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PGC/Nformant Radio Trivia kicks off Friday!

by Jonathan Metts - June 6, 2001, 12:36 pm PDT

Planet GameCube and the Nformant are teaming up to test your Nintendo music knowledge. And, to celebrate, we're giving away an ultra-rare Eternal Darkness t-shirt from Silicon Knights!

Are you an aficianado of game music? Can you identify Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by only its rainfall sound effect? Can you name that Dragon Warrior tune in two notes?

For nutballs fans like you, we've crafted a whole new trivia game devoted entirely to Nintendo game music! Thanks to the wonders of Internet radio broadcasting, we can send classic gaming songs to your speakers, and you can use our PGC chatroom to guess which game that song comes from.

This is the same great game that some of you are already familiar with as "The Nformant Game Music Radio Trivia Challenge A-Go-Go", but now PGC and the Nformant have teamed up to broaden the game's audience. In other words, we moved it to #planetchat and shamelessly used a prize to make you want to play more.

And what a prize it is! Check this: the extremely rare and highly sought-after Eternal Darkness t-shirt (X-Large size only) available only from Silicon Knights during E3 2000. This thing is cool as hell; it's all black, with white printing for the Eternal Darkness logo on the front, an eerie portrait of Stonehenge on the back, the Silicon Knights logo on the right sleeve, and the Nintendo logo under the back of the collar.

Front of Eternal Darkness shirt...pardon the fuzz

Back of Eternal Darkness shirt...pardon the fuzz

Dunno what Stonehenge has to do with ED...

This baby has never been worn...I got a box of them from Denis Dyack last summer, and this one just happened to be left over after I gave some out to friends. To give you an inkling of how rare these are, I couldn't even find one on eBay...and that place has everything! Even more amazing is that this shirt is inadvertantly the world's first GameCube game t-shirt...it's been around since we were calling the system "Project Dolphin"!

If you're a fan of Silicon Knights or Eternal Darkness, or you just think having a shirt like this would make you irresistable to the opposite sex (which is entirely possible), read over the Radio Trivia Overview and then be in PGC chat this Friday night, June 8, immediately after Planet Trivia. The fun should start around 10:30 PM Central, or whenever Planet Trivia finishes up. Make sure you bring WinAmp or RealPlayer and a thorough knowledge of the rules if you want to play, and get ready for some awesome competition!

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