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The Rebuttle

by the NWR Staff - July 16, 2000, 10:00 pm PDT

IGN64 recently posted a a story that claims to answer many of the unknowns about Dolphin. The staff reviews the info & weighs in with a collective response.

IGN64 ran a story last Friday night which shook up the Dolphin world. Between the possible controller specs, media discussion, and the rumored amount of Polygons Dolphin will be showing, the information ran rampant all across the net within moments. Even though there was nothing stated in the article that was absolute fact, it was some interesting news and speculation. Still, considering we've heard very little from Nintendo, it can be considered big news (although the accuracy is questionable).

The staff here at PlanetN2000 decided to get together and have a collective response to this article. Each of us had something different to say, so we compiled it into one article. So here it is....the Rebuttle.

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