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Episode 407: Guillaume & Watch

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - November 30, 2014, 8:00 pm PST
Total comments: 10

The RFN guys play and discuss Smash Bros for Wii U in this unique episode, recorded during a four-way online match!

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This one requires some explanation. We recorded this episode simultaneously with the first-ever online match among all four RFN guys in the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In addition to our usual audio discussion and recording, we also recorded video of the match, which was later synchronized with our vocal track to create a full-length video edition of the podcast! Of course, subscribers and everyone else can still get the normal audio version, but there's also a cool video to provide full context for our discussion of the game, as we were talking about it while playing and often directly referenced the action as it happened. If the embedded video below doesn't work, you can watch it on (and subscribe to!) our recently launched NWR TV channel on YouTube.

Direct YouTube Link (if embedded player does not work in your browser)

It's rare that we do a whole episode on just one game, but maybe you'll agree that a huge release like Smash Bros. is worth it. Regardless, we'll be back soon with the usual format, lots of different games, and more of your Listener Mail! Keep that train a-rollin' by sending in your feedback, suggested topics, and questions on anything in video games to our ever-accepting email bucket.

This episode was edited by James Jones, with video production by John Rairdin. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.


PlugabugzDecember 01, 2014

*applause* on that title!

EnnerDecember 01, 2014

RFN is where I go for all my Pokemon (main series) plot analysis.

Lovely episode. Hope we can expect more in the future! Splatoon!

Damn!  This means I have to actively watch an episode instead of being able to run it while cleaning or making dinner.

That said, look forward to watching it and getting your thoughts.  I have to say, my online experience overall has been really, really good, only exceptions being a small handful of matches that had awful lag.

pokepal148December 01, 2014

Feed isn't working for me

The feeds should work now; James just posted the article before updating those files.

Video is the preferred experience for this special episode, but we did try to guide the conversation in a way that would still work for audio listeners. I'm not sure how well it worked, but that was our goal.

buttleDecember 03, 2014

I'm still unable to download.  I've tried deleating it and downloading it a couple times.  I dunno, maybe I'll try to find some time and watch the video.

Buttle, please tell us more about your problem. Which feed and podcast application are you using? Can you see the header for 407 and just aren't able to download it? Does something download but then won't play? Does 406 still work if you delete and download it again?

I just tried a very minor update to the feeds that doesn't seem to affect most feed readers (or podcast apps), but let me know if you can refresh and get the episode now. Maybe it is something as easy as lastBuildDate.

buttleDecember 05, 2014

Thank you for the concern.  Still no dice.  I use iTunes and a very old Ipod touch, which I assume is the issue.  I was able to download the mp3 directly from the page and for whatever reason that worked.

I loved James's intro.  And you guys did a very good job of keeping it entertaining while playing.  I do think I missed out a little not watching the video.  But these days I'm delivering mail 12 hours a day.  So I have very little time for videos and far too much time for audio.

buttleDecember 05, 2014

Ah, I just read your whole message . . .
406 plays just fine,
407, it downloads just fine.  But when I go to play it, the ipod thinks about it for a second and then spits me back to the podcast menu.

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