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E3 2015 Home Team Podcast: Monday - All the News That's Fit to Announce Early

by J.P. Corbran, James Jones, and Donald Theriault - June 15, 2015, 9:46 pm PDT
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James, J.P. and Donald knew with Smash Direct and the Nintendo World Championship there would be some pre-show news to talk about. Little did they know that the good ship E3 would spring so many leaks. We've got a quick catch-up for you.

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It's finally E3 week, and Nintendo is on a mission to capture everyone's attention. Days before their Digital Event goes live, they jumped the line with announcements, releases, demos, and events. James, J.P. Corbran, and Donald Theriault dig into the news to provide a quick recap of everything Nintendo thus far, and to briefly reflect on the developments from a few former Nintendo partners. The Nintendo Digital Event is merely hours away and this is the last podcast before all the bombs get dropped.

Remember to send any questions you have for our E3 team to our special NWR @ E3 email address. If you have questions for RFN you can keep on using the normal inbox and we'll get to them following E3.

This episode was edited by James Jones. Nintendo World Report E3 2015 music, "Kick Ass" and "Hiphop Suns," were composed by Alex Dyke. More of his music is available at soundcloud.com/alexdickdyke


ClexYoshiJune 16, 2015

I TOLD you that you should be paying attention to freedom planet, Donald!

Hey forumers, sorry for the lack of posts for all the new episodes we are posting during E3. Things are pretty crazy, as you can imagine. We aren't creating individual articles for each episode this week (it slows down publication too much), but non-subscribers can find all the direct download links in this convenient page, which is updated for every episode released. We are posting 2-3 shows per day, so there's a lot of content for your ears! Please enjoy during E3 or later, at your convenience.


Subscribers should get all new episodes immediately, as always.

Also, I'd encourage you to tweet with #askNWR if you have any questions for our staff. We are taking this initiative seriously and will try to find whatever information you are seeking. Nintendo is of course cagey about many details of their upcoming games, but sometimes all it takes is playing the demo again or asking a representative about a certain feature that may not be addressed in press materials or a Treehouse Live presentation.

KobeskillzJune 19, 2015

I would like to commend James on an amazing job with the pod cast he did. They were by far the most enjoyable parts of E3. When I saw the Nintendo direct I thought man James is going to scream and tear this apart but he was actually really fair, critical but also positive and just a great all around host. I tip my hat to you sir and appreciate the time and effort. I enjoyed the hell out of these.

Looking back at the direct (ive seen it 3 times now) I don’t feel it was awful. Yes it could have used a big game in there and the presentation was off but the actual puppets was super charming and had me smiling every time and the games themselves I want and I’m glad are 2015.

When you think about it rather have these games in 2015 than them dropping bombs after bombs and winning E3 but all the games be 2016-2017 games ala Sony.

So basically my friend (huge sony fan) game me crap for sony winning E3 and Nintendo’s sucking but guess whos going to be playing games this year and who isn’t?

That’s the way I see it.

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