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Planet GameCube invades Nintendo of America

The History of Nintendo in Pictures - Part 1

by the NWR Staff - November 4, 2002, 3:41 pm PST

The first place we were taken was what I would call the

Nintendo History, Nintendo Store, and Merchandise area. 

Personally, my main attraction was the infamous Nintendo Store where they

sell games, shirts, and all kinds of Nintendo merchandise. 

Since it was after 5pm, it was closed, but Nintendo allowed us to come

back the next day, which I’ll get to later.

Sorry Folks, Park's closed.  Moose

outside shoulda told ya.

Any fan of Nintendo would absolutely freak out when seeing

all the stuff they had upstairs.  I

honestly could have easily camped out here for a couple days. 

On the left there is history row, where you see Nintendo’s humble

beginnings as a playing card manufacturer, all the way up until GameCube. 

Seeing all this hardware in one room was rather overwhelming. 

I don’t think I said a word.  I

was pretty much in awe of seeing stuff I’ve only seen in pictures. 

One piece of hardware that was missing from the history area was the

64DD, but almost everything and anything Nintendo made was in that room.

It's hard not to smile here.

The early beginnings

Nintendo circa 1950

It's amazing where everything begins

An early Game & Watch game

The Nintendo Family Computer

The infamous Nintendo Entertainment

System Action Set

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