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Episode 406: Wrasslevania

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - November 23, 2014, 2:35 pm EST
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We had to record just hours before Smash Bros. launched on Wii U, but there are still games to discuss and emails to be answered.

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We're back with more games this week, and it's also time to catch up on Listener Mail! LET US BE THE TRUE SOUNDTRACK TO YOUR SUPER SMASH BROTHERS FOR WII U EXPERIENCE.

James is first on New Business with a few thoughts on I've Got to Run: Complete Edition, just released on 3DS by a friend of the show. He's also befuddled by the Virtual Console edition of Pokemon: The Trading Card Game, a digital version of the notoriously popular card game that was originally made for Game Boy Color. Jonny finally scratches Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 from his backlog, though not with out some grenade troubles. He also celebrates the release of a new Dragon Age by trying the first game... only five years late! The elder Jon is no less far afield with his thoughts on the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Yes, we actually let me talk about an MMO. You can't let that energy build up too much, or he might explode. Guillaume rescues this barely relevant segment with his impressions of Tengami, a pretty but very short game from the Wii U eShop, and that also leads us to ponder how Kirby and the Rainbow Cure might deal with the GamePad touch screen. He also tells us about Squids Odyssey, a lovely hybrid of Fire Emblem and billiards(?) that actually supports cross-buy if you live in Europe.

Listener Mail returns after a featured spot on the telethon, and we have a lot to discuss this time around. First is a look at Super Mario Bros. 2's legacy and whether we'll ever see a true sequel to this outlier of gaming's royal franchise. We also consider Konami's recent approach to Castlevania and whether that series has a future, officially or not. Next is a lengthy discussion of how interactivity, as the key artistic quality of video games, is expressed in criticism and pop culture. Just to bring us back to (alternate) reality, the episode concludes with a lightning round of questions about the Majora's Mask remake coming next year to 3DS.

We'll have some kind of Smash Bros. coverage for you next weekend, so let us know what you think of Sakurai's latest (or any other topic) by sending an email for the podcast!

This episode was edited by Jonathan Metts and James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.


James, if you think pokemon TCG moves too slow, build a Blastoise deck. I can give you my deck list if you really want to just wreck this game with impunity.

Pokemon x 21

Squirtle lv. 8 x 4
Wartortle lv. 22 x 3
Blastoise lv. 52 x 2
Horsea lv. 19 x 3
Seadra lv. 23 x 1
Lapras lv. 31 x 3
Articuno lv. 35 x 3
Kangaskahn lv. 40 x 1
Chansey lv. 55 x 1

Trainer X 15

Professor Oak X 3
Bill X 3
Energy Removal X 2
Super Energy Removal X 1
Switch X 3
Pokeball X 1
Gust of Wind X 1
Gambler X 1

Energy X 24

Water Energy X 22
Double Colorless Energy X 2

Your basic goal with this deck is to get to a Blastoise as fast as possible. Most of the pokemon are basic and can be thrown onto the bench with ease. Horseas make a GREAT lead because they don't have a retreat cost and they have an attack that forces coin flips. use these cheap cards to open up and buy you the few turns you'll need to hit an Articuno and a Blastoise.

All bets are off once Blastoise is in play. it's Pokemon Power allows for you to play as many water energies as you please on Water type Pokemon. being able to play your entire hand and then professor Oak to replenish it and empty it again is a wonderful feeling, and working through one articuno is usually a tall order for most any deck you'd ever encounter in Pokemon TCG, as it lacks the electric or Grass weakness that most water types are plagued with. add the fact that Articuno's Blizzard wears on the opponent's bench, and you can end games VERY quick.

energy removals cripple the opponents who still have to play by the rules you are subverting, and switches can pull some of the bulkier stuff you employ out of a bad situation or can be used as a ghetto status condition heal. Gust of wind is a nice tide changer in a pinch, but you don't need more than one.

The teched copies of Kangaskhan is for the extra draw power to dig for a blastoise, as is the lone copy of pokeball. Chansey is included as it's yet another good card for buying time and maybe dishing out some late game pain should you be in a situation your water types aren't ideal. If you want, you could nix horsea for Scythers, as those work in almost any deck. I prefer Horsea just for it's stalling power. extra copies of Articuno and Lapras can help bolster the lines. Kanga can be subbed out for an extra Pokeball or Bill, but the deck can very easily deck itself out if you dig a little too fast.

Gonna listen to the rest of the podcast after Survivor Series.

I had a badge match (rock) with a ghastly putting their geodude to sleep over and over. When I didnt put him to sleep he couldnt hit me anyway. This continued until he flipped to Golem, and I destiny bound it. Full venusaur was sitting on the bench. Solar Beam express with elemental advantage pulled into the station. 43 turns before the first pokemon fainted.

azekeNovember 24, 2014

On the differences between videogames and other art forms.


"Difficulty" is one word that isn't used in other art forms like books or movies

Except that is not true.

Try reading "Ulysses" or watch one of those high art movies. The quality is unquestionable but it's incredibly hard to read/watch (completely on purpose).

First part of "Name of a Rose" was very deliberately written in a very archaic, intricate style, with single sentences spanning pages after pages (hi, Dostoyevsky).

It was done so that more "casual" readers would be simply filtered out and only weathered sophisticated "hardcore" readers could get through and get to the parts where the book turns into rather normal written murder mystery.

Auteurs who intentionally produce art that is hard to get through or requires an effort to comprehend is a norm across all art forms.

The satisfaction of getting through such a book or a movie and the satisfaction you reach once you finish it knowing that many people didn't and you did and you "get it" is absolutely universal.

The entire shtick of David Lynch movies is to be incomprehensible and yet when watching them you find yourself extremely immersed and leave with a feeling that THERE is indeed a meaning behind this -- it's just obscured so that you can re-watch the movie and solve the puzzle yourself.

"Difficulty" can be used, and was and is used for all art forms not just videogames.

I don't think that is quite the same thing, but your point is well made.

If they make some drastic changes to the pacing of the first few hours of Majora's Mask, I'll consider trying it on 3DS.  I loved what they did with the OoT remake on 3DS, but that clock town start is just too grueling.

tyto_albaNovember 28, 2014

People are still playing BO2 on Wii U online. There's on average about 1000-1500 users. It's more popular than "Ghosts". i'm not very good at the game, but i login once in a while. We never got the DLC, but it's the best looking, smoothest running version of BO2 out there.

tyto_albaNovember 28, 2014

Tengami is a great game. You can play it while listening to this podcast. Mirror of Fate is also a great game. Wonderful 3d graphics and much fanservice. Don't listen to SotN-elitists!

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