNovember 22, 2017

Black Friday isn't an official holiday in the States. Some states recognize "The Day After Thanksgiving" as a holiday but Black Friday itself isn't a holiday which makes sense. Why do you want to celebrate racism? What's next, White Wednesday?

KhushrenadaNovember 22, 2017

•Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice: 50% ($14.99/$19.99)

Boo-yah! Been waiting for this game to drop down in price. Learned my lesson after Dual Destinies at full cost. Plus, it help made for a bit of gap between this and DD so I'm ready for another Wright adventure.

•Rhythm Heaven Megamix: 50% ($14.99/$21.14)

Hmmmm. I've debated picking this up. My problem is that it isn't all new content. Half of it comes from the GBA rhythm heaven that was never release in NA but the rest of the content was released here before. Anyone have some thoughts on this?

Too bad. I was hoping for Virtual Console deals for the Wii U or a discount on Pushmo World. I've been wanting to buy it for a few months but I keep waiting because I fear that if I buy it now then it will end up being on sale a week or two after I do it.

The Superstore deal is a real surprise as I haven't heard of any store still having electronics in stock. I miss their electronics section. I'd fill up my car all the time at Superstore's gas station and get superbuck coupons for doing that. After a couple months, I'd cash them all in on a game and could usually knock it down in price by 40% - 50%. Even better savings if the game was already on sale. Wish they'd stock video games again so I could take advantage of them some more.

ShyGuyNovember 22, 2017

Quote from: Link

Black Friday isn't an official holiday in the States. Some states recognize "The Day After Thanksgiving" as a holiday but Black Friday itself isn't a holiday which makes sense. Why do you want to celebrate racism? What's next, White Wednesday?

Next thing you'll be telling me Super Bowl Sunday isn't a real holiday...

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