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Fire Emblem

Nintendo World Report's 2019 Game Awards: Most Wanted Switch Port

As if we didn't have enough already......

by Mitchell Parton, John Rairdin, Neal Ronaghan, Donald Theriault, and Matthew Zawodniak - January 5, 2020

That Time Fire Emblem Accidentally Created A Fake Norse Myth

Straight out of the Berenstein timeline, Fire Emblem may be responsible for another set of false memories....

by Matthew Zawodniak - August 29, 2019

New York Toy Fair 2019 Photo Roundup: Good Smile

Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Fire Emblem, and more!...

by Justin Berube - February 18, 2019

New York Toy Fair 2018 Photo Roundup: Good Smile

Japanese Nintendo figures....

by Justin Berube - February 22, 2018

Nintendo Theme Park Ideas: Food & Dining

Nintendo snacks and food....

by Justin Berube and Donald Theriault - June 3, 2015

Free Pokémon StreetPass App, Persona Q, and More Hit the eShop in Japan

The week after Mario Kart still served up a healthy number of key releases....

by Danny Bivens - June 4, 2014

Nintendo Collectors Journal 5/22/2014

Check out merchandise from the Zelda, Mario, Pokémon, and Fire Emblem franchises....

by Justin Berube - May 22, 2014

Nintendo Collectors Journal 3/14/2013

The Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS, games, merchandise, and more can be seen in this week's journal....

by Justin Berube - March 14, 2013

BLOG: Fire Emblem Frustration

Kim takes an emotional ride through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones....

by Kimberly Keller - February 8, 2013

The Rare Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Crystal

This rare piece of merchandise will make Fire Emblem fans drool....

by Justin Berube - February 7, 2013

BLOG: An Ode to Fire Emblem

An ode may actually be appropriate this time....

by Josh Max - January 16, 2013

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