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Nintendo Theme Park Ideas

Food & Dining

by Justin Berube and Donald Theriault - June 3, 2015, 10:29 am EDT

Nintendo snacks and food.

After a long day of waiting in lines and having your hair blown back by the F-Zero roller coaster, you’re going to need some food to recover. Luckily, we have come up with plenty of spots for the discerning appetite, all with the Nintendo touch.


Mona Pizza

Restaurant type: Take-Out/Fast Casual

Although Nintendo has a long, rich history with Italian food, Mona’s is the best pizza you’ll find in the state (or prefecture). Some of Mama Mario’s finest pastas await in the seating areas, or grab a large slice to go with extra pepperoni and mushrooms. If you’re hungry in a line, you can even use a member of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems to get a slice delivered from Mach Pizza! (Replaced the now-closed Pizza Dinosaur.)


Earthbound Burgers

Restaurant type: Take-Out

This Earthbound-themed quick-service establishment has a limited menu – burgers, fries, and drinks are all you get – but it’s great for something quick to grab while you’re waiting for the next Punch-Out!! show to start. With stands all over the area, you’re never too far from quick HP recovery.


The Legend of Zelda’s Cucco Payback

Restaurant type: Casual

Ever accidentally swing your sword wrong and end up getting assaulted by chickens? Revenge is a dish best served with your choice of sides and roasted, fried, or piled on top of our giant salads. After 6 p.m. older members of the family can drink to their memories as well.


Kirby And Dedede’s Dreamland Buffet

Restaurant type: Casual

Our bosses have a very, shall we say, interesting relationship, but they’re putting their differences aside to give you all the food you can eat. Heavily inspired by Asian cuisine but with the best of the entire world, you’ll be able to grab anything you want! (Assuming the hosts don’t eat it first.)


Fire Emblem Outrealm Dinner & Tournament

Restaurant type: Dinner Theater

You’ve seen duels before, but never like this. Every hour on the hour, you’ll enjoy some fine Falafel For My Friends and Anna’s Golden Truffle as some of the world’s finest Lords and Brigands duel for supremacy! It’s a pricey show, but worth the wait!


Grand Princess Galaxy

Restaurant type: Formal

The grandest restaurant in the universe is taking reservations into 2021, but once you get in you’ll enjoy beautiful ambience and a Michelin-starred chef preparing the finest food in this or any other galaxy. Formal dress required.


Super Mario Ice Cream Bars

Good Humor used to make Super Mario Ice Cream bars. The bars were in the shape of Mario’s head and came with a gumball for a nose. Honestly, they tasted exactly the same as Bubble Play bars, but it was even better because it was Mario.

Having these bars make a comeback around Nintendo attractions at a theme park seems like a no-brainer. Let’s hope it happens.



ncenterinJune 03, 2015

Pokemon Snap and Donkey Kong mines are the best

Pokemon Snap http://prollow.com/photo/details/2116/
DK Mines  http://prollow.com/photo/details/2120/

SundoulosJune 03, 2015

I don't think I've been to Universal in nearly two decades, so I'm not sure what is currently there.  I would think that a Luigi's Mansion ride or haunted house would be a given.  I could see a Starfox/Metroid themed ride that is sort of a shoot'em up/ core attack "dark" ride for kids similar to the Buzz Lightyear
Star Command ride in the Magic Kingdom; a Starfox themed simulator ride would be awesome, too. 

I could see something like a Zelda-themed maze/labyrinth with simple puzzles or obstacles. 

scwinsettJune 04, 2015

The first thing I thought of after Mario kart go cart racing was like a Big world pikmin thing. Sort of like disney world's honey I shrunk the kids thing.

jayarJune 05, 2015

How 'bout some Zelda soup? I can be the only one who's always wanted to try it.

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