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Remembering Our Dragon Quests

by Nathan Mustafa and Neal Ronaghan - May 27, 2011, 8:29 am EDT
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Nathan and Neal celebrate Dragon Quest's 25th Anniversary by looking fondly at the series.

On May 27, 1986, Dragon Quest first debuted in Japan. Three years later, it debuted in North America under the name Dragon Warrior, thanks to a copyright issue. Since then, numerous titles have come out in the series, including nine mainline games.

Most recently, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie, a DS remake of the sixth game, came out in February. The last mainline entry was Dragon Quest IX, which came out in North America in July 2010. The next game in the series is slated to be Dragon Quest X, and it will be a Wii exclusive.

Nathan and Neal have teamed up to give you their own personal experiences with the Dragon Quest series, dating back to the very first games released here. We hope you enjoy this look back at the franchise, and feel free to add in your own "Dragon Quests" in the Talkback section.


motangMay 30, 2011

Dragon Quest is awesome, even though I have only played two of them (8 and 9), I really enjoyed them. I am looking forward to 10 on the Wii, and I am hoping it would be more like 8 and less like 9 as 9 makes sense for portable system but 8 was really simply just fits for home console.

I will admit to buying 8 when it came out strictly for the FFXII demo they packed in with it. I never completed it - in fact, I think my save topped out at 4 hours.

I picked up IV and V on DS because they were rare but didn't really get to appreciate them until later. IX was the first one I really played and the social experiences really sealed that for me as my 2010 DS game of the year. Now that I've gone back and played IV/most of V, I've got a little more appreciation for some of the tropes used in IX, though. VI sits waiting on my backlog, but I'll have to play it eventually because of Slime Curling.

I'm really hoping a miracle happens and the DQ Collection crosses over from Japan, since I've never been able to find the GBC re-releases anywhere.

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