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by Danny Bivens, James Charlton, and Ty Shughart - November 27, 2015, 12:47 am EST
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The Famicast crew are back for another chinwag (It’s a word. Look it up.) about all the recent Japanese goings on for Nintendo in the wake of the long awaited return of Nintendo Direct!

As usual we kick off with a round of what we’ve been playing recently. Ty technically plays a Nintendo game for once as he digs up achievements in Shovel Knight, James plays Splatoon much to everyone’s surprise, Sairus continues on his Shantae marathon and Danny teaches a friend that yes, the original Ninja Gaiden is actually kind of difficult.

Every major region gets its own version of Nintendo Direct, so the meat of this show is going over to discussion on the Japanese version and how it differed from the ones the western world tuned into. Does Mother 3 on the WiiU Virtual Console sound interesting to anyone? Well tough luck if you’re not in Japan!

In other cultural news we talk about Square Enix’s Call of Duty series (something seems off about that statement…) and Japan’s growing propensity to wearing medical masks all the time.

Ty rounds the show out with another Fake or Real segment along with a quick look at the latest in Japanese sales figures. Could Xbox One finally be making a comeback?! Tune in to find out!

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

Music for this episode of The Famicast is used with permission from 8 Bit Weapon. You can purchase their music and shirts from their website 8bitweapon.com

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The artwork for the show was designed by Tony Losoya, follow him on Twitter @Tony_Losoya


TOPHATANT123November 27, 2015

"Lucas is a clone" There's a scrub quote if I've ever seen one, literally incorrect.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)November 29, 2015

Quick, vote on my Twitter poll!
Most people seem to disagree with you though so far...


azekeDecember 02, 2015

Ninja Gaiden becomes easier once you realize two simple facts:

enemies are not there for you to kill, there are only there to stop you. Just run past everything.
your main weapon is not a sword but screen edge. Despawn enemies behind you by running past them, and you can despawn especially pesky placed enemies in front of you by moving left-right just as they are on the screen border.

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)December 02, 2015

"despawn", i like that word!
It's like "unbreak" the game, or is it breaking the game?

"Re-fairing" the game?

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