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Designing a Metroid Game Within Super Mario Maker

by Justin Berube - September 29, 2015, 5:23 pm EDT
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The King Nintendo Fanboy decided that it wasn't enough to make a simple stage.

It's no secret that Super Mario Maker is the game I've been waiting all year for. I love Mario and I've always wanted to try making levels in a game. So after doing one simple stage, I decided to do something more complex for my second. I attempted to recreate the original Metroid within Super Mario Maker to the best of my ability. I call the end result Metroid: Negative Mission.

This Feature is broken up into several parts. At first I describe the stage structure to hopefully give you a better idea as to what my design process was like. Then I discuss the lessons that I learned while designing this micro adventure. After that I describe the satisfaction that can come from making a good stage. For Metroid fans, I also point out some of the many hidden references in this stage. Finally, I have a little guide that tells players about all the secrets that can be found within the stage.

I highly recommend playing the stage before continuing, but if you can't here is a video of someone playing though it for context.

Metroid Negative Mission (3.0)

Level Code: DD27-0000-0072-EBA3

(I also came up with this instruction manual for the adventure too.)



Evan_BSeptember 30, 2015

So in order to get an article about how we made our level, do we have to be a staff member or does it just have to be a work of art?

Either way, challenge accepted. You've put in an absurd amount of work, so I salute you.

TheXenocideOctober 07, 2015

I want to buy this game just to play this level!!!

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