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Planet GameCube invades Nintendo of America


by the NWR Staff - November 4, 2002, 3:46 pm PST

After we were done with that, we were shown the “wall of awards” where we saw

the various awards Nintendo has won, as well as the wall where they displayed

all the games that sold over 1 million copies.   

It was pretty cool looking at a lot of old, familiar faces.

15 years of in-store displays

Nintendo Game Awards

Nintendo Community Service Awards

Retail and magazine awards

A lot of old Platinum (million seller)


A little further down that hallway were some overhead pictures of NOA, and a vacation resort in Hawaii that Nintendo lets

employees use.  Every month they

have a contest where they pick an employee to get a two-week trip. It looked enormous and very plush. Not a bad deal.

Planet GameCube Surveillance shot #1 -

Overhead NOA

Planet GameCube Surveillance shot #2 -

NOA's vacation spot

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