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Episode 432: Tears of Joy/Rage

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, and Jonathan Metts - June 8, 2015, 6:15 pm PDT
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It's the least predictable time of the year, so there's no better time for our annual E3 Predictions!

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Bad news first: Gui had to drop out last-minute from this episode, so we're down to three with a lot of ground to cover. But not to worry! You should be hearing plenty from Gui on next week's Listener Mail extravaganza on the cusp of E3, as well as in some of the NWR Home Team's podcast coverage during the whole week of E3.

For now, you'll have to settle for just Jon, James, and Jonny, the latter of whom starts New Business with very early impressions of Splatoon, focused entirely on the lesser-known Battle Dojo mode for local competition. Jon blows our minds with his selection -- I don't even want to ruin the surprise, but it's related to his greatest backlog shame. It leads to a pact that could possibly end with us playing Witcher 3 this year... Then, it's time for the impressions you've all been waiting for, as James finally plays Code Name STEAM! Will it meet the standards of our strategy game expert? Before the end of New Business, we also take a quick tour through the latest announcements in Nintendo's pre-E3 "Micro Direct" video.

We waited as long as possible, but E3 Predictions can no longer be contained. This popular feature begins with a quick review of last year's predictions, all of which were completely accurate (naturally). Thanks to Stephen for helping out with that! And then, it's finally time for our brand new, completely stupid and wrong predictions for E3 2015.

The big show itself is only about a week away, and you can expect the best Nintendo coverage right here at NWR! To keep up with it all, be sure to subscribe to our NWR TV channel on YouTube, keep checking the website's front page everyday, and keep looking for new podcasts to show up on the RFN feeds!

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette and James Jones. Now Playing was produced by James Jones and Jon Lindemann. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.


ClexYoshiJune 08, 2015

Kirby and the rainbow curse is also gamepad-centric.

although they didn't show it at e3, the screenshot doodling and more important, the stage editor are important gamepad-centric modes, so I'd give Johnny that

Big fat goose-egg on metroid, though.

Evan_BJune 09, 2015

What an episode, great show guys.

James, I feel your big screen multiplayer title is a bit optimistic, but I certainly hope it's happening. I also think
SMTxFE will be there, if only for its color in a lineup of less bright titles on the horizon.

I've made my own predictions, but I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that E3 is coming and I don't know what to expect. Should be fun, though!

I should clarify, I don't know that it will be a new franchise, I'm just noting there is reason to believe it could be. I have no doubt Nintendo will feature a multiplayer title centrally in their booth. It's entirely possible that ends up being something like a multiplayer mode in Star Fox or whatever Project Giant Robot became. Nintendo like to feature groups of people crowding around a large screen having fun together. It is the most convincing counterargument to their investors arguing they go all in on mobile.

TOPHATANT123June 09, 2015

It just came out that SMTxFE is being co-directed by Mitsuru Hirata and Eiji Ishida, the minds behind SMT 3, SMT 4, Strange Journey and Radient Historia. I'd be surprised/disappointed if it doesn't show up in one form or another.

Oh and I agree with James that Harada is a crazy crazy man and it would really spice up the digital event if he was given a segment. Perhaps like last year we will get another fight scene directed by Sakurai, but instead of Reggie vs Iwata it would be Harada vs Itagaki.

Bushin_CatJune 10, 2015

All Right!! My 1st post here EVAAAR!!  ;D  Johnathan, i'll stop stalking you on Twitter and just do it here now :)

Anyway, Ep. 432 was great and came out sooner than i expected; but it was to get the E3 predictions out of the way--which leads me to my predictions. Some you'll see coming, some you won't and some you prob won't give a ****! Ok, i predict:

1)We will crown a winner at the 2015 NWC finals!
2)we WILL have a 'new' Metroid game: it will be an arena-style multiplayer game based off the MetroidPrime Hunters engine, and ONLY for New 3DS!
They won't reveal any images or specs but will talk a little about NX and 3)will reveal alot about the DeNA service, including some Premium membership, that ties NNID & their service together AND offers unlimited rentals of import/domestic of all platforms(save Wii,wiiU and 3DS titles) ...whew, im bushed.

Bushin_cat is bushed!

KobeskillzJune 10, 2015

I predict Hyrule Warriors will be ported to the 3DS!!!

Kidding aside Nintendo predictions are so hard because they do stuff like that! Who could have predicted that?

I predict New Smash DLC in the way of characters
I predict a new Mario game more in the vein of 64/sunshine/galaxy.
I predict Metroid. Johnny this looks like the year.

Here is my left field prediction. Kobe Bryant NBA Courtside 3! Retired Edition

Eh he who got that?

No seriously my big swing for the fences prediction is Platinum is making Starfox Wii U.

It will run at 60 frames, make no sense at all story wise and be freaking crazy action wise and they will make it their own ala Sega with F Zero.

pokepal148June 10, 2015

So James, are you looking forward to Mega Man Boom?

Capcom gonna Capcom...

azekeJune 10, 2015

Quote from: pokepal148

So James, are you looking forward to Mega Man Boom?


ClexYoshiJune 11, 2015

I... I suppose I should throw some really useless predictions out there too, huh? let's see...

1.) Mario Maker features that will be revealed include a program that lets you write MIDI similar to Mario Paint, but the instruments will adjust themselves/available channels will limit based on what theme is currently being used. the NSMB "BWA" noise that the enemies dance to will be translated to the NES games via the DPCM channel of the emulated MMC5 music chip. Gnat attack will also be avialable to play via the gamepad's touchscreen, in a potentially Henry Hatsworth-esque twist.

2.) a public apology or some sort of adress to the public on the amiibo shortage comes from Reggie's mouth, and it's revealed that the new Nintendo customer loyalty program will reward Nintendo faithful with set aside stock of the amiibo that scalpers are scalping the hardest. or at least cheap amiibo cards of said rare amiibo.

3.) In addition to potential Pokken details, Pokemon: Super Detective Pikachu! gets revealed for the Wii U as an all-encompassing sequel to Pokemon Snap, Hey You, Pikachu!, and Pokemon Channel. the game uses the gamepad's self-facing camera and microphone to allow you to interact with Pikachu as you go about the pokemon world as a PI working for the Looker Bereau.

4.) Nintendo finds a developer for Star Fox in Platinum Games, who turns the rediculous-meter up to eleven.

5.) Nintendo uses the world championship finals to reveal a new Metroid game like it's the wizard or some shit.

BONUS.) Retro Studios new game gets it's big reveal at the end of the digital event... we see a gruff looking man with blue hair step around a street corner in a dimly lit setting, and he meets with another guy... in engine footage of a brawl starts, with the combatants dodging a flowerpot bumped off a window by a cat. the brawl continues until a police car comes by, and the two look away from each other and whistle like nothing happened before the battle continues... Urban Champion + Cats is revealed unto the world.

EnnerJune 14, 2015

Radio Free Nintendo Episode 432
E3 2015 predictions

- Non-predictions -

James: Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will appear at the show.
Jonathan: "I'll be surprised if it's playable."

Jonathan: Xenoblade Chronicles X will be out this year, playable at E3, and in English (at least text).

Jonathan: "I don't think Star Fox is a slam dunk (of being ready for this year)." The rest of the panel thinks it will be ready.

- Predictions -

Jonathan: Digital Event will focus on Wii U, and amiibo will be a significant focus. Retro amiibo for Mario Maker (e.g. Pixel art Mario, NSMB Mario)
Jon: Xenoblade Chronicles X amiibo. Maybe a limited one shipping with the game.

James: Nintendo has a big, multiplayer-focused game that is fun to play and watch. Online multiplayer focus or major component, evergreen, Q2/3 2016.

Jon: Announce a premium Splatoon expansion for early 2016. Adds a lot more content (think Super Luigi U). Adds voice chat.
James: Announce DLC plans for Smash 4. Maybe more DLC for Mario Kart 8. DON'T announce (premium) multiplayer DLC for Splatoon, but maybe some single-player DLC.
Jonathan: Any premium DLC for Splatoon will be announced in August at the earliest.

Jonathan: At least one or two New 3DS exclusive games. Maybe digital only. Other 3DS games will have major New 3DS exclusive features.

James: "Capcom breaks our hearts?" Capcom should announce a new Mega Man game at E3. "Capcom talks about Mega Man in a way that makes me cry." They will not ignore Mega Man's 30th anniversary.
Jon: "Capcom makes us cry."
Jonathan: "James may cry."

Jonathan: A Wii U price cut and/or new sleeker Wii U model with more storage and new GamePad.
Jon: A Wii U GamePad Lite.
James: A price cut and an agressive bundle with an evergreen title. $250 with a game, $200 without. "First hit's free, the rest you got to pay."
Jonathan: A path to PlayStation Plus - new ownders will buy DLC for the bundled evergreen title. There needs to be a $200 model.

Jon: Mario Marker will have an Smartphone or 3DS app that can make levels to upload to the cloud and download to the Wii U.
James: Mario Maker will have something where a person can modify a level as another person is playing it.

Jon: We will see an appearance by Katsuhiro Harada (Project Treasure, Pokken Fighters). Project Treasure makes an appearance. Start talking about Pokken Fighters on Wii U.
Jonathan: Pokken Fighters on Wii U will come to North America and Europe first.

Jonathan: Zelda Wii U will not be technically at E3. It will only be a trailer at the World Championships or Digital Event. "Look, but don't touch."

Jon: Minecraft will be announced for Wii U with skin packs for Nintendo characters, published by Microsoft.

James: Nintendo will go back to the well and grab old Japan-only 3DS games to release to the west (e.g. EX Troopers). Maybe 1, maybe 2, or 4. Give the impression of vibrancy.
Jonathan: Please, may I have Dragon Quest 7?

Jonathan: Nintendo's Treehouse Live will be better. Nintendo's media access for the press will be worse.


Good show!

I've been rolling around Jonny's lament of Nintendo's dwindling media access in my head since the episode was uploaded. In my eyes, I see companies becoming more PR trained and managing their own "editorial" content in the future. For a company, any value that comes from being candid and honest is outweighed by controlling all information and drastically mitigating any PR gaffes. I don't like this trend, but don't see it reversing given how increasingly fickle and flippant internet commentary is becoming.

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